Lattice Innovations: Crafting Medical Technology Design and Development Solutions

A novel, more integrated, value-based approach is disrupting healthcare business models. Medical developers are linking to integrate marketing and sales with engineering, manufacturing and design to bring value to their customers and stakeholders, which include patients, physicians as well as healthcare service providers by understanding how the challenges they face in their day to day lives that could be improved with the help of better technology.
Lattice Innovations is an eminent Technology design and development firm focusing on leveraging technology for healthcare applications. Lattice was founded by a group of innovators who previously used to head the Medical Technology group at Glocal Healthcare, an affordable healthcare service provider focusing on tier-2 and tier-3 cities in the country. The founder’s primary objective in creating Lattice Innovations was to isolate techniques in which technology could be used to deliver high quality healthcare affordably.
The team at Lattice has on ground experience of the challenges and opportunities in providing reliable care in the small towns of India. Armed with their knowledge and a proven track record of developing affordable, intuitive and efficient technology solutions, the founding members started Lattice Innovations with the aim of scaling up their technology offering, impacting a larger audience, and helping other healthcare organizations build cost-effective healthcare solutions.
Since 2014, Lattice’s young and dedicated team has been the driving force behind its ability to quickly take an idea from concept to reality. Senior members of the team are energetically involved in the recruitment process and have been instrumental in forming an environment conducive to experimentation and continuous learning.
Founders of Lattice Innovations
Soura Bhattacharyya, CEO, acts as the client interface for Lattice. From 2012 to 2014, he led Technology Development & Human Resources at Glocal Healthcare. While at Glocal, Soura started up a 100-bed hospital in a semi-urban area, improved hospital processes for 5 locations, developed training & skilling content for frontline health workers, and built India’s first clinical decision support system for use by General Practitioners. Soura holds a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and an MBA (High Honors) from Harvard Business School.
As COO of Lattice Innovations, Chayan Chatterjee leads software development and product delivery. Chayan started his career with ITC Limited, a consumer goods conglomerate in India, manufacturing and engineering. Most recently, he led indigenous product development in his role as Director, MedTech at Glocal Healthcare. Chayan holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, and a dual degree M.Tech/ B.Tech from IIT Bombay.
Sahil Mehta, Chief Technology Officer specializes in biomedical engineering and hardware development. As CTO, he leads the hardware design & development process, and manages a network of over 100 component vendors. Sahil has developed 14 functional device prototypes in the past 5 years, across industry and academia. Sahil holds a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Utah, and a Master’s in the same discipline from Cornell University.
Best- in-Class Services with Top-class Solutions
Product Development-
Networked ICU patient monitor: Lattice Innovations FYVE S1 is a 5-para patient monitor for use in ICUs. Patient vital signs information are  transferred over Bluetooth for display on a bedside android tablet, and are transmitted and stored on the cloud through a WiFi network for remote monitoring of patients. It is currently in use at Makunda Christian Hospital in Karimganj District (Assam), while also being piloted by healthcare providers across the country.
SMS-enabled outpatient monitor: The FYVE GS is a 5-para monitor to measure point-values in an outpatient setting. The data is transmitted via a built-in GSM module, as an SMS. This is a solution relevant for locations without any internet connectivity, such as Government run PHCs. 25 such units are in use across 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh; a total of 39 units have been deployed nationwide, as part of a project initiated by the National Health Systems Resource Center (NHSRC).
Digital microscope: A microscope with a motorized stage that scans slides, captures individual fields of view, and automatically stitches them into a composite image. This solution digitizes pathology slide, enabling pathologists to access images on the web and annotate/ analyze them online. Current state of development – Prototype (1st generation, fully functional).
Design Services – 
Cardiac Risk Assessment Kiosk: Designed and built a cardiac risk assessment kiosk to support the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences’ community outreach program in adult cardiology. The kiosk is a portable setup, which measures height, weight, waist and hip circumference, body fat percentage, blood pressure, blood sugar, SpO2, 3-channel ECG and respiration rate. These physiological inputs, along with information about diet and lifestyle, are integrated to present a Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk score, on a scale of 0 to 48. This score represents the percentage likelihood that a subject will develop CVD in the next 10 years.​
Designed for use by a technician, the kiosk prints out measurements and the risk score, along with advice about healthy living – guidance on diet, exercise and tobacco/ alcohol cessation. The App uses a clinically validated algorithm to compute the risk score.
Cyclops VNG Device: Designed & fabricated a wearable device that detects balance disorders by tracking eye movement, for a medical device startup (Cyclops MedTech) based out of Bangalore. The deliverable was state of the art, sleek, robust and affordable balance assessment device.
Baby Steps App: Designed & Developed an Android app (Baby Steps) that serves infant growth and development metrics to new parents, for a medical technology startup based out of Atlanta and Ahmedabad.
CAMTech Innovation Platform: Designed & developed a web application, the CAMTech Innovation Platform (, which bonds medical technology innovators with experts, investors and resource providers in the MedTech ecosystem.
Medtrack: Design and development of a web-based document control and tracking system are used in medical device and pharmaceutical companies. The system is being developed in collaboration group of quality and regulatory experts based out of Boston (MA, USA). A commercial launch of the system is planned in May 2017.
Future Expansions
As a design firm, Lattice understands the importance of the customer and the faith they are putting in the team’s domain expertise. They work closely with each customer all the way from the need identification stage throughout the product development lifecycle. Lattice received the BIG award (Biotechnology Ignition Grant) by BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) for their innovative work in developing affordable tele-ICU solutions. The firm is utilizing the funds to further development of its networked, multi-parameter patient monitoring solution, along with a software-based remote patient management system.
The team plans to scale up commercialization efforts for its networked patient monitoring system. Simultaneously, the team is working on developing a completely integrated, device agnostic Tele-ICU product. The firm has recently put in place a dedicated product sales team, and is reaching out to hospital chains as well as physician-owned standalone hospitals and nursing homes, with its tele-ICU offering.

Source :- The 10 Best Emerging Healthcare Startups in 2017

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