Officenet: Everything an HR Executive needs in One Product

In this advanced Information Age, businesses find it very difficult to exist without use of Technology. Whereas, HR is a very vast function in any company covering activities right from recruitment, performance appraisals to the entire Employee lifecycle management. Handling this manually without the use of any Intranet or HR tools can be extremely difficult and time consuming. HR Technology Companies with their expertise and software help to simplify the tasks of the HR Executives. The Netcomm Labs have created a ready to use Intranet product called “Officenet”, which is proved to be the most beneficial tool for the HR Executives.
The Complete HR Suite
Officenet Today is a complete HR Suite with all the features required by the HR teams for Employee Self Service, Employee Engagement, Communication and Collaboration.  Being a company’s Intranet, Officenet acts as a single window platform for Employee’s to fill and submit their online requisitions following the automated approval workflow matrix. These could be in the form of leave requests, travel claims, help desk queries, downloading company policies or just sharing and sending their suggestions.  For the Enterprises using Officenet, Netcomm Labs do customize the workflows as per the clients’ requirements besides also changes the design interface of product to match the company’s brand guidelines.
The Officenet includes features like: My page, for the personal space on Intranet; Performance Management, for an effective PMS tool with goal setting, multiple review & balanced score cards; Leave Management, for the leave applications & related procedures; Blog, for group discussions & moderation; Travel Management; Recruitment, to automate the recruitment procedure; Knowledge Base, for sharing documents with access & version control; ESS Workflows; Employee Directory, for searching and reaching out by location, department or designation; Company News, for daily news feed exclusively for the employee base; Surveys, for seeking employee opinion on any issue and Training Calendar, for scheduling trainings, getting feedbacks and nominations.
The Tale of Foundation
Sonali Chowdhry, Founder and Director of Marketing of Netcomm Labs, is equipped with 15 years of entrepreneurial zeal and experience gathered during her tenure at NIIT R & D. Armed with a degree in Business Administration, Sonali knew that it was the right timing to make a foray into the arena of Web Technology. The company has started initially as a Web Design firm, which diversified into the area of Enterprise Web Applications, Ecommerce & Mobile Apps which are the new market demands today. “Officenet Intranet is our flagship HR product which has been deployed in 100+ enterprises in the 5-6 years. Indigenously built with a rich HR experience gathered over time from customers and a complete ‘Hire’ to ‘Retire’ feature-list of modules, available both on cloud & on premise”, says Sonali.
The Tac-Tics Followed to Lead
The team of Netcomm Labs knows very well that, employees would like to engage with any HR tool only when it is sticky enough for them to come back daily. It should also be vibrant & well represented in the UI, layout and content. With companies today talking about Social Intranets, Netcomm Labs have built the features like Idea box which has elements like Facebook to comment, like, share stories & articles. HR can run online surveys, opinion polls and get to see the popularity of content being posted by them. Also features like Knowledge Base add value as information which is repeatedly required gets archived within the folders.  Users can create groups and assign rights of usage to different set of employees making it a role based repository with access and version control. Imagine being able to retrieve all the Company Newsletters or specific SOP’s at a click of a button!
Officenet deployment takes almost 6-8 weeks, which includes the customization & changes as per a specific enterprise requirements. This is the strongest USP along with the HR domain expertise which Officenet brings with the constant enhancement and enrichment of the feature-list. Netcomm Labs believes Good Customer references have played a significant role in the increasing deployments on the PAN India basis.
Persevering to Meet up the Rising Expectations
An agile development process that interacts with the customer at every stage has been helpful towards building the right HR solution for the domestic market. A modular product delivery, which is scalable has helped the company to offer a competitive pricing.
Growing economies will always pressurize companies to retain and recruit the best talent. HR tools like Officenet will help in making the first impact by showing a progressive work culture to a new joinee and also adding transparency to the entire process of HRD. Be it appraisals, trainings, reimbursements, whistle blower policies or publishing the company blog. Netcomm Labs knows very well that, as long as HR functionaries continue their belief to harness technology to look after their most important asset till then the HR technology will need to continue to persevere to meet up to the rising expectations.

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