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Sudhir Panditrao, Director & CEO, Mangesh Wagh, Co-founder, Enggenious | Insights Success | Business Magazine

Enggenious is tech-enabled learning solutions arm of SAN Techno Mentors Pvt Ltd.
Founded in 2006, SAN Techno Mentors Pvt. Ltd. (STMPL) has been providing conventional classroom training and mentoring to the engineering and manufacturing companies. Its years of association with large Indian and foreign corporates have rendered it ably equipped with the know-how of designing learning solutions for manufacturing professionals. These professionals range from fresh graduate engineering trainees to senior, mid or senior engineers, managers and leaders.
A part of SAN Group, STMPL was founded and is managed by a group of IIT & COEP alumnus with long years of professional experience in diverse industry verticals. SAN Group, established in 1990, has 6 companies in product design, manufacturing & turnkey projects in electronics, IoT & data connectivity, security systems and power electronics domains.
STMPL’s team comprises of over sixty ex-IITs, ex-COEP, ex-IISc subject matter experts each with average 30 plus years of experience in industry & academia, digital media, instructional designing and development.
Specific Solutions for Manufacturing
Enggenious designs and delivers high quality technology-enabled learning solutions for engineering and manufacturing domains. Enggenious creates meaningfully engaging and lasting learning experiences which are beyond books and theories. It makes interactive, engaging and highly effective eLearning & blended learning courses.
Domain Expert Founders
Sudhir Panditrao, Director and CEO of SAN Techno Mentors has always been a passionate trainer with an industry & academia experience of over 32 years. COEP alumni, he brings in a vast experience and techno-commercial acumen.
Mangesh Wagh, Co-Founder of Enggenious business unit, comes from digital technology and media profession with experience of over 16 years. Digital technologies as content development and delivery platforms and digital media expertise – that’s what Mangesh brings in.
Engaging Content
eLearning, the need of the hour, has several generic benefits like:

  • Significantly low logistical overheads and hence the lower costs,
  • A better speed of training initiatives,
  • Ease of tracking
  • Self-paced and available 24×7
    And more

One of the major turn-ons for Enggenious to explore the eLearning sector has been creative visualization aspect. The core eLearning quality comes from there, is what they think. For the learner to gain complete clarity on technological/ technical concepts or aspects, content needs to be built with excellent creative visualization. And while developing these crafted contents, some of the key points the team considers are:

  • Learner centricity
  • Business goals of the learners’ organization
  • Outcome orientation and clarity of learning objective
  • Attention span possibilities
  • Joy of learning
  • Knowledge retention

The contents have been designed using internationally renowned content development models.
Extensive Services
Enggenious’ services mainly include training, mentoring and consultancy. Complex technical subjects are dealt with blended learning. It designs a mix of learning methods based on user requirement. Its services include:

  • Off-the-shelf eLearning courses – online subscription or package buying
  • Custom developed eLearning and microlearning courses
  • Innovative blended learning courses; pre-packaged and custom
  • LMS based competency assessment solutions; pre-packaged and custom

These effective services are backed by the latest technology. To make its solutions better and more focused, STMPL uses technology in many ways:

  • Remote triggered labs for blended delivery courses
  • Gamification, platforms for Gamification
  • Well-equipped LMS platforms
  • Advanced authoring tools for rapid content development
  • Building virtual reality (VR) capabilities

Bridging a Wide Gap
The biggest challenge right now, the company opines, is the gap between industry requirement and the education being imparted.
The major difference is that the academics is more oriented towards theory and academic concepts. The industry is more focused on application of the theory and has to abide by international standards & codes, safety and reliability, and industry practices. This is where the gap is.
The industry has always been vocal about the gap between their expectations and knowledge & skills which fresh graduates or post-graduates possess. In academics and industry, the major challenges are employability of students and then the deployability of the hired workforce. In the modern industrial era, the need for multi-skilling is also prominent. The industry is investing heavily into employability, deployability and multi-skilling of people. Returns on those investments continue to be a point of concern.
A Message for the Neophytes
The founders have a crisp and clear message to share with the budding entrepreneurs. They say, “If you are sure that your start-up idea is about creating value, pursue that. Don’t get distracted for small revenue gains by defocusing your large value creation goals.”
Foraying into Future
For Enggenious, the journey has only begun. It is looking forward to creating an unseen value proposition for engineering and manufacturing domains. Not just learning solutions partner but a learning culture partner for manufacturing companies, individual professionals and even for the students preparing themselves for a profession in the engineering fields. It will impact top lines, bottom lines of the companies with well researched and awesomely built learning offering. One obvious feature would be the use of the latest technology and tools to enhance learners’ experience and retention of knowledge. Continuous innovations on fronts of instructional design, delivery, assessments and other aspects of learning – that’s assured. The company is set to keep creating and maximizing the joy of learning.

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