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Bobby Garg, Founder and CEO, Passion Gaming Private Limited | Business magazine in India

Bobby Garg | Founder and CEO | Passion Gaming Private Limited

Contrary to the popular belief, India is home to many games that are now played worldwide with local twists. Games like polo, chess, or the ever-popular cards owe their origin to India. While the world has moved on to playing these games from humble home gatherings to technologically advanced gaming portals, India has a lot to catch-up with. The Gaming Industry in India has been growing rapidly and is anticipated to surpass the US to be the second largest gaming market in the world, thanks to the internet and smartphone penetration.
Leading this Gaming Revolution in the Indian Market is Passion Gaming Private Limited, an innovative online gaming company providing the finest digital card games on its gaming portal Rummy Passion. Its specialities include Online Gaming, Rummy, Online Rummy, Indian Rummy, Soft Games, Skilled Games, Mobile Rummy, Rummy Games, and Mobile Games.
For the Love of Gaming
Rummy Passion is a path-breaking online skill-gaming venture of gaming doyen, Bobby Garg. The Founder and CEO is a gaming aficionado with twenty years of executive management experience in USA, UK, and India. He specializes in heading profit centres, business development with a specific focus on evaluating new online gaming ventures, online gaming technology deployment, internet brand creation, investment management and strategic online marketing planning. Bobby saw the gap between the gaming choices that existed in India and the standard of gaming elsewhere. Rummy Passion was conceptualized to bridge the gap with gold-standard gaming options alongside an energizing user interface. His team of specialists with years of experience in the field across diverse global geographies is committed to delivering par-excellence online rummy gaming services to users.
Game Night!
Rummy Passion offers the 13 Card Indian Rummy game, complete with its variations – Points, Deals, and Pool Rummy. Besides, Freeroll and Cash Tournaments are also on the offer. It routinely incorporates new technology and comes up with new innovations – to cater to varied segments of players.
Providing unparalleled services, Rummy Passion extends a host of ‘Customer Friendly’ services to its players. It encompasses all – reliability, authentic games, a lively and interactive UI, sumptuous promotions, rewards and benefits for patrons, multiple payment modes, hassle-free withdrawals, and customer support services in six languages – English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi, and Kannada.
Powered by the unswerving passion of the founding members and the dedicated workforce, the company has become a force to reckon with. Bobby adds, “Integrity and honesty, love what we do, we are always ‘learning’ are the three core values of Rummy Passion that helped in a smooth take off, and no challenges posed any hurdle in the path.”
Making it Fun, Secure, and Technologically Sound
Passion Gaming takes pride in recruiting vivacious, artistic and committed professionals, who are keen on learning, working diligently, and finding solutions. It understands that employees want the workplace to be fun, friendly, challenging, and rewarding. To give wings to their creative talent, it allows them the freedom to enhance their skills by studying the latest trends and participating in learning opportunities; try out new approaches to their work, and offer suggestions.
Apart from developing and promoting online rummy, Rummy Passion is championing the cause of self-regulation in the digital gaming domain. The company’s participation in various not-for-profit self-regulatory bodies of gaming operators in India like TRF, AIGF and GATO, is a relevant step in the direction. Protecting the interest of players, adopting technology to allow players self-exclusion, fixing their monthly spending limit, curtailing overspending, and fair play practices to rule out fraud, are hallmarks of the company. These features ensure sustainable gaming practices in India by keeping players’ interest at the forefront, and make the company stand out in the gaming realm.
Keeping up with the gaming-trends, it has been deploying data-driven enhancements like analytical tools to enhance user journey. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being capitalized to drive specific content tailored to players’ behaviour. It also invests heavily in risk management to curb collusion and other elements of cheating stemming from game-related, financial, and banking risks.
Next Move!
Passion Gaming will continue to enhance the rummy playing experience of its players. Optimized with speed, it will take into account advancements in data technology to help the games scale further heights. Apart from consistent innovations in rummy, the company is considering the possibility of adding other skill-based games. Future holds a lot for the innovative enterprise, and the company holds a lot for the gaming industry.

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