Healthcare Consulting Services: A Management Consulting & Advisory firm who empower the Hospitals to take wise decisions for their business growth

Some inspiration is perpetually there behind every accomplishment. In the same way, Healthcare Consulting Services (HCS) is the fruitful result of revelation, expertise, proficiency and superintendence abilities.
The experts work to reform and raise the standards of hospitals and healthcare systems in many ways. HCS is serving to transform the face of unprofessionally run hospitals by providing skilled professionals to meet the quality aids along with medicines at the local level.
HCS has a group of experts who work in allotted time limits and help their clients according to their needs and especially recognizes their weak points by listing the few factors such as competencies, performance level, attributes etc. Primarily, the company was started as a one-man army in Mumbai from two individual projects and was successfully completed within the allotted time limit.  As time flies, the number of clients increased and team size also increased.
So, we can say that Healthcare Consulting Services is the Management consulting firm that advises and guide Hospitals to achieve their Business goals.’
The Man who is Largely credited for the Success of HCS
What we are seeing today is that the nurturing plant servicing the others. A few seeds were sown by Amit Sontakke, Managing Partner and Principal of HCS produced a great harvest in the form of HCS, with 16 years of management experience.
He was holding leading positions for well-known hospitals such as Hinduja Hospital, Manipal group, Reliance ADAG Healthcare. Amit’s other principle skills include lead generation to grab the market response.
Amit has completed his MBA in Hospital Administration from Institute of Management Studies, Indore in 2001. During 2013- 2014, he had completed advanced Senior Management Program from IIM Calcutta and certification in ‘Sustaining & Managing Hospital Growth’ from IIM Bangalore in 2013.
End-to-End Service Provider and Managers
Healthcare Consulting Services acts as a building block to build hospitals and healthcare systems also takes initiatives to strengthen them to convert into a multi-speciality hospital. Basically, HCS does not change the working style of any hospital, but instead they set the canons according to the market need.
The company manages the complete hospital, or they simply handle one or more departmental sections of that health set-up to boost the profitability. Additionally, the firm also proposes to invest in one or more departments, like a Laboratory, Imaging, and Pharmacy or establishes the partnership with other healthcare providers if required.
Healthcare Consulting Services assists the hospital, right from owning the land to establishing clinical & administrative departments equipped with technology and experts.
HCS known as the Huge Facilitator
Marketing, Management of Human Resource, Management of Medical insurance, Management of Revenue cycle by implementing SOP’s for admission and discharge process etc. are important roles of HCS in playing for the betterment of hospitals.
HCS guides the hospitals, starting from logo to setting their mission, vision, and goals. Also, they highlight the special services of the hospital, which enhances the market value of the hospital. While as a Human Resource function elucidates the job description either on basis of services or based on departments to carry out the recruitment process and so allocating the candidates.
HCS works and partner with third-party administrators on behalf of Client Hospital and manages the medical insurance by making a tie-up with different insurance companies. HCS establishes the function of IT administrators to create proper management software, to install the system for Electronic Medical Record (EMR), to store and retrieve data, to integrate the imaging and lab services to the software. Depending on the hospital locality they offer special services such as accidental and emergency care or Orthopaedic or Gynae set-up.
The company also concentrates on the several internal ambience of the Hospital such as waiting zone, lobbies to create a comfortable environment for patients and their relatives. Also, HCS design the KRAs to set the business goals and track KPI to find how effectively the Hospital team is achieving their business goals.
Core function of HCS
The company gives credit of the success to the sight, insight, and foresight of the healthcare ecosystem in Indian Scenario having the expertise to analyze and compare with the global trends.
The company has achieved a great position into the market by delivering timely quality results to their clients, and through strong references. However, the actual functions that company performs are – GAP assessment of the project, giving the proper solution according to need (Strategizing), and carrying them out in the correct way (Implementation).
HCS has also initiated its activities to work and help Hospitals based in Mumbai and plan to explore in Western & Southern regions of India. The company is also planning to start HCS pharmacy chain in HCS managed hospitals as well as plan to explore in the retail segment.

Source :- The 10 Best Emerging Healthcare Startups in 2017

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