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Healthcare is at the edge of an evolution. With more and more healthcare establishments embracing technology, the entire face of healthcare management is soon to get transformed. In this fluctuating landscape, the healthcare industry is fast stirring towards being characterized by streamlined operating environments with easy-to-access real-time information. This will move towards transparency and all aspects of accounting & financial reporting that benefits the healthcare organizations by addressing inefficiency. S10 Health is a pioneering organization that provides healthcare solutions stimulated by prominent healthcare industry veterans and physicians, passionate about making a significant social impact in the healthcare sector, the around the globe.
S10 Health initiated its operations in 2013 with a primary focus on the US market. In 2015, they commenced operations in India catering to medium sized specialty care clinics. S10 Health at its core is a clinic optimization platform and a collaborative health seeker relationship management system that expedites delivery of convenient, quality and personalized healthcare. Using modern trends in data management, technology, medical services and supply synchronization principles, S10 Health has created value across healthcare value chain predominantly physicians and healthcare providers — hospital, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and patients.
S10 Health is headquartered for the global operations in Nungambakkam, Chennai. Indian operations are headquartered in Guindy, Chennai. Apart from handling the Indian operations, it also works as the back office for their global operations which is spread over 18,000 sq. ft., and is operational 24/7.
S10 Health operates in the US through their subsidiary Physicians Angels and their offices are positioned in Toledo and Seattle. Toledo functions as the HQ for the US operations. The primary function of these two offices is sales and customer support. All back-office operations are reinforced from their office at Guindy, Chennai. With regard to Indian business, S10 Health currently caters to 50 clinics in Chennai. Rajan Dental, Uma Eye Clinic and GBR Clinic, leaders in the field of Dental Surgery, Ophthalmology and Infertility respectively are some of their marquee clients.
About the Innovative Leadership of S10 Health
S10 Health is promoted by Sridharan Sivan, Dr. Afser Shariff, Mir Zakir Ali and Premanand Manimaran. The founding team of the company has been buttressed with experienced professionals notably; Dhamu Narayanan – COO Indian operations.
Sridharan Sivan, an engineer from PSG Tech Coimbatore and a successful entrepreneur is the Founder & Chairman of S10 Health. Apart from S10 Health, he has successfully formed and succeeded 5 businesses in the past. His previous venture Take Solutions Ltd. was focussed on life sciences and supply chain management. As a Co-founder and Managing Director, he successfully listed it in 2007 and by 2012 he grew it to an 850 crore company with operations in 8 countries.
Sridharan is actively involved in Industrial bodies like Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), NASSCOM and ICTACT and was the Chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Chennai zone for the year 2013-14. 
Top-notch Services with Best Servings
After its success in the US, the company is actively functioning in Indian healthcare sector with physicians to pioneer a workflow to easily embrace meaningful use. S10 Health has partnered with Physicians in India to provide health seekers access to the medical care in an easy, swift and painless manner so that patient road to recovery is smooth and seamless.
S10 Health brings the S10 Health SafeCare Solution which enables global healthcare standards and increases visibility for the Physician’s practice while providing convenience for his health seekers and thus improving seeker-seeker relationship. The key offerings:

  • Clinic, A unified clinic optimisation platform aligned around proven pathways to reduce cost for small sized specialty health care providers.
  • myClinic app & Cloud – A unified health IT platform for appointments, scheduling, EMR, EHR, and practise marketing.
  • SafeCare – Enterprise solution focussed on medium sized specialty clinics with proven pathways for reliable and quality healthcare delivery.
  • Virtual Scribe – Datafication of the doctor – patient interactions using AI and scribes.
  • com – Collaborative ecosystem that drives volume and maximises capacity utilisation.
  • myHealth app & Cloud – access to health records, health planner and dashboard.
  • Fit – The world’s first BOT gym, a concept that provides access to scientific fitness programs, anytime and anywhere.

Benefitting Health Seekers through Trusted Solutions
S10 Health SafeCare network helps clinics deliver value-based healthcare services through consumer insight, self-directed health & wellness management tools & social networks. S10 Health’s Synchronisation solution leverages the economies of scale through SafeCare network by achieving the trust of high-end patients with SafeCare standard quality process, ornamenting the patient experience with a highly convenient technology interface & upsurge reach exponentially through S10’s marketing outreach.
Embracing S10 Health SafeCare solution enables Healthcare providers to access new prospects, more business and faster yields. Combining S10 Health expertises with physicians’ capabilities allow rapidly building and sustaining a large and loyal health seeker base. In line with its fundamentals, S10 Health SafeCare offers a scientific solution for the Clinics with minimal infrastructure requirements. S10 Health SafeCare solution serves clinics to a robust, secure and scalable platform seamlessly. The four solution enablers — technology, quality process, data management and digital microsite integration − deliver all that clinics require to reach and meet the needs of health seekers and better health outcomes.
Future Roadmap
For the future journey, S10 Health is committed to maintaining their leadership in Virtual Scribe market by expanding to a new set of customers in the US market and also providing additional technology-driven service along with data management services to meet new compliance needs of meaningful use, globally.
With 80% of business concentrated in the US and rapidly growing, S10 Health’s US market operations have been very successful with 300 clinics and 3000 doctors servicing more than a million health seekers as on 2017 March. Just over 100% year on year growth, their headcount is more than 350 employees and they are looking to double this in the coming fiscal year. They also intend to grow at the same pace over the next 5 years. S10 Health is waiting for the right moment to foray into Far-East and Middle-East markets. They are currently busy with escalating their operations in India with 12 hubs comprising 900 clinics in the next 2 years and around 2700 clinics by March 2020.

Source :- The 10 Best Emerging Healthcare Startups in 2017

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