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Captain Kamaljeet Singh Brar, Founder & CMD, Designmate | Insights Success | Business Magazine

Education technology and ICT based learning has revolutionized the way students learn nowadays. Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd., creates Virtual reality content of Science and Mathematics for K12 education. Designmate has carved a niche in the eLearning industry by creating world class educational content using different education technology like Virtual reality, Augmented reality, 3D Ebooks and 3D animations. From being the developers of Ipad app of the year ‘Froggipedia’, to having a global presence in more than 30 countries, Designmate has marked 30 glorious years in changing the way people learn.
A Humanitarian Founder 
Designmate was Founded by Captain Kamaljeet Singh Brar and the company is based out of Ahmedabad. He served the Indian Army and later in the year 1988, established a design studio which dealt with animation, entertainment and advertisement. He then shifted base to Ahmedabad with the studio and thus began the journey of Designmate.
Creating it differently 
A strong workforce of 400 employees makes Designmate one of the world’s biggest and oldest organizations developing 3D educational content. But what makes this workforce truly applaud worthy is the fact that a staggering seventy per cent of its employees are differently-abled. Capt. Brar had met a young hearing-impaired man in Mumbai who was inspired, zealous and passionate to learn computers and work in his company and from there the vision to empower these people began. This humanistic policy now serves as a USP for Designmate.
EUREKA For Every Learner 
Designmate’s eLearning software is called EUREKA and comprises 4700+ topics of Math and Science topics in 3D animated video version. The software caters to various National as well as international curriculum. Eureka has its global footprint in over thirty countries in the world and over fifteen thousand schools.
The Offerings acts as a visual teaching-learning resource both for a teacher as well a student. Under the flagship product Eureka, Designmate has developed the following products:
Virtual Reality (VR) 
Virtual reality is being used in classrooms to enhance student learning and engagement. VR has transformed the way educational content is delivered; it works on the premise of creating a virtual world — real or imagined — and allows users to interact with it. VR engages the learner better and makes learning more dynamic. It allows great degree of freedom to the learner while interacting with the content that ultimately leads to the student centric learning. Designmate holds a library of 1400+ VR topics of Science and Math.
Augmented Reality (AR)
Designmate has created an AR app for books where conceptual images can be mapped with the interactive models/activity and videos. The app initializes the augmentation when the image in the book is scanned by the camera of the device. The 3D model gets augmented on top of the textbook where the user can interact and have real time experience. 
‘ Mono’ caters topics under the K12 curriculum of Science and Mathematics across the globe. Each topic comes with a set of multiple learning resources as one single package. These resources consist of 3D animated videos, 3D simulations, 3D interactive, quiz, images, text, web-links, glossary and key-terms etc. There is also a series of lab experiments which can be performed in real time virtual labs. These meaningful interactions lead to a comprehensive grip of the topic.
3D Stereo
‘ 3D Stereo’ explains several topics using 3DS animated video, simulation and are interactive. These high resolutions stereoscopic animations create an immersive effect and keep students engaged and focused. While playing simulations students explore complex structures in 3D which adds an element of excitement to learning. They can rotate the models 360 degrees as well as zoom in and zoom out at will. Thus the learning is acquired through action.
‘ apps’ offer an exciting and engaging platform to students for understanding complex concepts of Science and Mathematics on their hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets. These are available on ‘App store’, ‘Google Play’ and ‘Windows store’.
Learning Management System
‘ LMS’ software is an integrated learning platform that offers a combination of usability and personalized learning experience anytime, anywhere. It includes features like Dashboard, Analytics, Content list, Mind-map, Playlist and many more. The software’s singular emphasis is on expansive learning by incorporating features like consistent and proven evaluation methods, documentation of performance, learner-centric programs and adaptive content besides a plethora of exciting activities.
Classroom Management System
‘ CMS’ software offers multiple ways for a teacher to bridge the gap between the computer screen and those of the students while integrating relevant technology into everyday instruction. It helps them grasp concepts more quickly and retain them better over time. This unique software allows teachers to multitask and interact with them screen-to-screen as a group or one-on-one. It helps teachers to supervise students’ activity in real time, providing individual help as and when required.

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