iBlink Smart Home Solutions – Introducing Cutting-edge Smart-home Automation Technology

iBlink Smart Home Solutions

Smart technology has always been an essential part of high-end homes. Modern individuals have always been the early adopters of latest domestic devices and services. Considering this growing trend Smart Home Device, iBlink was conceptualized in an aim to help their clients to create wireless intelligent homes where clients doesn’t need to go for any wiring change or civil work using the latest word wide standardized technologies of International Telecommunication Union and Home Automation Systems. The company is providing smart home solutions based on IOT & M2M to help transform their client’s home environment, making it more comfortable, convenient, safe and entertaining. They bring together many different technologies; thereby it also saving time and money of the users.
iBlink has modernized traditional technology and introduces wireless automation solutions through exclusive modification. Moreover, the company is also introducing the smart home way which provides their clients multiple home operating options and user-friendly applications. The current ongoing innovation of home automation solutions recommends the dynamic wireless technical changes in the near future. iBlink has created a nexus between the users and the manifold of smart devices and applications which provides affordable and flexible smart home solutions.
A renowned face in the Telecom & Smart Home Industry, Neeran Chhiber the CEO of iBlink has successfully led multiple organizations in various domains as CEO within and outside India. His ideas and experience assists the company in achieving new heights in the smart home industry. Neeran emphasizes on targeting appropriate customers and give a lot of importance to the communication with masses. He believes that effective communication is the key factor of any organization to promote loyalty and sustainable relationship with the customer.
Groundbreaking Solutions and Services
The advanced products and services convert all existing home devices and appliances to become smart & intelligent.  It can be controlled via a mobile phone from anywhere.
Lighting – All smart lighting applications give users the flexibility to control all indoor lights from anywhere and anytime with a single touch. It reduces the automation cost and gives peace of mind. The entire house lights can be controlled through one or two devices which are enhanced with the iBlink interface. Along with this, iBlink interface assists in controlling the smart lights even when the user is away from his home. Movement sensors provide hands-free illumination and automatically turn on lights when someone is in the room. iBlink also provides wireless and fashionable outdoor lighting products.
Climate – iBlink’s enterprise provide temperature controlling solutions according to the customer’s needs. This solution can control air conditioner, room heater; fan and other temperature control systems. Moreover, it offers a platform where any settings can be activated on a schedule or with just a click of the mobile phone. It also regulates or controls the curtains without having to constantly getting up for opening and closing them manually.
Audio/Video – iBlink solution gives the freedom to control audio/music system when users are not in their home. They can play music or start an educational channel for their kids via the mobile phone.
Security – Receive an alert on predefined situations like opening door, breaking window or in emergency situations like fire and smoke detection. Smart lock with a video doorbell enables people to grant access to their home regardless of whether they are inside or outside the home.
Along with these Core-services, they also provide other innovative offerings-  

  • Wireless and Non-invasive Technology – No change to existing interiors or switches. No additional wiring and no additional automation DB.
  • Ease of Installation– It can be integrated inside any gang-box and any kind of switches.
  • Modular & Affordable – Capability to pick and choose the required minimum configuration in beginning for automation.
  • Scalable and Expandable – Grow with time, customers can easily integrate other features/ spaces/rooms into the existing automation network within hours as per their needs.
  • Control from Anywhere – No additional cost, total control on tablet/smartphone/pc from anywhere
  • App– Available on Google Play store (Android devices) and Apple App store (IOS devices).
  • ITU Standards & CE certification– iBlink is at par with ITU Standards and has been awarded CE Certification.
  • Globally Patented Hardware – iBlink is offering all globally patented hardware towards their customers.
  • Simple and Flexible – iBlink is offering Simple and user-friendly app interface.
  • Call Centre – 24×7 dedicated support team available at the call center, customers can call the 24-hour helpline or use support option of “my home” application. A skilled technical professional will solve issues remotely or by sending a technician on site.

 Significant Aspects of the Company
IOT and M2M space, for which the demands are growing quickly, is the key factor behind the company’s phenomenal growth. The company is especially dealing with IOT segment and has seen a growth of 200% in every financial year since its inception. iBlink believes, their success ingredients are – Unique technology, Experienced and Qualified team, Team’s dedication towards work and providing support to customers 24×7, which help them to maintain friendly relation with the clients. Neeran acclaims, “Our next strategy is to target 500% growth in next two years by using our innovative strategies and team effort.”
Work Culture of the Company
iBlink never force their employees for any specific work timing. The company has provided a fully automated office to their employees to maintain a regular and efficient connection with their clients. iBlink tries to provide a stress-free environment where employees are free to express their ideas and innovations. It maintains a healthy work atmosphere for their employees by providing recreational activities and helping them  maintain their work life balance and including a mandatory 20 days holiday for each employee.

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