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It is fair to ascertain that strength in numbers is not just a saying, but a philosophical phrase that transcends way above the normality of the term networking. Establishing good relations personally and professionally is a virtue embraced by the people, who are gracious enough to cherish it. A stronger bond between people develops long term relationships with mutual understanding and respect for each other which is especially required in smooth flow of operations in any business.
Standing testimony to this belief is Manju MohanCEO of Ionixx Technologies, who has set a benchmark as a woman leader in the competitive IT services industry in India and USA. As an industry thought leader, she has always believed in this simple principle: “It’s all about forming deep relationships with the people who advice you (mentors), the people you work with (colleagues) and the people who you work for (customers).”
She considers people as the most important resource of any business. Also, what’s quite heartening is her strong sense of respect for people, that goes as far as putting aside possible differences of opinions she may have with them.
People will treat you the way you treat them.” says Manju.
Her insights on current tech-enabled businesses in India are also quite interesting.
Technology is evolving rapidly all over the world. And specifically, in India, owing to its population of over a billion and as one of the largest adopters of mobile technology, there is immense potential to wield influence with technology in a big way.”
What does Ionixx Technologies do?
Ionixx Technologies is a design-driven software services and blockchain development company with a global presence spanning regions that include USA, India, Singapore, and Canada. As a technology development company with a blockchain focus, Ionixx helps forward-looking startups and enterprises with blockchain, cloud-enablement, enterprise agility, and other cutting-edge web and mobile technologies. Ionixx is driven by the passion to innovate and a deep commitment toward creating user-centered products and compelling customer experiences. They specialize in blockchain development to design, build, and deploy custom end-to-end solutions across several business domains such as fintech, healthtech, education,  logistics, telecom, media and entertainment. Ionixx promises transparency, methodical execution, and seamless delivery at its core.
Tracing the Journey: E-learning to Information Technology Services and Product Development
Straight out of college, Manju founded an e-learning firm that developed corporate training courses. Just around then, in 2008, tech giant Apple released its first iPhone.  Capitalizing on this ripe technological boom and identifying the exponential scope of mobile-based applications, Manju began to explore exciting possibilities in this realm.
She says, “We created first-aid training on the little Nokia screen with little graphics and instructions. From there, we started exploring more on the mobile side,”. From here, Ionixx diversified from a simple app development company to a product development company after an extremely successful run with a mobile and cloud based suite of products to automate the workflow of a microfinance institution.  This comprehensive suite of products proved to be a major contributor for customer retention as Ionixx experienced a rather pivotal change and built its focus around web/mobile development.
Once the automation for the workforce of microfinance operations was done, the company was successful in creating paperless offices which dramatically improved work efficiency. When Ionixx started undertaking projects for other companies, it bootstrapped the development of their products. Eventually, the services side of the business was born and  it resulted in becoming the company’s core business itself.
What Lies Ahead?
User experience design, I feel, is what makes or breaks a product. You can have a great idea and great technology but if you can’t get users to use it effectively – then you are going to lose them,” explains Manju, emphasizing the importance of design and user experience.
When asked about her views on Blockchain technology, Manju very strongly opines, “Blockchain is a technology that will transform the technology landscape the way that the internet did over 20 years ago, except – I believe this time the change will happen more rapidly – we move very fast these days. The core features of blockchain are that data is stored in a decentralized and immutable manner which result in more transparency, trust and security. Blockchain will be integral in solving a lot of today’s issues with security breaches, data authenticity, provenance of goods and much more
The Driving Force & Future Roadmap
Apart from watching inspirational talks and motivational speeches on the Internet, a major factor contributing to Manju’s relentless pursuits toward success are her parents, who she says have always inspired her almost on a daily basis. 
Manju expressed that, as an organization, they would like to grow in size rapidly and provide employment to a lot of people. She also feels that working with more entrepreneurs and businesses that positively impact the world will help her enhance the condition of business operations exponentially.
We would like to be known as the go-to design and development partner that you can trust!” she remarks on a concluding note.
Her Words of Wisdom for Budding Entrepreneurs
Work on your strengths, not only weaknesses while being resourceful because everyone faces all sorts of challenges initially. Also, build networks as there is a lot to learn from the people around you, and it is important to derive great things through others,” tells Manju informing the new generation about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

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