IHUB Technologies: A Sumptuous Network for Exceptional Care

The healthcare ecosystem is one of the vital aspects that measures the nation’s capability level. For a major country like India, it is of the utmost importance. The nature of the healthcare ecosystem in India is in a position where several hospitals and other health facilities are waking up to the requirement for ‘patient-centric care.’ It links multiple levels of care management, synchronizes services and inspires professional collaboration across a wide range of care delivery.
IHUB Technologies is known to have supreme expertise in delivering cost-effective business solutions for multiple industries. They thrive on creating innovative solutions for their clients with a team that has brought the new and exciting vision to software and enterprise development.
Inspiring Leaders of IHub Technologies
 Aparna Reddy C is the Director of IHub. She is an enthusiastic and demanding leader of herself and her team to deliver on deadlines. She possesses excellent organizational capabilities and a very positive attitude. She drove innovation by becoming a strategic partner with her team members to contribute significant business decisions and advices on critical transitions.
Nagini Reddy P is the Product Manager of IHub. She is a versatile, multi-skilled and highly motivated professional. She is very diligent in her work and considerably focuses on understanding the business needs of the department for which she is acquiring talent. She has cleverly handled multiple Product developments.
Group of directors at IHub including Aparna, Nagini, Dr. Aasrith, and other valuable healthcare domain specific team, activated the IHub’s enterprise experience to position the product as a caretaker of healthcare IT needs.
 iMediHub- The Healthcare IT Product
 iMediHub is a healthcare standard product which empowers comprehensive healthcare information management system, engineered with enterprise experience to simplify operations and management. It works by dashboards, actionable insights, supply reports, data exchange, automation, business processes and maintains workflows at the assistance of the organization.
iMediHub helps to tackle the less palpable challenges that lie below the surface, so that clients can steer a fluctuating environment to ensure competitive, compliant, and profitable growth. iMediHub can be easily integrated with existing systems and can be extended to replace existing solutions. This strategy of rolling out solutions incrementally offers quick victory for the participants. It improves the quality and efficiency of care while cultivating patient centricity through engagement and healthcare personalization. It tremendously boosts payments and free-up staff time with paperless billing, online bill-pay, payment plans, estimates, and more.
 Top-notch services with best serving standards
Healthcare industry will get more complex while getting integrated with multiple IOT and mobile systems, demanding collaboration across organization and engagement with patients with valuable content. iMediHub absorbs this complexity and helps its clients to focus on organization’s vision.
Imedihub is an emerging as a premier R&D Institution for the design, development and deployment of world class healthcare IT solutions for economic and human advancement. iMediHub provides business intelligence and analytic tools to assist industry with processed valuable information. It has implementation partners other than IHub preventing dependency/lockout to a single vendor.
IHub fills the gap between implementation team and clients by using their domain experts as a part of their implementation plan. It ensures the flow of organizational data through IT enabled systems and processes, preventing leaks and avoiding gaps. They strongly believe in building a durable client base.
IHub Technologies believe in providing right CARD (Commitment, Attitude, Responsibility, Determination) on the top of valuable customer satisfaction and endless pursuit of excellence. It’s automated coding and charge dropping helps to reduce administrative overhead, avoids missing charges, shortens A/R days and increases total revenue. It also encourages the most clinically effective and cost proficient treatments with integrated clinical and financial decision support.
A Strong Business solution of IHub boosts the clinical workflow, eliminates wasteful transition of care and increases patient retention. Healthcare is shifting from local to state and national contexts, while primary care and nursing stages and demanding workforce productivity and efficiency.
iMediHub ignites data to make it smarter, turning it into a strategic asset that enables better sharing of information across the health care system. The result is more robust analytic insights, more effective care management, and more proactive physician engagement.
IHUB’s expertise spans across home, e-commerce, healthcare and lifesciences industries. Things are enabled to communicate and users are facilitated with visualization and actionable insights on processed data and control. They have developed an e-store with mobile application empowered with quick fulfillment Omni-channel solution. Also, in their core services, they analyze their clients’ needs and provide a complete range of enterprise engineering services.
There are tremendous advantages for players who can recognize and react to the plethora of possibilities and uncertainties that would unfold as the market shifts. But IHub’s reliable solutions have the capability to implant and assimilate with client’s key business processes across the various dimensions of IoT, e-commerce and healthcare solutions. Their expertise lies in their solutions which cater the key challenges faced in the industry and delivers them with maximum agility in a manner that makes these solutions sustainable.

Source :- The 10 Best Emerging Healthcare Startups in 2017

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