Arkitechno Consultants: Going beyond the beaten track to Provide Superior Engineering Services

While it comes to find the best consultant, who will not just add on the best brains in your organization, but these will be the brains who will add to your company growth, Arkitechno Consultants is one of the best choices.Arkitechno helps their clients determine how should they be managing the strategic-planning process, while assisting them with the specific issues or design a whole new approach to strategic management and planning.
A hardcore believer in robust client-centric approach to the extent that the client shall be involved at every stage of product delivery, Arkitechno appraises its client with the nuances of the project at every stage of planning,design and execution .
Consulting experience you would never have had before
Arkitechno is always inthe pursuit of the best services to offer to its clients. The company has developed strategic business centres in different locations of the country and abroad.
Bestowed with an awesome characteristic, and that is to study the various business models emerging out of focus areas of the governments and entrepreneurs alike, Arkitechno has created its own business strategies which it follows religiously. While other peer companies follow the normal path of consulting organizations to remain abutted into the areas of core competencies,Arkitechno believes in diversification to areas of varied expertise. The classic example is that the company forayed into large environment and social projects, consultancy for the last two years, resulting in the company being empanelled in 3 states, namely Odisha, Meghalaya and Karnataka for Social Impact Assessment pertaining to land acquisition. Similar is the company’s entry into the high profile Smart City Consulting, being empanelled by ministry of Urban Development Govt of India under the Smart City Mission.
High quality services, the core pivot
 The clients of Arkitechno are privy to high quality services from concept to commissioning including computer aided design, engineering, and project management, procurement and construction management etc. at a competitive cost at various project locations throughout India and abroad. The services are rendered proactively through the corporate office at New Delhi, two regional offices at Kolkatta and Patna and the registered office at Bhubaneswar.
To fulfill all the needs of the clients, Arkitechno offers world class products and services  in the sectors like Roads, Highways &Expressways, Bridges, Flyovers & Elevated Corridors, Railways & MRTS,Geotechnial Engineering,Survey & Geo Spatial Services,Architecture , Urban Planning and Design, Master Planning,Urban Infrastructure Development, Sanitation, Environment & Climate Change, Smart City Consulting, Inland Water Ways,Water resources,Tourism and Other Allied Infrastructure.
ARKITECHNO Consultants (India) Pvt.Ltd with a 350+ strong workforce primarily consisting of planners, engineers, economists, analysts, architects, IT professionals, environment, social specialists and project managers develops unique tools to help attain the objectives of today’s infrastructure projects, deemed to be safer, reliable, cost effective, and quality based. Projects involving designing, monitoring, modernization of roads, railways, bridges, dams, quality audits for pre & post constructed structures are essential engineering solutions that as a team they have been carrying out for almost all states of India and abroad.
Credible for over 1000 infrastruture projects , ARKITECHNO’s continuous focus on innovation and expansion together with its commitment to quality and excellence has contributed significantly to the progress that the company has made over a short span of time while they are also recognized as ISO 9001:2008 certified company.ARKITECHNO incorporates a value engineering function at the schematic design stage as well as  during design development phases for all major projects.The cost effective solutions to its clients have earned the company national/international reputation and several awards for engineering excellence .
 ‘First the Hardship then the Success’
As it is said, ‘First the Hardship then the Success’, in the same way, Arkitechno faced many hardships to attain the success it is enjoying today. It is just because of the sheer hard work of the dedicated young team led by hard core professionals that Arkitechno has been able to clear the road blocks all the  while driven by the values like, Trust and integrity at every level, Teamwork at the heart of everything they do, Driven to go the extra mile to exceed their client’s requirement, and Professionalism that is unrivaled. What is ingrained in the  belief system of the organisation  is that when going gets tough the tough  gets going.
Rajesh Roy Choudhury, Consultant with a high Esteem
Rajesh Roy Choudhury,CEO&MDof Arkitechno, started his career as an engineering consultant and within a short span of 15 years, Rajesh has over 50 Highway/Expressway projects to his credit, spreading over different states of India including Jammu and Kashmir.Rajesh has been a visionary in path breaking consultany services in diverse fields through his inimitable knack for emerging opportunities which resulted in the company reaching off shore destinations in niche sectors with quantum leaps in turnover and reputation.
Way to go far
 Though Arkitechno has achieved a name and fame, there is a way to go far in the future. The company has major plans to execute in the future under the leadership of Rajesh. One of them is the concept  and development of sustainable Smart Cities in India with a triple bottom line approach providing abundant  opportunities in the urban sector. Also they would like to be a part of the Urban rejuvenation under AMRUT  scheme of Government of India. They aspire to take upcoming assignments in the renewable energy sector, development of  Inland water ways as well as  development of  Ports and Harbours and the Aviation sector.

Source :- The 30 Most Valuable Consulting Companies

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