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Ranbeer Hora, Founder & Managing Director, GodSpeed Games | business magazine in India

Ranbeer Hora | Founder & Managing Director | GodSpeed Games

India is emerging as one of the world’s foremost leading markets in gaming sector. The Indian gaming industry is currently valued at (approx.) USD 890 million. The key to engage Indian consumer is to innovate and provide compelling content with cultural and social context. The Indian game developing ecosystem has tremendous opportunity to achieve that.
Creating a whirlwind in such fast paced developing ecosystem is GodSpeed Games. It is one of the leading Games-Tech companies providing Game Porting, Game Testing, Game Development, Live-ops and Player Support Services to other global leading firms. It also specializes in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Apps Development, Web and Digital Development. All of this is done under one roof to help its partners from conceptualization stage till the final quality product. The firm is specialized in different programming languages and scripts. Having a dedicated force with Live Ops expertise, the company assists studios across the world in managing their gaming needs to maximize user retention and engagement. Since its inception in 2012, GodSpeed has set a benchmark by forming associations on over 300 games across various gaming platforms and genres.
GodSpeed’s Founder/Managing Director is Ranbeer Hora. He is one veteran in the Gaming Industry having experience of 15 years. At GodSpeed, he spearheads the operations division along with sales and business development department by building relationships. “With GodSpeed, I wanted to create a company that fills the gaps such as communication skills and lack of quality deliverables while aiming to provide quality driven games and services to Game Studios across the globe,” he opines.
Druhin Mukherjee – Development Director/Co-Founder of GodSpeed Games, has over 16 years of experience in this industry. His main focus has been Game Development, Product Management, Project Management and Business Development. Before GodSpeed, Druhin was involved with a company called Project Autismus in New Zealand, which was primarily making games for autistic kids up to the age of 3-15 years.
The Climb
Initially, Godspeed Games started with only two members. But now it is a full-fledged game production house with more than seventy-five talented professionals. In more than five years of operations, the firm has been involved with over 300 games across Mobiles, Consoles and Web-Domains. “Every startup faces some common challenges during its establishment,” claims Ranbeer considering the challenges faced by the company.
He thinks funding is one of the most difficult tasks for every new business. “Cash flow is one of the most important challenges for any startup. Unless you’re remarkably lucky and the cash flows are coming-in straight from the services or investors, you will likely be in trouble,” he advices. But for GodSpeed Games, funding was not a problem at that time. Luckily, it was blessed with professional connections throughout the global gaming outlets which helped the company in winning projects at the initial stage. “These partners are still associated with GodSpeed Games and our relations have grown to new heights,” says Ranbeer proudly.
Missing out on effective planning can prove fatal to many startups and may become the reason for their failure. Planning on key areas such as sales, development, staffing, funding and skills-shortage has helped the company in a lot of ways. GodSpeed has covered important factors in the business plan to work-out on all the possible uncertainties that could affect its stability and growth. Also, finding the right people has been very monumental in building up the company. “The people who join you at the start are the ones who will be the pillars of your organization,” adds Ranbeer while highlighting the staffing issues.
The Effort
As a services company, it is very important to keep up with the dynamics of the industry and learning new skills set. Adapting with the new methods in a comprehensive manner and capturing the market has become paramount. “With the technology advancements in Network infrastructure, Multiplayer Online Games are on a rise,” informs Ranbeer. The company has developed and QA’d games that are played by thousands of players globally. The goal is to provide them with maximum fun while playing the game. For the same, the cross-platform services endorsed by the company have been quintessential in helping the game studios in fulfilling their requirements. On the product front, while making games which are played by users every day, the firm has gained around a million users across platforms. We are constantly working on creating new experiences for our users through the games,” Ranbeer proclaims.
The Zeal
 “We have tried to cultivate an environment of learning in the organization. Each team member takes responsibility not just to achieve individual goals but the goals of their team and company” states Ranbeer emphasizing on the healthy work environment prevailing in the firm. At GodSpeed, creating an ecosystem where everyone takes responsibility for their performance is what makes it vibrant. By welcoming ideas and concepts from the team, the company works on the selected pitches by converting them into products which can be catered for the clients. “Every month we do a Pitch session with our employees where they can pitch their ideas, concepts and products they have developed with the management,” tells Ranbeer.
GodSpeed’s focus remains mainly on Game Development, Game QA and Player Support. Several big players are setting up in local Indian game market and these industry trends are considered advantageous for the company.

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