Medicinea Healthcare: Committed to Improving People’s Lives with Innovative Medicines & Healthcare Solutions

The Indian pharmaceutical industry, over the years, has exhibited tremendous momentum regarding infrastructure development, technology base creation as well as product usage. On the global platform, India has a large pool of scientists and engineers who have the potential to steer the industry ahead to the higher level. India holds a strong position regarding volume, value of production in pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical industry has been providing bulk drugs belonging to all the main therapeutic groups demanding complex manufacturing methods as well as a wide range of pharma machinery and equipment.
Medicinea Healthcare is one of a pharmaceutical company focused on improving patient’s lives by identifying, developing and commercializing meaningful products that address unmet medical needs, not only in India but also has the global presence in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East and CIS countries.
A Forerunner Adding New Dimensions to Healthcare
One of the youngest female entrepreneurs in India; Dr. Tanya Saraogi, Director of a Medicinea Healthcare has proven her leadership skills and capabilities within a wide setting in India and abroad, within a short span of time. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Saraogi motivates and introduces innovative solutions to the various tasks or problems at hand.
Comprehensive Suite of Services
Since founding, the company has focused on putting the patient first, and this remains their priority as they continue to develop, acquire and commercialize new treatment options for patients with challenging conditions that no one else is tackling.
The vision behind Dr. Saraogi’s startup, “Medicinea Healthcare”, is to provide affordable healthcare and export services through accessible Pharmaceutical, Medical, Surgical, Food and Herbal Products to people from low socio-economic and disturbed war-torn countries. Within a short span the company has already developed partnership agreements worth a few million dollars with distributors in several of the countries.
Medicinea plans to continue to build the portfolio of products through acquisition and in-licensing activities, to leveraging unique commercial expertise. They evaluate additional acquisition and in-licensing opportunities; work closely with healthcare professionals and patient advocates to identify significant treatment gaps where Medicinea’s unique approach to patient care and patient-focused products can bring a new therapeutic option to the market where none existed previously. Also, the company is into manufacturing and marketing of a huge product line covering the areas of Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Anti-Infectives, Antifungal, Antibiotics, Immunological, Anti-Cancer, Food, and Herbal Products. Medicinea is dedicated towards manufacturing high-quality products at affordable prices.
Medicinea’s Upcoming Services
Safezone Industries is a sister concern of Medicinea Healthcare, which aims to provide export services to the authentic buyers with quality products at a fair price. It will also help manufacturers in finding foreign export buyers for their products. It is going to specialize in the following export services: Marketing Advisory Service, Research & Analysis, Export Advisory Service, and Detailed Export Documentation.
TEAM – ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’
Medicinea’s team of young and skilled professionals growing invariably with the course of time, and their team consists of enthusiastic, highly qualified, extremely dedicated, talented and experienced professionals who inculcate a culture of innovation, co-ordinate and develop different strategies in their respective fields like Business Development, Administration, Logistics, IT, Finance, Marketing, and Distribution, etc. Medicinea uses Independent Model of Growth team model to build strong team DNA around speed and iteration.
Every employee upholds the very essence of responsibility, commitment, and accountability and they are responsible for the specific duties that go along with their job. Dr. Saraogi guides their entire team to think about growth differently. She believes it’s the mindset and culture that is non-negotiable today.
Delivering Excellence from the Best in the Field
Medicinea is making their mark in the existing market: “Commitment, Regularity, Intentionality, and Efficiency. These things pay off as we always work on improving operations and making things better. We always try to develop a tendency among our employees to see where things can be enhanced and they can make suggestions, to the point where they will research and make proposals to provide better services and solutions,” says Dr. Saraogi.
They build a successful customer base to achieve long-term relationships with their clients through Customer Interaction. They understand the customer requirements and experience. A long string of interactions always help to build loyalty and trust in the long run. Medicinea monitors customer behavior and takes feedbacks to ensure that they are satisfied with their products and services. Their team closely monitors what their customers want in real time.
Medicinea always tries to give the best services and makes delivery within the timeline specified by the buyer, giving prompt attention to the instructions provided by them.
“We are building our reputation by giving away some combo offers and free insight and goods. We stay in touch with our loyal customers and keep updating them about our new products, offers and notice/news of a special event, basically, anything that can be effective and useful to them as well,” assures Dr. Saraogi.
Road to Future
“We value our customers, suppliers, and employees. We work with them to achieve a mutual goal, by being responsive to the customer’s concerns, coordinating with vendors and giving growth to the employees who have excelled with the company. The strength of our company is our company’s culture, and we always bring something new to the table,” asserts Dr. Saraogi.
By expanding their business and team size, they are entering into other markets and establishing their company globally.

Source :- The 10 Best Emerging Healthcare Startups in 2017

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