Girish M. Sharangpani: A Fortunate and Inspiring Business Leader

A leading entrepreneur needs to be patient and should have a good decision making quality. Risks and uncertainties are always waiting for him on his road to success. The one who is patient overpowers the risks and uncertainties; reaches the set goal is said to be a successful entrepreneur. Girish M. Sharangpani is one such entrepreneur who is leading the business in the field of e-learning and innovative software solutions.
Girish is the Founder & CEO of GMS Knowledge Labs, an Information Technology, and Services Company which provides services for structured and non-structured documentation, e-learning content, and software solutions. They also provide product (software) design and localization services (related to product documentation) to several local and multinational companies. Girish is very passionate about his work and has pursued all his goals he had set despite of the setbacks.
Girish believes in creating his own footprints and encourages people around him to do the same. The primary focus of Girish has been to translate unique ideas into reality. Basically, he wants to develop solutions for the academia and different industry verticals that would work best for the customers and their employees.
Journey to become a Fortunate Entrepreneur
Throughout the journey, Girish has been providing innovative solutions; products and services, and there were several hurdles while managing the compliances and financial commitments. “Times are extremely difficult at times, but if you are honest to the cause, and if the efforts (in spite of all odds) are always in the direction to create things that remain over time, you would set the treds anyways.” Girish thinks the best way to get into business was to develop solutions that would generate revenue not only to the company but also for the customers. Technological solutions, which were unique, helped the company to develop applications that would help the customers not only in easing out their everyday effort but also in making revenues out of the investment they have done over time.
Knowledge Labs’ tagline ‘Transforming information into knowledge’ is the fundamental element of the work philosophy. Basically, the effort is to derive meaningful data analytics through innovative technological solutions, from the academic and business, and make it available to the customer at their fingertips, allowing them to make the right business decisions. Girish chose a career in computers to stay away from the conventional careers that were envisioned at that time when he was growing up. He soon realized that a career in computer software and content is where his passion was. Over time, in these 25+ years of his career, people around him, the work environments, and mistakes that he made have taught him ways of life; to stay ahead and to stay focused.
An Inspiring Business Leader
Girish believes that the most important element after productivity is employee satisfaction. To uphold this value, the company goes out of their way in ensuring that each employee has an adventurous day out of every single day. The complimentary business ventures in HR solutions, Artificial Intelligence, and VR have developed a new identity for the company in a very short span. Knowledge Labs help their customers by creating interactive and engaging software solutions, e-Learning content, intuitive web content and designs, and exclusive graphics to communicate ideas and that help their customers to build lasting relationships with their clients. The recruitment specialists help companies to achieve a mutually beneficial arrangement between the customers and potential employees. “Finding the right talent for the right role, and at a right cost, is critical for any organization’s performance.” By identifying the right talent, Girish wants to help the organizations to turn into dynamic and exciting work places.
Leading Knowledge Labs towards Growth
Girish always believed that the true aesthetic of creativity is about thinking unique, out of the box, within the parameters of limited resources. Knowledge Labs, over time, has transformed from a services company to a product company. Since last 12 months, the company has created software solutions, e-Learning content and unique user experiences via the web for engineering and academia customers. The company is working on a ‘SmartCampus’ program, an entirely new educational ecosystem, for one of the top 10 academic institutions in the country. It would be an extraordinary user experience, for the students, parents and for those working with the institutions, something they have never experienced before. The technological solutions would be developed probably for the first time in India and deployed at various campuses, to create a unique yet engaging learning experience for the students. The company has also developed a Web Portal specifically for the research community in India and all over the world (
Ensuring to Grow and Develop as a Leader
Girish is not sure if he could grow and be someone different as he is today. If he continues to be what he is today, the company should do great in the coming times. The company’s biggest value-add is the sense of ownership, where he wants everyone to be a stakeholder, equally responsible for the growth of the organization. He wants people to be his brand and his flag bearers and wants an environment that brings the best in everyone. Knowledge Labs wants to ensure a healthy working environment for the employees, as well as the customers as a team working together.
Future of Knowledge Labs
Knowledge Labs plans to be the most preferred technology and e-Learning partner for the Global customer by March 2019; be it Academia, Engineering, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, BFIS, or any other business verticals. The company wants to ensure if they can create their own footprints where their team travels (on site), leaving customers satisfied at every point. The company also wants to set up their own ‘Preferred Vendor’ program shortly. Knowledge labs have some key performance indicators, specific to the HR functions such as facilitate people to build a congenial working environment, promote a culture of Teamwork amongst employees, focus on defined Values and Principles, and Talent acquisition and succession plans.
Girish’s Advice
Girish has admired many role models, and there are no specifics. He has learned from the mistakes made by them, and (more) from his own. Girish pieces of advice, “If you are scared of failures, you are down and out already. Difficult times would shake your confidence in yourself and in the work that you do and I feel this is something one should never let happen. The facts of life that failure teaches you can never be found in any book, or in any classroom. You learn to make the right choices; understand who really is your friend.” This inspires Girish to work harder, do better to become a successful business leader.

Source :- The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs in 2017

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