Beehive: The Most Advanced HR Software Solutions to Manage The Entire Employee Life Cycle

There are plenty of HRMS products in the market place.  Beehive is a clear market leader by far, in this crowded place, because of its adaptability, affordability and easy-on-the-eye interfaces that are designed to be quick and user friendly.   This product is conceived, designed and made in India for Indian Companies and is also the first comprehensive solution for all sizes of companies that can also be accessed via Mobile App and Tablets. Leading with the motto “Bee The Future”, Beehive HRMS is built ground-up with Cloud First Strategy. Beehive is committed to Innovation and Excellence with significant investments in Research and Development. Beehive offers the most comprehensive Enterprise Human Capital Platform at a fraction of a cost of most Enterprise HCM solutions. It’s extensive features and easily configurable workflows make the implementation a breeze.
Beehive offers a complete life cycle of an employee in the company from Recruitment to Resignation/Retirement (hireto- retire). It is offered as an integrated HCM platform with operational modules like HRIS (Employee Information System), Recruitment Management System, Employee Self Service, Time & Attendance Management, Leave Management, Payroll Management, Claims & Reimbursement, Performance Management, Training & Development, E-separation, Loan Management, Travel Management, Grievance Management, Letter Generation, Timesheet & Task Management, Mobile App and HR Analytics dashboards.
Beehive Secure, Scalable and Flexible Beehive HRMS is designed to be Secure, where sensitive data fields are encrypted and is hosted on Microsoft Azure and backups on Amazon AWS. It allows a constant monitoring of logins, VPN access and IP/Mac validation; Scalable, as it starts with one module and add-on modules as required, and can be deployed as Enterprise Software while providing unlimited data size for SaaS customers. And, Flexible because you can choose your database – Oracle, MySQL or SQL, you can choose the way you buy or license – pay as you use, pre-pay for additional discounts or buy an Enterprise License, pay for the users that use the system and not for the employee Headcount.
 Beehive’s Core Key Values
Beehive is leading with the key values such as Customer Satisfaction, which is a leading indicator of consumer loyalty. They are providing great service by which they increase customer lifetime value. Continuous Improvements, they follow a standardized policy at each level of the transaction, whether it is signing a new customer or supporting existing. Standard SLA driven process which gives their customers a higher turnaround across different processes. Quick Implementation – their average on-premise implementation time to be up and running in less than 30 days. With the built in best practice templates, they can have their software ready to use in no time. Higher ROI – by automating end to end HR transactions, they give you an unbelievable ROI. Accuracy –they guarantee maximum accuracy in the calculation and budgeting. Analytics – Beehive’s analytics dashboards helps HR leaders to understand the insights and drawing foresights, understanding the trends and re-engineer the HR policies with meaningful data saves time, money and efforts. Drawing a Big Picture -in order to support growing needs of an enterprise, Beehive’s scalability of the application allows companies to grow, change and update their HR technology. Maintain value proposition- with constant updates and releasing additional features, they help companies stay compliant and tackle new business challenges.
What Beehive HCM brings to an Organization?
Beehive’s clients are getting benefitted from the incredible features such as Higher Productivity- here you would have automated a large number of HR functions along with payroll and benefits administration. Increased HR Morale –allows your HR team to not just move on to other issues as noted above, but also gives non-HR employees the ability to manage their own benefits.  Employee Satisfaction –it gives access to the employee data and thereby empowering employees with the ’Employee Self-Service App’. Error Free Process -Beehive HCM helps to automate the most common processes such as Payroll Information, and the Automation that HR software provides helps keep everything working properly. Compliance-HR software provides easy methods for managing all aspects of your business including compliance related information and can keep you on the right side of the law. Metrics –Beehive HCM includes HR metrics tools that allow you to accurately gauge issues such as Turnover Rate and Hiring Costs. Beehive’s HCM giving numerous tools that can be used to devise business strategies. In addition, it will give you Efficiency of Administration, Reduced Cost, Access to Information, Data Analysis and Informed Decisions, Improved Communication.
Future in New Market Segments
Beehive adopts newer technologies to make the application stronger. Integration with different systems enables HR technology to be a platform for all the enterprise level applications. Beehive is getting into new market segments which are changing the business culture.
Success Enablers of Beehive
Haresh Awaratamani, CEO of Beehive is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and has over two decades of experience in cutting edge technology products. He has owned and ran successful Software firm, Services firm, Systems Integration firm and various others. Having adequate experience in managing large teams, he realized that there is no viable and affordable solution to manage people for companies of size under 1000 employees, which led him to start Beehive.
Vic Gupta, Director of Beehive is a seasoned technology professional turned Entrepreneur. Having worked in several roles spanning over numerous technologies, he fully understands the day-to-day business and technological issues that clients and consumers are constantly faced with. Vic’s background includes mobile apps, HR, IT and staffing domains. Vic holds a Masters in Systems Engineering from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University. He co-founded, invested, managed and led several technology companies

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