Nitin Avasthi & Achin Jain: Advising First, Businessing Later 

The tale behind the foundation is nothing less than a Bollywood inspirational story, where our heroes would stop working from 9-5 jobs and start their own venture which ultimately led to success in the end: as we Indians have always loved happy endings. Being a part of Private Banking and Wealth Management Services and having spent more than a decade in reputed Indian and MNC banks, the duo, Nitin Avasthi and Achin Jain, co-founders and partners were managing wealth for High Net Worth Clients. But, the stints in banking and diverse experience of managing different asset classes helped them understand the investment landscape and the needs of the clients better.

While working with the clients, Nitin and Achin realized that in an organization construct they can only support their endeavors to a limit. They were constrained in terms of consulting advice, and passionate towards the Wealth Management Career, but they religiously wanted to fix the status quo while servicing their clients within the banking fraternity. Thus, the idea of servicing client independently came up and that’s when they decided to take a plunge. Like any other person who was leaving their jobs to get independent, Nitin and Achin had worries about their family and financial security, but with the support from the patrons and a firm confidence in service delivery, skills and knowledge, they have developed and nurtured through extensive experience of handling Portfolios of Wealth clients throughout their Private Banking career and thus the duo decided to move ahead and it’s been the best decision of their lives.

The Need for Genuine Wealth Management Firms

India has been the fastest growing economies in the world, and the economic performance of the country will be at par with those of the world. It will be the third largest economic power in the world by 2030, according to the PwC report. The broadening investable wealth of shares is a sign of impressive times ahead. Thus, growth opportunities for genuine and trusted wealth management firms is not surprising. One such firm founded by the duo and which has been experiencing phenomenal success for quite some time is Client Alley – Private Wealth Management. The firm is a thriving wealth management organization specialized in private account investment management. In the contrary, to constant lack of trusted wealth management firm in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, the firm has emerged as one of the fastest growing in the country.

ClientAlley: One-Stop Shop Solution to all Investment Needs

Client Alley has a team of professionals trained specifically on the subject, and have gained experience in dealing with all investment avenues and asset classes, also providing end to end solutions in Investment Management, Goal Planning, Tax consulting, Real Estate Advisory and Foreign Exchange Consulting. Their offerings ensure that an individual can pursue his financial goals through a customized plan. A plan which doesn’t just encompass a wide range of products and services, but also derives maximum benefit from asset allocation. ClientAlley’s sole aim is to work in synergy with investors and keep mentoring their investments through the path right from identifying their financial goals, strategising their plan of action, working with them in tandem till they achieve their financial Goals.

ClientAlley’s Product Suite is a one-stop shop solution for all the investment needs, which includes, Mutual Funds, Insurance plans, Fixed Income Products, Structured Products, Real Estate Services, PMS, Alternative Investments, and Estate Planning Services.Since its inception in June 2014, ClientAlley has earned recognitions and Awards at National Level Forums for its qualitative work in the field of providing Wealth Management Advisory services across all asset classes to its investors.

Initial Challenges that Lived Short

Nitin and Achin wanted to focus on the basics of providing insightful value added advice and services to their esteemed clients and from day one they have stuck to that.They have been steadily expanding their presence across North India and are in discussions to expand beyond as well. They have been targeting steady growth and maintained focus on their core competence. “We should say we didn’t have too many surprises for us during the journey, but of course going forward as for any other business, you need to keep your gears in line with the competition and technological advancement. So it holds true for us as well and thus we have been creating the roads ahead accordingly”Nitin and Achin say when asked about the initial challenges. They faced hurdles that any start up would face, but those were very short lived as their passion and determination to serve the cause for which they had entered into this market was stronger and more relative than any hurdle one could face.

Providing Quality Advice and Growing Client’s Investments

Even after witnessing tremendous success in the industry, their aim still remains same, to continue with what they are best at – Providing quality advice to their clients while helping them grow their investments. While they like to take each day at a time, servicing the clients to the best of their ability, they have a future plan to expand both horizontally and vertically and they may work on setting up new partnerships or expanding into new services. They are on an exciting journey and would like to continue that way.

When asked about the qualities of an entrepreneur, their response was“If you have a right cause which you think genuinely exists as a gap to be filled  to serve the society. Secondly,if  you have an edge, the right attitude to act as a Bridge to Serve this Cause rather than Serving Yourself then Success will definitely come without fail.” They  advised the young entrepreneurs in words as, “If you have started, don’t look back just believe in yourself, in what you do and keep moving ahead with a right strategy in place.

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