Codewave: Building Beautiful Apps with Reliable Technology

Starting with “why”, understanding the product vision, articulating it with wireframes and design, Codewave goes about solving business problems with technology, holistically. Codewave offers app design and development services for web, smartphones and tablets, with a focus on UI/UX, mobility and scalability.
Codewave today is a young, growing team of 45 people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, in various functions like Wireframing and Visual Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, Quality Analysis, Delivery Management, Account Management and Business Development. The company has accomplished product thinkers inhouse, to work with their clients; more like peers and connect with them at the product level, and holistically shape the outcomes.
Codewave design team works with the client team in close feedback loops to shape the overall product experience, define the app screens, content and interactions. During this phase, the development team in parallel, reflects on the backend architecture and database design to achieve scalability. While the design team takes care of UI/UX, the development team takes care of robustness and scalability of the app.
Vision behind Codewave

Abhijith HK, Founder & CEO of Codewave, a Computer Science Engineering graduate, started his career as a software development intern, doing mobile development. In a few months, he became a full stack developer, worked with a travel startup and built mobile apps and sites, where he met his wife Vidhya, who was a product manager and together they built many mobile solutions for travelers, hotels and enterprise apps.
Back in 2013, he noticed a growing need in the market for good looking apps and sites. There were
very few companies in India then who worried about good looking, mobile friendly interfaces and embracing mobility fundamentally. On one side were the creative agencies who were limited with design and photoshop, on the other side were legacy technology companies who were focusing purely on the functionality, not the user interface. Abhijith felt there was a need for both these worlds, to come together and create solutions that give users a great online experience and that are reliable to scale for a large number of users. He quit his job, started a new journey with Codewave in May 2013. His wife joined him to help the team grow and to help enable sustainable business growth.
Codewave grew from a team of 4 to 45, over the last 3 years purely through team member referrals and
people directly reaching out to them through their site. The team puts focused effort on raising potential, individually and collectively to be able to attract the right opportunities, enabling the organization to grow sustainably.
The company organizes an event every week ‘Codewave Leadership Café, to have people share insights and inspiration from their lives. They draw inspiration from people and learn how each one of them is making an impact on the environment they’re in.
An Integrated App Experience
Codewave’s core proposition to market is UI/UX, Mobility, Scalability at the best possible cost and creating an integrated app experience. Codewave connects with their clients at a vision level and align a team of individuals who can productize the vision in a great way. They have a combination of a business guy (account leadership) and a technology guy (team leadership), jointly driving project commitments and delivery.
Codewave is one of the first companies, to have eliminated the bell curve appraisal and generic rating scales for performance reviews and have instead adopted a more dynamic performance review practice that carefully aligns potential to opportunity and promotes individuals when they’re ready. They are proud to be a people first company, that has developed unique, disruptive people development practices and a workplace closer to home.
Early Adopters of MEAN Stack
Codewave feels proud to be one of the early adopters of MEAN stack, Django (Python framework) technologies used by companies like Uber. They build scalable applications using latest web/mobile technologies and frameworks, at the best possible cost. They continuously benchmark with latest open source technologies / frameworks, implement quick POCs to validate feasibility and use in their projects. They also customize open source libraries to build their own, to meet the needs of the end product.
Codewave’s team of developers are constantly exploring new opportunities to code better; also a reason why they are able to swiftly switch from old to new frameworks like AngularJS and NodeJS. Over the last 3 years, the company has built technologically complex applications such as IoT applications requiring heavy realtime data computations, social commerce /marketplace portals with large data aggregation (on MongoDB) and AI (artificial intelligence) based apps that require deep data interpretations.
Codewave has simplified patient doctor communication in hospitals, enabled satellite education for African children where internet is unavailable, enabled baby incubators to proactively alert doctors using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), built marketplaces for consumers to easily find legal, financial help and built many more applications making the world more deeply connected.
Codewave’s upcoming product “Peerly”, intends to illustrate their spirit of building a great workplace with empathy, transparency and peer comfort. Peerly aims to make everyday recognitions and opportunities more vivid, intensifying connections with people and their experience of life at work. With Peerly, companies can bring positive change in the workplace not just once a year, but at all the moments of opportunity.

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