MariApps: A Forerunner in Marine Enterprise Solutions

MariApps Marine Solutions is a technology company, part of Bernhard Schulte, offering state-of-the art marine enterprise solutions for ship managers and ship owners and is a pioneer in offering digital solutions to the marine industry. The company brings organization’s key knowledge and expertise to help businesses excel in today’s competitive and demanding environment. MariApps is focused on offering the best solutions, supported by latest technology platforms to its customers, at the most competitive pricing.
Providing Quality Service and Employee Satisfaction  
MariApps’ flagship product PAL is a complete marine ERP suite which is fully web-based, cloud supported and mobile compliant, targeting ship managers and ship owners. MariApps’ PAL provides an end-to-end digital ship owning and ship management solution to the maritime industry. It covers all functionalities of ship management and operations including Crewing, Accounts, Purchase, Planned Maintenance, Payroll, Voyage, Insurance, Dry Dock to New Building (to name a few) in a single, fully integrated solution. It continues its journey collaborating with more than 15 top companies around the world and aims to reach for more soon. Its vision is to deliver quality and affordable end-to-end marine solutions and turn MariApps into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. It follows an employee first customer first policy. The MariApps team has the right ‘can do attitude’ and brings in a variety of skilled resources, including business analysts, project managers, marine engineers, nautical officers, technology consultants and strong technical leaders that are part of a 250+ team in India, Singapore, Cyprus and Hamburg to develop, implement, and support its software. It builds high performing teams, by providing a fun, challenging work place that caters to innovation & work-life balance.
A Passionate Leader Spearheading MariApps
The person responsible for leading MariApps to the path of success is Mr. Sankar Ragavan, the Founder and CEO of MariApps. He is a versatile person of amiable nature. With more than two decades of rich work experience in IT domain, Sankar has served as Corporate Director of IT for BSM and as a Director for Jumeirah International. He has worked for various MNCs across the globe. Sankar is well versed with the industry and its characteristics. He aims to discover and implement the next disruptive digital technologies like more efficient data analytics, ERP, greater autonomy and robotics, and new methods of information sharing.
Distinguished Services and Customer Satisfaction
 MariApps is one of the very first mobile-first and cloud-first companies to introduce mobile apps for the shipping world. Its huge expert pool of mobile developers build marine applications that runs on all mobile platforms like Android, Windows and iOS, equipping customers with the power to take decisions anywhere anytime. It provides continuous version upgrades to customers. Data and reports are made available to the customers to view anywhere anytime with 24*7 support service provided globally. MariApps team delivers customized solutions suitable for the clients according to their needs and requirements. It works closely with the client and their teams to engage Microsoft in setting up PAL infrastructure in cloud.
MariApps PAL has customizable dashboards, well-integrated ship owning and ship management modules with LiveFleet and mobile apps. Clients now get the information that they need, anytime, with a focus on the data that is relevant to them. MariApps deliver tailored information even when the ship owner or manager is travelling, they get to know key data for faster decision making processes as PAL is fully mobile compliant.
Major Accomplishments
MariApps proceeds triumphantly on its journey to success overcoming many challenges and achieving landmarks on the way. The company considers entering into an MOU with CMA CGM, as one of its greatest achievements. CMA CGM is one of the world’s largest shipping companies which operates a fleet of 532 ships in 170 shipping routes worldwide. MariApps and CMA worked together towards a successful completion of the gap analysis project by making available the people and resources as needed. The project turned out to be a success with CMA deciding to sign contract for further implementation and installed the software in large number of vessels. CMA ships have now become key customers of the company. Critical success factors of the project were strong coordination between project teams of MariApps and CMA CGM. MariApps has been recognized by Insights Success magazine as one of the top 25 companies to work for in Asia (2016) with the article titled ‘Providing Integrated Marine Solutions’.  It has also been highlighted in CEO magazine as Company of the month (2016)/ Rising leader in the world of ERP for marine.
Team Mariapps focuses on innovation, changing technology and where it takes the company. Also, Sankar believes in motivating the team and participating in all the endeavors to keep them motivated.
Source :-The 20 Pathbreaking Brands to Watch in 2018

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