Chethan K R: Formatting Towards the Leadership Grades

As we all are the proud members of society we have come across several responsibilities, both with people around us and with an environment as well. As an entrepreneur, we try to put our maximum attempts in our work. Our responsibility is to offer customers the highest quality in our products and services that you need to provide to be taken care and never lie to get a sale.
Chethan K R, CEO of DigiFutura is highly focused on implementing productivity in their everyday schedule, had many challenges in establishing the company from day one. When they stepped into the real market of applications they were completely lost on the roads where millions of related companies took place. As he is consistently working hard on the business, he shared few major experiences which are inspiring enough for all the budding entrepreneurs out there.
Chethan Believes to be Self Learner
“More than knowing what to do, we knew what not to do.Working with similar companies which are providing product designs and development services and seeing the big gap in understanding the international markets and mapping the technology to the real time usage, Chethan clearly knew where to tap the exact market. More than education, it’s the vision and experience that makes a dynamic Entrepreneur.
Leader is just not a Role, but a Whole Company
Persistently motivating the team and showing them the vision that a leader holds is a highly major aspect of running a company on a succeeding track. Both Chethan and his co-founder Raghavendra believes on creating the work environment flexible, and giving the staff members the options to learn newer things is most important to keep the team inspired at a workplace.
Organizing is much Exciting than an Organized Company
DigiFutura was a concept of its Co- founder Raghavendra. Chethan’s experience in industry and Raghav’s entrepreneurial stint evolved DigiFutura from a concept to an establishment.
Their main vision was to create master products and application with the best user experience along with previous experience as product guys, solution architect experience, as well as, good customer intimacy. Digifutura infiltrated the market with solution offerings in UX/UI Designs, web & mobile application development to entrepreneurs across the world.
“If you have to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do.”  They always worked as thought leaders with their clients and customers and involving themselves throughout the product journey helped them evolve concepts to reality.
Ascertaining the huge market opportunity, DigiFutura also opened its development center in Vietnam to make the services even smoother. The company is suiting the needs of users today by triumphing over the initial hiccups of educating the Indian market, identifying the USP, defining market strategies and getting the talented pool of developers. Creating outstanding mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms leveraging technologies like Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python, Golang (Go), Scala, Node.js and Angular JS in the realm of IoT, Health and Fitness, Social Networking, and Enterprise Mobility, it has bagged prestigious clientele such as BlueJeans Network, Toshiba, DocsApp, SquareTack, Swipe, Giroptic, Reebonz, ZoomCar and many more.
There is always One Man who Initiates the Team, and then the Departments
The team is not always for distributing the work but it looks quite boring at the time of celebrating the success individually. Chethan strongly believes in a team work than an individual achievement. DigiFutura has a strong in-house development operation team handling the scalability and security of the various products. Mobile Engineering, Design, Tablet Development, Cloud Engineering, Infrastructure development, Rapid Software Prototyping, Responsive Design, Agile Development, and Enterprise Mobility are the other services presented by the company.
Futuristic Step of DigiFutura
DigiFutura always wanted to scale big and cater to bigger markets, hence deciding on identifying the right partners and mentors was vastly a crucial challenge for the team.  In April 2017, DigiFutura partnered with a global enterprise IT solution provider to spread its offerings to the enterprise market.  Focusing on the current market scenarios and demand in the enterprise space for UX/UI design, DigiFutura is currently working with major enterprise clients in Networking, storage, and Big Data domains.
Team, DigiFutura is also looking at getting into advanced technologies like AI, Machine learning where Human Machine Interactions will become seamless in the coming days.
Kind Words to all Highly Enthusiast Business person
Every entrepreneur should be principled by the quality of a leader to identify the right time, along with grasping an opportunity to build things that cater the society. Chethan asserts, “You should be the biggest judge of your business” this will be helpful to shine on by the title of a dynamic business person.

Source :- The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs in 2017

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