iLeadFarmers: End-To-End Marketing in The Technology Space

Through digitization, the world has been stepped up for years now; despite that, it might be surprising to step back and gaze at how hard copies of our work have changed into something like digitizing everything. There are digital companies who will take control of your business’s online marketing with their unique style of solutions side by side, they help you to generate more leads, win more business and obtain more customers.
iLeadFarmers is the first digital agency across the globe that covers end-to-end marketing for companies in the technology space through this age of digitalization. The company initiated their online platforms with designing & developing websites, & collaterals that magnify & portray a brand through its overall positioning within its target markets. Followed by a project of generating leads for a business through their unique approach of account profiling fused with storytelling. Tailor made for the human inside of a professional. The company’s highly specialized UI and UX team of Experience Design undertake projects for designing and developing User Interfaces and User Experiences for products that are at the threshold of technology innovation. Starting with consulting, strategy, road-mapping to implementation, iLeaders have developed the prowess to work as an indispensable strategy for technology companies in defining never seen before customer experiences.
Inspiration behind Every iLeader
Shashi Sudhanshu, Founder & CEO of iLeadFarmers founded the company in 2009 after leading 5 different companies from the Tech Industry varying from less than $5 million to $500 million annual revenue. His knowledge of B-School, significant experience in management consulting and corporate leadership in multiple domain, tech expertise gained at IT companies, international exposure to handle front end business face and above all passion towards doing something different was the foundation of his entrepreneurship venture.
Prior to iLeadFarmers, Shashi has worked with P&O Nedllyod as a Business Analyst, Sr. Business Analyst at Mearsk, Project Manager at HP, and Delivery Manager at Morgan Stanley.
Shashi loves the simplicity at work, he is not a big follower of processes, rather he would love to go with his intuition backed up with intelligence. He is passionate about design, technology, believes in providing a platform and opportunity to young and enthusiastic minds. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas, experience with young, dynamic students who wants to be entrepreneur and had been invited as a guest speaker at IITs, Symbiosis and other BSchools of India.
While throwing light on his successful journey Shashi adds, “Cracking business deals worth $20 MM is not success to me. Working in London and NewYork, Multi-color belt Six Sigma certification and punching time-sheets at MNCs, was not success, The knowledge and experience I gained over the years while working with companies across the globe, to create a platform to share with others, was the real success for me. My capabilities of continuous learning & unlearning form anybody & everybody is my success.”
“We are Storytellers”
The company has positioned themselves as Storytellers, because they believe stories travel faster than light in a mind and relate to audiences. Aligning a company’s objectives with its portrayal through apt messaging, designs & positioning is as important to them, as is growing revenue. They hone of a team which is par excellence and is delivering direct business ROIs to their clients.
Technomarketers who chooses not to code – that’s what they are. They’ve built their foundation on and around technology. And the same, is inculcated within their hiring methodology. iLeadFamers promotes a learning environment, incultating a deep sense of business understanding and acumen. With the skills iLeadFarmers have built, they are working on hi-tech IoT and digitalization projects with the world premium software and technology gaints.
Generating Value in ROI
“I am working towards a vision to change the traditional way of handling Business. I am marching ahead with a practice of putting my philosophical thoughts aligned with logic and practicality into action which will eventually change the perception of marketing and design,” Shashi evinced.
iLeadFarmers is nothing but a group of people, working together, in different streams, for achieving the same goal & vision. At iLeadFarmers, each iLeader understands that the key to succeed with their outcomes, is directly proportional to the expectations being set. Every iLeader at iLeadFarmers identifies who are their internal, as well as external customers. Each team member has a deep understanding of the client and keeps empathize with the fact that they have to generate value in terms of ROI.
iLedFarmers is excited about the future in Storytelling & Digitalization. They’ve been blowing their trumpets on how Storytelling can change the way they do business through a Human-to-Human approach. Finally, the world is coming to realize the true potential Storytelling holds. The icing on the cake for ileadfarmers is fusing Storytelling with Technology and bringing forth an experience, a story, that truly complements a business in their digital transformation.

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