Giftxoxo: Pioneers in Gifting Unique Experiences

Today, every fast-moving company’s biggest asset is its employees, for that the most important thing is appreciation for their grueling work. In most corporate cultures, they express employee appreciation through gifting. Basically, gifts are meant to affirm relationships and enhance personal connections between clients, customers, and employees. In fact, according to the Promotional Products Association International, gift giving has proven to increase business activity.
Gifts can be available through Retail Catalogs and Store Purchases, but when it involves multiple people or booking an experience, handling everything on your own can quickly become complicated. You may try to buy direct from manufacturers, talk to incentive representatives, or engage the services of companies. This is where Giftxoxo comes into the picture, whose business organizes experience gift boxes and customized gift baskets. When exploring the possibilities for gift giving in your office, don’t get overwhelmed. Use the expert advice from professional gift giving companies to give wisely, create a better work environment, and keep your employees happy.
Nreach Online Services, the parent company works under two brands – Giftxoxo and Frogo. The essence of the company lies in providing curated experiences and activities to the consumers.
Giftxoxo is one of the pioneers in experience gifting in India. The company started with experience gifting in 2012, and later in 2014 added a SaaS platform which helps companies engage with their employee and other stakeholders through a seamless platform. Today, Giftxoxo work close to 700 global organizations to handle their rewards, recognition, employee engagement, and channel incentive programs.
Giftxoxo offers over 4000 unique experiences and activities across categories like Travel, Adventure, Gourmet, Health & Wellness, Hobbies & Learning. These services are seamlessly integrated through technology platform to ensure high quality and automation to manage catalog, inventory, scheduling and bookings.
In 2015, Giftxoxo also started their consumer centric mobile app and website Frogo, which helps one discover and book amazing experiences on the go.
Giftxoxo cater to consumers who are looking to enrich their lives with exclusive and curated experiences. Their consumers are the ones who are looking for quality and uniqueness in an experience. Their consumers are not the ones who look for a discount. Giftxoxo is very focused on bringing an awesome consumer experience through strong technology and operational excellence.
Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder of Giftxoxo, is a Computer Science Engineer from PEC Chandigarh and an MBA from IIM Kozhikode. Manoj brings over 10 years of experience in Technology, Product, Marketing and Business Excellence to the table. He has worked with companies like Yahoo, Manipal Education and Flipkart in various roles. Manoj has been always active in promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in India. His wanderlust led him to explore different places of the world and how different societies follow its beliefs and the way of life. Manoj’s greatest enthusiasms are sports, yoga, reading and music.
Considering Technology as a Key Enabler to Business
Giftxoxo is a strong believer in how technology can disrupt complex business problems and make it very simple for various stakeholders. However, technology should solve real business and consumer needs. They consider technology as a key enabler to business, and not the business itself. Hence all their technology focus is to solve basic consumer and business problems instead of doing any fancy stuff which may not be a real consumer need.
“We have been very progressive on leveraging technical capabilities and have invested well in bringing automated solutions and seamlessness,” propounds Manoj. The company keeps investing in technology as long as it serves a real need.
Culture of Innovation and Collaborative Working
The company is as good as its team. Their team is one of their key strengths and their pillar to success. They have built a good team and today, have a good senior and middle management team to take the growth to the next level. They have a culture of innovation and collaborative working. Team contributes a lot in various strategic decisions and brings lots of new ideas to the table.
The experience and activities industry has come a long way since they started in 2012. “ I remember that most suppliers or consumers hardly understood the concept of experience then. And see now, there are so many companies, large and small, who are betting big on this idea,” affirms Manoj. Consumers are looking for unique and curated experiences for various reasons. Suppliers are well aware of the fact that by providing unique experiences to their customers they can differentiate themselves from the competition and also earn better margins. Hence, overall the ecosystem is building up very well.
Giftxox is upbeat about this growth and being one of the first movers in this sector, they have been growing well. The company feels proud that they are bringing lots of technological and operational excellence in this unorganized sector.

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