OmiX Labs: Working to Improve Lives of Millions at the Bottom of the Pyramid

With every new innovation in the field of science, there is something which leads to the betterment of the society. With globalization and changes in lifestyle, incidence and spread of diseases are increasing, and with it the demand for new medicine and improved diagnostic technologies are increasing. It is known to the industry experts that diagnosis of a disease is one of the most crucial factors required to cure a disease. New innovations in diagnostics are making them more rapid, more accurate, and more cost-effective. The present scenario suggests that molecular diagnostics are now reshaping the industry standard in early and accurate diagnosis in developed countries and in more specialized laboratories across India. However, research also shows that while medical science is innovating things daily, but whether it is reaching the masses where it is most necessary is still a question unanswered.
In most small towns and villages across India, basic diagnostic facilities and trained manpower are lacking, leaving the doctors helpless and forced to treat patients based only on symptoms. OmiX Research and Diagnostics Laboratories (OmiX Labs) is a biotechnology startup that is dedicated to the mission of making low-cost, easy-to-use molecular diagnostic technology easily available in all diagnostic labs – big and small, in cities and in towns and in villages and even in extremely remote places of the country, where they can be effectively used to diagnose infections correctly and can help the doctor select the correct treatment.
Their innovative product ideas have earned them several recognitions: as the winner of Unitus StartHealth Award and the NESTA Discovery Award, and helped them receive the prestigious grants such as Biotechnology Ignition Grant from DBT-BIRAC Idea2PoC from the Government of Karnataka, GGrand Challenges Explorations India Grant from Gates Foundation and incubation by Villgro, a leading social impact investment and incubator.
Products and Services that are Creating Lasting Impact on Society
With molecular diagnosis tests that can be conducted outside of standard laboratories and with minimally trained manpower, OmiX’s portfolio of products and services aim to create impact on millions of lives. They offer a platform for early detection and more accurate identification of organisms causing infections. At the same time, they are also determining whether the infection is potentially drug resistant. With OmiX Labs technology, it will be eventually easier to detect various critical diseases like malaria, sepsis, drug resistant urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, and many others.
OmiX Labs USP is in that technology development happens in response and is directed towards its mission of creating healthcare solutions that make use of the best in class science being done globally to reach the masses in developing countries like India. Molecular diagnostics tests that are being developed deliver more accurate tests and yet they can be used in small labs, clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals where they are not available today. These tests are also making available cutting-edge diagnostic tools that are currently available only in larger tertiary care centers. For example, OmiX Labs can conduct drug resistant tests in only three hours, whereas conventional tests require a minimum of three days in laboratories equipped with microbiology facilities.
Improving Healthcare with Accuracy and Faster Delivery
OmiX Labs is a social enterprise whose target is to touch people’s lives by making healthcare different than it is today with access to early and highly accurate diagnostics at the right price in the places where they are most needed. OmiX’s products are growing rapidly to be able to diagnose a wide variety of infections seen in a lab. The need for diagnostic labs to be ready to deal with new and reemerging infections is the factor fueling growth in the diagnosing sector, as was recently observed in the last few years when infections like H1N1 or chikungunya were found.
OmiX Labs believes in finding innovative ways to deliver more efficient results in less time so as to meet demands of customers. The company is always adapting to the rapidly changing healthcare scenarios. Like every other startup, OmiX Labs faced problems while hiring the first employees and rising funds externally. But the pillars of this organization were vision, passion, dedication and commitment and within six months since their inception, OmiX Labs started to get recognition as an innovative leader in the diagnosis industry.
OmiX Labs’ commitment to the mission of creating access to easy-to-use, high quality molecular diagnostics that can make a difference to millions of lives is the thing which is bringing them to the forefront of the industry. “As a startup company, we have also realized early on, that the best way for us to accelerate is to partner with experts across various disciplines and focus on 1-2 core areas within the company. Our partnerships have allowed us to build technical credibility quickly and achieve early success,” asserts OmiX Labs.
About the Foundation of OmiX
The founders of the company have a combined experience of over 40 years in multinationals and academia. With a solid experience of two decades in the healthcare sector, Sudeshna Adak, CEO at OmiX Labs, leads the company with excellence. Sudeshna is a woman with extraordinary experience and knowledge. After completing her intermediate studies from St. Xavier’s College in Ranchi, she went to Indian Statistical Institute, from where she finished her bachelors and masters and finally finished her PhD in Statistics from Stanford University. She went on to hold positions at Harvard University and GE Healthcare. Her guidance and deep knowledge of healthcare have helped the company to accelerate and build early customer relationships.
With the Growth in Technology, OmiX Plans to Go Beyond the Healthcare Sector
As the technology grows, the impact of the OmiX Lab’s products and services could go beyond healthcare to fields like agriculture, food and animal testing, ultimately giving them a chance to utilize their core mission of changing people’s lives to identify the problems they want to solve. While most diagnostic labs across India rely on large multinationals for diagnostic kits which are expensive and require highly skilled technicians to handle, OmiX provides a platform and technology which is easy to use and in the reach of even small diagnostic labs and clinics.

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