Metro Zone Health Services: Leading Health Risk Converter

The Current Generation is much more health-conscious than ever before. Diseases are spreading rampantly, If we look around, we can observe the rapid and tremendous growth of the healthcare market in all aspects. Mediclaim sector are not even the exception for this and emerged into a big industry.
Cashless mediclaim process requires a number of specialized processes to be performed under domain expert. Several cashless applications suffer from high rejections ratio, whereas various approved cases faces high amount of delay in payment disbursements. In case of denial by Insurance Company, it becomes difficult for the policyholder to meet such costs on their own without burning a hole in their savings. This not only creates dissatisfaction to the patients but also constructs a bad image for hospitals and the Insurance Company as well.
Indore based Metro Zone Health Services also known as Metro Zone Group, is India’s leading risk management company which assists healthcare service providers with their specialized services in all these healthcare domains.
Chair-person of Metro Zone Health Services
Rajnish Jaiswal is the Managing Director & CEO of Metro Zone Health Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.. Rajnish performs many responsibilities of entire operations like marketing and management. He maintains the client relationship as well as corporate communications, and incorporates the business policies along with internal audits and legal work, business intellect and sets the corporate strategies.
Rajnish is a business graduate. Prior to entering into this sector, he has been an experienced banker with multinational banks and a known expert into Risk & Compliance Management and Business Intelligence. Metro Zone has become a brand in last 5 years under his supervision. Apart from the business, he is interested in Golf and Lawn Tennis. He is also an active social activist.
Metro Zone Group Serving the Personages by Their Services
Metro Zone Health Services is contributing by providing exclusive services in Recruitment of Skilled professionals in Healthcare Domain, Business Development, Medical Record management, Healthcare Management IT Services, Wellness Health Cards, Operational and Performance Assessment of Organizations, Marketing of Medical Devices & Super Specialty Medicines.
More featured services of Metro Zone Services are Cashless Mediclaim Processing, which is beneficial to the insured patients for initiating cashless treatments and also helps the hospitals in raising the revenues. The company expert performs the documentation and other procedural formalities at the cashless desks of the hospitals.
Along with this, the company is also providing Medico-legal services to support the healthcare providers in the acquisition of dues or contest a legal suit to recover such outstanding dues. Their unique value proposition is their ability to marry consulting with execution.
The company has introduced an advanced IT system for the Indian hospitals to perform paperless work which reduces the hospital expenses and maximize their profit.  The company also owns Premium Health Card, which is acceptable at leading hospitals like Medanta, Max, Apollo, Fortis and Thyrocare, and Dr. Lal’s Diagnostic Centre’s and many big healthcare providers across India.
Additionally, Under the CSR activity , Metro Zone Group is sponsoring social activities like Several Health and Education Schemes for Underprivileged persons of Kargil and Ladakh in association with Indian Army under their Operation Sadbhawana Program , Swablamban Health Insurance for Thousands of Special Abled People and other Social schemes of ISKCON, ROTARY CLUBS across India.”
Journey of Metro Zone Health Services
The journey began with five people in 2012 with a team of experienced professionals (Doctors, Lawyers and Mediclaim Domain Experts) with only Two hospitals with their written off cases. They took up these cases properly with Insurance companies with all mitigants and in two months, Payment for all these cases were disbursed. During our interaction with Insurance Company, we understood that these cases were marked as rejected because of the lack of proper domain expert. We decided to outsource the mediclaim desk of these hospitals and deputed our employees over there. This has really worked and today we have 1000 plus team size with more than 1000 highly satisfied clientele base,” Rajnish Says.
Currently, Metro Zone Group has expanded its business in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana, Bihar, and West Bengal. The growth rate of the company has been more than 200% year by year since inception. In coming years the company targets to set up its presence on PAN India.
Qualities that Aid to Strengthen the Customer Bonding with the Company
Metro Zone Health Services applies a specified process to convert risk from a Non-Measurable and unpredictable uncertainty into a perfect and precise opportunity. The company offers smooth and streamlines healthcare management practices to healthcare provider by taking a nominal professional fee and provides full support in the relevant industry. This has become a high revenue stand for their clients.

Source :- The 10 Best Emerging Healthcare Startups in 2017

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