Evisipro: Leveraging Versatile Expertise to Deliver Innovative Solutions

Today, because of rapidly changing demands for online market, it is very challenging to create a big fortune in IT field. Along with providing a wide range of services, simplifying the complex situations is the major barrier of the IT services. With the gigantic goals and highly passionate nature, Evisipro has emerged as a leading company in IT services. Evisipro was formerly known as evision which started back in 1999. Till 2007, company’s main focus was on engineering services, but since 2007 Evisipro is continuously adding value across industries by leveraging domain expertise in IT services and Engineering services.
The Creator of Evisipro
Yogesh Arjun Ghorpade, Founder and Managing Director of Evisipro Solutions has 21 years of experience which helped him to bring this company on the road of success. His various expert areas of Software Development include Software Architecture, Designing and Enterprising Mobility. Yogesh developed skills like CAD, CAE, PLM and Experimental Stress Analysis, which are the foremost applications in Engineering. The peak of discipline he achieved while working with corporate giants like Siemens, Bharat Forge, Virgo (Emerson) can surely be seen in his creation of Evisipro.
Yogesh not only mastered different skills in the industry, but he also successfully applied them in the welfare of Industries. Yogesh along with the Evision’s team successfully delivered huge data conversion 2D to 3D of a large missile program in the Defence Industry in 2 years’ time. Also, he participated in some of the notable engineering programs like The Hydrogen Fuel Cell program, The Geostationary Satellite program and The Stairs Climbing Robot.
During Siemen’s tenure, he worked in the core product development team of world’s leading PLM software – Team center for 9.5 years. He was the part of varied projects from Aerospace, Automotive and Space Research Industries.
Furthermore, Yogesh contributed to Finite element analysis and motion analysis in the Nuclear Energy program. And with Mobile First Enterprise Solutions (with ESPL) where he was an architect and designer of a wide range of W/M Solutions solving complex business problems evolving marketplaces in healthcare, hospitality, malls, groceries, spas & salon, nails, construction, education.
Paramount Services
IT Services- Evisipro provides end-to-end solutions to Web Applications, Mobility & Enterprise Mobility, Digital Marketing, Testing & Automation, Portal Management Services and Third Party integrations.
Proprietary SaaS based Solutions- Evisipro manages to provide 3 Tier Business Development for Hospitality, Retail, Construction, Beauty and Entertainment Industries. It also delivers DPS&DIS in healthcare and RF/RFID based solutions in Manufacturing, Process, Construction, Retail,etc.
Products and Platforms- With the highly expertise solutions, Evisipro provides Moodifoody, IDOJ, Medi-9, Goeogo, fb_all, techedutube, Toffsociety, Edu-9, Commt-9, Blueme, etc.
Evisipro’s Unique Strategy
Evisipro’s Solutions empower each Enterprise with an independent IT infrastructure helping its customers in their business development. These SaaS based solutions are highly cost effective, easy to use and offering complete business management tool for the customers.
These IP protected solutions are customized according to customers’ brands so to help them building up their own brands strongly. All of these are B2B2C solutions covering all aspects from SMAC. Evisipro’s customers experience Business Growth along with genuine customer data capture and detailed business dashboard.
Principally same but varying applications across industries make these solutions fit in entire Retail umbrella; Ex. Hospitality, Spa-Salon, Nails, Apparel, Groceries, etc., Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Social and Education.
Evisipro’s main motive of this unique strategy of treating each Enterprise as a Brand is to make them independent of any third party solutions; so to deliver freedom in the operations as long as they are in the business. Evisipro’s advanced tools also help Enterprises with intelligent business analytics.
Evisipro is one of the rare organizations who believe in strong value system. ‘These values run in the blood of our organization and this has become the very culture of Evisipro’, they claim. Paying respect to everyone, every situation and thinking of the positive irrespective of ill or crisis situations are the qualities which allows them to dream big. Integrity, transparency in every transaction, customer satisfaction, flexibility and consistency in self-improvement are the key values of Evisipro.
Evisipro’s deep domain expertise in various kinds of Industries is always leveraged while dealing with complex business problems. They accurately identify the business complexities, analyze them and prepare clear ‘Problem Definition’ followed by preparing competitive solution strategies using cutting edge technologies, which keep them ahead in every race.
Business Application Solutions are developed, delivered and supported throughout their life-cycle by the domain experts of the industries. The company believes in creating sound IT infrastructure which is the key for enterprises in executing business agenda successfully.
Foreseeing the Future
While keeping an eye on the present situation, the founders of Evisipro keeps a keen vision on the future goals and forecasted challenges. Meanwhile, in labs, Evisipro has been already working on the Augmented Reality version of its products in Retail industry. These will be launched towards the end of 2016.
As Evisipro is coming from strong experience in engineering domains it has a robust base which is fully applied in delivering Projects and Building Solutions. Evisipro started contributing to the SMAC ride of IT since 2013. Since then, it successfully delivered many projects and end-to-end solutions in different industries.
Continuing the same philosophy of working within latest technologies, Evisipro sees delivering quality projects in the areas like IoT, Enterprise Mobility and Big Data Analysis across the industries solving more and more complex business problems.
Future growth in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and their applications in real world helping tremendously in sophisticating the world around us. A lot of applications of these technologies in mainstream industries like Energy, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Education excite Evisipro and looks forward to make a huge technology contribution to the world.

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