Monginis: The Celebration King to Deliver Happiness

For every special celebration, cake is an essential part, because of it the party or celebration doesn’t seem to be complete. Even a small piece of cake brings an extra charm in our surroundings with lots of happiness, fun and joy, which is a best way to express your feelings towards the delightful person in your life about how much you care for them with a momentous or with a meaningful message that the cake is topped with. You can bring happiness to someone through a cake, which will definitely appear a reason for their happiness.
Monginis, a popular destination for connoisseurs of all varieties of cakes, chocolates, pastries and cookies, with a commanding presence in 12 cities in India and Egypt. The cities are serviced by an effective network of 650+ cake shops through 12 manufacturing plants.
Monginis offers aesthetically designed personalized cakes, photo cakes, seasonal confectioneries, snacks like puffs, rolls, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches.
Monginis, for all Happy Occasions
Monginis is the ‘Celebration King’ with virtually no popular or special occasion remaining outside its range. Its clients have now become habituated to celebrate all happy occasions with Monginis cakes. Their packaged cakes division with a shelf life of 60 days is distributed through more than 1 Lac outlets across the country.
Monginis website ‘’ for gifting and ordering is a rapidly expanding E-commerce business. With nearly 5000 hits daily and huge army of Monginis fans on social media, the e- business is all set to go places.
Monginis headquarters has a well equipped lab and has gained the ISO 22000: 2005 certification for maintaining and assuring best of the Hygiene and quality standards of their products and for their customers.
Monginis creative team comes up with new innovations to engage the customer base via various activities. Mongini’s customers become habituated to such activities and expect for the next invention, which forces the team to think more and thrive.
‘Consolidation more than Expansion’
Monginis believes in consolidation more than expansion. Thus, it has always preferred to stay as a low profile Brand when it comes to Media. But, its sheer size and reach across the length and breadth of the country with its complex mix of design of perishable ‘one day shelf life products’ is Unique, differs Monginis from others.
Keeping Pace with Trending Technologies
The company believes that the unique and dynamic business model gives the entrepreneur a turnaround before he knows it. Moreover, the engagement & passion built in this kind of a business is unmatched.
Finding the right technology has been the biggest challenge ever, however, there is always a room to optimize the various components of your strategy or approach which can turn your marketing into the more effective revenue generator. Monginis has a team of marketing specialists who constantly keeps a pace of current technology trends in the market. A well visualized map of carefully curated marketing technology resources is planned that focuses on solving the business problems.
At Monginis,they have a dedicated team of IT professionals, who takes care of making available right technology that suits the business logic & functionality like implementing effective marketing automation software.
The company’s analytics team does an indepth Research & Analysis of their business model to enhance the reach of their business and with the help of professionals,their IT team designs softwares & tools which smoothen their daily operations.
Technology is updating & expanding tremendously. To stay ahead, it is necessary to be in line with the latest technology trends. M-commerce and E-commerce are majorly spoken about as they have maximum outreach. Digital Marketing & Mobile Marketing is crucial as televisions are replaced by Smartphones and tablets. Smartphones have successfully replaced mobile to the major screen in our daily lives.
The study says that “By 2017, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, an estimated total of almost 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world.” Hence moving forward penetration in digital masses via mobile & internet marketing for a booming business would be sketched.
Monginis is a brand whose strength is trust and loyalty because of which a customer would choose to recommend Monginis products to friends or family members. Great reviews from them clearly expressed excellence of the Monginis products. Monginis team strives to collect feedbacks and recommendations from the customers to provide best possible savor.
In India, it is one of its kind, reaching newer benchmarks in Operational & Logistical excellence. Monginis plans to open 6 states & 150+ cake shops in the financial year alone. Where No other brand can strike a balance between expansion & consolidation like MONGINIS. No Brand can strike a healthy Top line as well as bottom line in just one year.

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