Testbook: A Unified User Experience that Prepares for the Future

With the focus on bringing the best exam preparation experience to any student, anytime, anywhere, and with an undying passion to break the cycle of unemployment and poverty that plagues the country, Ashutosh Kumar has introduced his innovative website & app ‘Testbook’, so that nobody suffers because of what background they belong to, where they come from or how much money they can afford to spend on securing a job.
“I have never shied from a challenge. Getting students comfortable with taking tests online, when they have no access to computer infrastructure or the internet, was always going to be an uphill struggle. But where government after government has failed, the promise of good jobs and the assurance that Testbook understands their needs, has brought such students on to our site by the droves,” expresses Ashutosh.
Ashutosh Kumar, CEO of Testbook, has been teaching kids since his childhood. He started teaching Physics & Mathematics when he joined IIT Bombay as a fresh undergrad. With 8 years of teaching under his belt, all the entrepreneurial experiences from his past and the growing promise shown by Education Technology (EdTEch), he set out to create the best online platform for students to learn. He gathered around him all those he thought could see his vision through – 5 other IITians he had known through his life. Thus, Testbook.com was born. From its tiny beginnings, they have made Testbook, the premier-most online exam preparation portal.
Testbook chiefly provides online test series for a range of government and banking recruitment exams like SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, SSC CGL, SSC Stenographer, and Railways RRB. There are also test series for other exams like GATE & Company Placements. These test series can be accessed on the web as well as on smartphones through the Testbook app.
A second app is on Current Affairs & General Awareness, which is now the #1 Current Affairs app on Play store. The app has a smooth interface of short, daily Current Affairs capsules and daily quizzes. It requires very little data and is tiny enough in size to fit on any mobile device. This is a boon to students using low-end smart phones and 2G connections.
Besides this, Testbook provides a host of free online learning material and instant notifications through the blog. And for students lacking in computer infrastructure & internet access, Testbook has also ventured into offline centers where students can come take tests in a proctored, exam-like environment.
Team of the Brightest Minds
Testbook has around 35 full-time team members. Every team member is a team player and wants to be there. They all have the “what else can I do?” attitude which is great for any startup with limited resources.
Testbook is full of the brightest minds in the industry handling Tech, Content & Marketing (both online and offline). The best thing about the team members at Testbook is that they treat their own work like a tiny start-up within a larger start-up environment. They set their own goals aside from the goals of the organization. Everybody celebrates each little tiny startup’s achievement as much as they do their own.
Live Tests
“Live Tests” is one of their earliest models of success that sets them apart from the rest. These are simulated mock tests that are taken by lakhs of students across the country at the same time, all vying for an All India Rank. Students flocked to get the actual exam experience and the detailed analytics.
Learning from Other Industries
Through Testbook’s cash cards, students can go to their local book stores and, just like a prepaid mobile card, purchase coupon cards using cash. They then use these to sign up for online test series.
Growing Giants of the EdTech Space
EdTech is rapidly becoming the space to watch out for, even while the interest of investors in other online sectors is waning. Today, the Government and the Banking Industry realize the benefits of going online and have been phasing out all its recruitment exams away from the paper-based ESTs and to online tests.
Testbook stands at the cusp of an educational revolution. It offers unique advantages that can, one day soon, eliminate the shortcomings of classroom teaching and the exam preparation industry.
With the help of the best team, Testbook keeps themselves ahead of the curve in every field – technology, content development, content marketing, offline marketing, digital marketing. They use technology to aid them where traditional educational companies would throw up their hands in defeat. Their Current Affairs app went from conceptualization to hitting the playstore in just 20 days and it’s now the #1 app. This shows not just the calibre of the team, or that they are up to facing challenges from any corner, but also that a good product does not require lengthy production spells and can stand the test of time.
Website:- www.testbook.com

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