Kobster: Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Shop

Ecommerce business is on the rise, as online shopping is predicted to increase more in the coming years. To stay ahead of the game or to grow their online business, entrepreneurs need to benchmark against the latest growth rates, both for overall business in a category for specific devices and then implement marketing strategies and tactics that work to achieve business goals.
Ultimately, entrepreneurs need to be flexible enough to be able to adjust their newly hyper-empowered customers and have the foresight to know what trends to bet on, and which ones to sit back on. Understanding consumer demand requires tools and processes like social monitoring, customer feedback channels, and so on. Retailers and brands that do this well will gain market share quickly where their consumers are telling them they need to be.
Quenching these strategies for craving the success stories of their company, three such dynamic leaders from SRM University are Vineet Neeraj, Karthik Ramaiah and Mohan Gayam, Co-founders at Kobster. Vineet Neeraj is an engineer by academic but an entrepreneur by passion. He learned his basics from companies like ArrayShield and Cognizant Technology Solutions in technical as well as sales departments.
Karthik Ramaiah is a tech enthusiast and is skilled with problem solving techniques. He earned his industry expertise by working with some well-known firms such as Cognizant Technology Solutions. Mohan Gayam gained experience as a Tester in HCL Technologies and is an ardent entrepreneur whose quench for supply-chain related activities are never ending.
From Idea to a Business
What started as an idea in 2012 has flourished into a company called Kobster. It is a B2B e-commerce start-up which has enabled 5000+ businesses to shop online. From being incubated at PayPal’s prestigious Start Tank Programme to getting funded, Kobster today is a team of diverse young individuals with an ambition to build a great company.
Vast & Versatile
With a vast catalog comprising lakhs of genuine products across wide range of categories, their customers span across industries including Information Technology, Hotels, Manufacturing, Facility Management, Construction and Healthcare.
Kobster is a business to business e-commerce retailer working towards the never ending quench of corporate/industrial needs. It is a shop, or one can say a virtual shop where customers will find every product that they are searching for in front of their gadget screen that their work-place demands. They do not believe in clichés and self-promotion at all. Kobster has different teams working towards a single goal of delivering whatever client’s wanted and make their procurement job, less complicated.
Technology is at the Heart of Kobster
Kobster Elite is transforming the lives of procurement managers and resellers by letting them discover new products, procure at bulk, centralize sourcing, cut cost and analyze spends by intelligent reports & analytics. This platform is a gateway to a hassle free voyage to your procurement destination. It is an e-procurement tool where the client is provided with a platform to go through a never experienced ease of placing orders which could be easier than ever.
Kobster Elite allows to place orders for different company locations across Pan-India and a detailed report of monthly expenses with breathtaking, simplified charts can be found which will be concentrating on the client’s understanding of expenditure in a better manner. Members of Kobster Elite get exclusive deals and offers which will be unfortunately missed by the other usual Kobster users. It is absolutely free to get a Kobster Elite account and avail a 3 step approval process from Kobster.com to get products delivered in a swish.
Not Just a Thought, it’s Their First Principle
The team at Kobster is driven by a strong First Principle, they believe in setting sky high expectations and pushing themselves beyond their limits to do the impossible. Team Kobster is a crazy bunch of people who not just believe that they can change the world, but they actually do!
Future Outlook
Kobster believe technology has a crucial part in building the future, they keep in pace with the current trends in technology and keep updating the upcoming trends in the world of technology. They are expanding their presence in Tier2 and Tier 3 cities. They are looking to tap the domain specific industries to supply them with their requirements like Hospitality industry and Medical industry. They are going to expand more and more into the B2B sector which is a billion dollar business in few years down the lane.

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