Satya Madala: Changing Technological Aspect of World

Every journey starts with a dream, this story started when Satya Madala, CEO of INNO APPS, dreamed of becoming a leader to change the technological aspect of the world. With the motive of getting into the business and win the market with technology, Satya started with an optimistic and enthusiastic approach. Even after facing infinite difficulties and hurdles, with his leadership qualities and his innovative approach to the business, he made his company a leading giant in business.
Satya has over 15+ years of global experience in technology, operations and administration for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Satya founded INNO APPS in the year 2006 and since then it has been serving major clients across the globe and became pioneer in IOT and RFID space. His leadership as a CEO has made INNO APPS to become one of the 20 Most Preferred Companies in India and Top 100 companies in the globe. Satya and his team handle multiple projects in major technologies. He is passionate about social activities and conducted many programs on environmental health.
Satya’s Creation
INNO APPS INDIA is an international IT services company which specializes in mobility, cloud enabled solutions and services for various enterprises. Their proven and readily available solution stack enables enterprises with time-to-market advantage and platform independence and their cloud-ready solutions enable enterprises to rapidly deploy services with ease and at the low cost of ownership.
Satya and his team are admired by their customers, recognized as a reliable partner for providing solutions and applications across all leading mobile platforms. Their customers are large and small enterprises, in a wide range of different industries, appreciate the benefits of the services and solutions. They engage flexibly with their customers, providing time and cost leverage through their proven delivery models.
Technology Based Company
To make a fortune with a technology based company, one must be prepared to face a mandatory difficulty– Getting encountered by never-ending and immense competitors. For this, one must keep patience and courage to survive the competition. Keeping the dreams alive and encouraging the team members at every point becomes equally important to technological innovations in the company. Adjectives like ‘passionate, inspirational, persevering, visionary, adapting, achieving, and risk tolerance’ becomes more meaningful for an entrepreneur. To make the successful transformation involves enhancing these as well as an increased focus in some crucial areas.
Golden Rules by Satya
Making the transition from budding entrepreneur to CEO of a sizable organization is a considerable journey, Satya shares the qualities he needed to overcome these obstacles. The following words came directly from him:
Discipline– “The next level of success requires the next level of discipline,” says Satya. The relative freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship needs to evolve into an environment with more structure and accountability. Systems– You’ll need to develop the systems that reduce variability to hone the reliability of your product or service offering. Delegation– You’ll have to learn to let go. You can’t micromanage yourself to prosperity. Delegate (but don’t abdicate) power and responsibility to develop a solid team built on trust and mutual respect. Collaborative caring and mutual dependency is increasingly important. Technology– You must learn to harness evolving technology to leverage your business. You’ll need real-time management data, leading performance indicators, and overall technological excellence to serve your customers well. Get the right tools in the right hands. Culture– You’ll need to develop a comprehensive organizational culture that captures and communicates the unique core values that drive your business. Leadership Skills– Your skill set needs to grow and expand. Leadership skills should become the role model your organization needs.
Biases– We all have them. You’ll need to identify and overcome the ones that limit your success. Think and act differently. Trusted Advisors– You don’t need to go at it alone. Develop a robust Advisory Board and join a CEO mentoring group to expand your sources of council. Broadened Perspective– You’ll need to stretch beyond your individual core competency. Avoid “functional myopia”, where you view the world from a limited perspective. And Future Focus– You’ll need to expand your visionary skills. Set aside the time for creative strategic thinking; read more, and keep your pulse on the industry and other trends that will impact the future direction of your company.
In addition to above golden rules, Satya adds, “not being afraid of delegating tasks, managing time effectively, visualizing goals and success, listening and communicating well, understanding the time is valuable,” are few more qualities to become a successful entrepreneur.

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