Faisal Amin:Digitally Powered, Creatively Driven

To become an entrepreneur is not as easy as others may think. One needs to gather A-game players who will share one’s vision, mission, values, and goals. But this is not enough, one needs to identify and at the same time, target the right growing market. Here comes a great visionary, with zeal to do something extraordinary, Faisal Amin, the Co-founder of an acclaimed digital first advertising agency FruitBowl Digital, also has been featured in the list of Top 50 Digital Marketing Professionals in India.

Faisal, a person who differentiates himself from the competition, at the same time remembering very well the kind of clients he and his team serves while keeping the innovative and creative mode on.This young Indian entrepreneur has not only had the vision but has also built his dream to become one of the top-notch digital media marketing entrepreneurs.

His vision in the digital marketing has proven to be the best in the business and has worked hard to come to this success of FruitBowl after several failures and developments. As a Founder, Business Development Director, IT Turk, Head Talker and Ideator, Twitter influencer with over 20k followers, Faisal Lives, Breathes, Dreams and Walks FruitBowl! Being a problem solver, he states, “I have learnt that you should let people take their responsibilities and have faith in their work.”

Idea of FruitBowl Digital

A go-getter from the beginning, Faisalalways wanted to start his own business.  Keen about digital marketing, as soon he completed his MBA in management, where he met Dedeepya Reddy, Co-founder of FruitBowl Digital and they got the idea of adigital marketing company germinated, which made them start off with a strong vision in expelling the best of digital marketing.

Faisal adds, “We always wanted to make the advertising industry better and leave a mark, Digital space was new and rising, we jumped into in it with passion as our lifeguard. Today, FruitBowl is a formidable name in the industry with a strong physical presence in three countries; India, USA and France, 300+ marquee happy clients (that cover Tata, Reliance, Mumbai Metro, Hilton, Sansui, and Mahindra), exclusive services and award winning campaigns. Be it marketing communication or product, we believe in creating things which are more human.”

Hindrance in the Journey of FruitBowl

Strong will power, readiness to do hard work and overall Market research are some of the important aspects to look after while starting off any business in any industry in the current scenario. It was as difficult as it looks for Faisal too. When he came to Mumbai, there were more than 800 agencies already present in the digital marketing industry. But the most phenomenal thing was, making the company stand out among all these circumstances. Faisal made it by standing out among those 800+ agencies making it to the top 10 in a span of 7 years!

Faisal narrates the hindrances as, “There were a lot of times when we finalized things and people wanted other people with more experience in this industry which was a put down, but that was given when you start off you need to build the trust and you need to give your best shot. From there to now we are handling some of the largest brands and we are doing what we really believe in. The energy and hard work put forward by each person who has been associated with FruitBowl have been commendable.”

 People behind the Success of FruitBowl

There cannot be just a single person behind a successful venture ever. Faisal agrees on the same and dedicates his success thoroughly first to Dedeepya Reddy, Co-founder of FruitBowl, and second to his team of 100+ creative minds. He says, “It’s because of Dedeepya’s strong support I am able to sleep without stress and that’s where we are here today, and of course my entire team. Dilip Jain being the head of the operations has extended fantastic support to us, Marcos doing his job in heading the content team which is phenomenal and Brijesh Solanki, pitching the best of as the marketing head. Because of these three pillars we have always been fruitful.”

Golden Advice for Young Entrepreneurs by Faisal

“Don’t do anything for money; you should truly feel passionate about the idea, rather than doing something because everyone is going after it. You should always keep in mind that money is consequential. You should work around the change and improvementyou want to bringand build your business around this change. Ultimately you will achieve what you want. Work hard to get that darn thing!”

He adds, “Being an entrepreneur is taking the responsibility of things that don’t go rightand the things that do, managing the whole team, it’s just about getting things done. You should be never saying no to criticism, even my idols Steve Job has come across the crisis, but it’s to learn and rise from the problem and keep moving forward. Never give up on your dreams.”

His new startup GrabLocal is again trying to solve some of the most basic problems of retails. GrabLocal is a Hyper Local Enabled Integrated Shopping and Advertising Ecosystem which according to him has the potential to be another Google.

Another joint venture, Utopian Media, which is a digital ad agency specially focused towards SMEs has been remarkably stood out in the digital market, co-founded with Preksha Seth.

Colorize is an in-house trendy, colorful fashion label owned by Faisal and Dedeepya. The label focuses on adding special handpicked colors & joys into the lives of fashion lovers across the world.