Pert Telecom Solutions: Living the Excitement of Innovating

Gurjot Sandhu | Co founder, Chief Business Officer | Madhusudan Rajbhar | Co founder, Chief Operating Officer | Mitesh Laxmilal Vageriya | Co founder, CEO

Leveraging the industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise and comprehensive portfolio of solution and services defines Pert Telecom Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (PertSol) as a leading Telecom Solution provider in today’s time. The company has created its niche by providing innovative processes and cutting-edge technologies to build reliable and scalable solutions to help its customers achieve their business objectives.
To get more insights about the firm’s prominent services and uniqueness, we bring you an exclusive interview with the young and dynamic Co-Founders of the firm, Mitesh Laxmilal Vageriya –the CEO, Gurjot Sandhu –the Chief Business Officer, Madhusudan Rajbhar –the Chief Operating Officer.
IS: Kindly brief us about the Company.
Science and Technology have always tried to solve problems that affect humankind. At the same time, these solutions need to be practical and easily implementable. A simplified yet highly efficient solution is what we, Pert Telecom Solutions Pvt Ltd (PertSol), believe in.
Incorporated in 2014, with a unified goal to provide out of the box solutions for Telecommunications, Government and IT Sector; the company aims at delivering superior products that touch the masses. Our solution offering has been shaped by our deep domain knowledge, built by harnessing our strength in next-generation technologies across Telecom Compliance Management, Emergency Response System, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Healthcare Management Services. In a market where vendors leached clients by harping on the complexity of solutions, Pert Telecom Solutions branded itself as a trustworthy company that can provide solutions for every problem in a simplified yet highly efficient way, thus the tagline “Simple solutions for Complex World”.
In more than five years, we have gained a valuation of Rs.200+ Crores with average revenue per year now reaching 40+ crores. At the same time, we have also carved our leadership position by dislodging large competitors and designing unique solutions.
IS: Brief us about the Founder/CEO and his/her contribution to the upliftment of the Company. What was the source of inspiration to be a pioneer in the Telecom Solution Providers segment?
Mitesh Laxmilal Vageriya is the Co-founder and CEO at PertSol. With over 16+ years’ experience in the Telecommunication Industry, he has helped Telecom Service Providers and Solution Providers to create and deliver new solutions, products and services. A leader in a true sense, he specializes in leading companies to the next level of growth through his capabilities of managing large and geographically diversified teams. His ‘never say no’ attitude makes him a charm across all clients who like to work with him for his deep knowledge of solutions and services, and his availability to be able to fix any issue.
Gurjot Sandhu, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer is a member of PertSol Board. An experienced and seasoned sales and business development executive with over 13+ years of experience in Sales, Strategic Account Management, Partner/Vendor Management, Gurjot specialization lies in handling complex negotiations, winning multi-million-dollar deals, defining go-to-market strategies and expanding market penetration. He has worked with various top-notch Telecom, IT, Government and Law Enforcement clients in Asia Pacific, EMEA and Latin America regions. He is the key to the company’s true success. He has been the driver for all businesses received by the company as he has not lost any sales opportunity till date.
Madhusudan Rajbhar, Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer has been the very foundation of PertSol. An IT Professional with 20 years of insightful knowledge of business process analysis and design, domain & technology expertise with strong integration skills, project execution & project delivery and Account Management. Madhusudan is an astute planner with excellent communication, analytical problem solving and relationship management skills. He brings his valuable experience in conceptualization, creation of flexible and expandable software architecture to meet client’s requirements. His 20+ years of experience in various fields has helped the company grow with inbuilt strength and financial stability.
PertSol was conceptualized with people’s security in mind. We wanted to be a catalyst in the fast-paced digital world and the aim was simple – addressing the real needs of the Government, Law Enforcement Agencies and Telecom Service Providers. Over the years, PertSol has grown to be one of the most sought-after organization that provides industry leading solutions for the National security, Telecom compliance, Emergency Response System, Smart Cities and alike.
IS: What are the distinct products and services provided by the Company, setting it apart from its competitors?
PertSol has carved its name by being India’s first company to provide Emergency Location Services. We are proud to share that currently all statewide Emergency Location Services in India run on PertSol’s iLocator platform. We are also the first company in India to develop Lawful Interception Platform in-house. Our IP Log Management Platform called iSecureHL is robust, highly scalable and capable of processing 7+ Billion records per day and its system can manage 2+ Trillion records. We have recently entered Smart City IOT Solutions. Also, our Managed Services for third-party solutions have helped operators save 40% YoY basis.
Further, we offer many more unique solutions and services like:

  • Unified Lawful Interception and Monitoring platform for Wireless (2G/3G/4G/5G), IP Leased Circuits, Wireline, NGN, IMS Networks which is cost-effective replacement /implementation for multiple LI systems.
  • Location Services Platform inclusive of GMLC, SMLC and complete LBS Services
  • Large data analytics, data warehousing system with the capability of managing trillions of records
  • End to end compliance management system for Telecom Service Providers
  • Remote Access System as per the government mandate
  • Managed Services and Maintenance support for complete telecom infrastructure
  • Solutions and services for Smart Cities, Governments, Homeland Security 

IS: What are the key attributes that helped the company to surpass every challenge? What are the benefits gained by your clients while doing business with you? 
PertSol began as a startup backed by its team of confident and enterprising partners who ensured sustainability at the initial stages. Our customer-centric approach and zeal to deliver projects on time helped in creating market visibility, gain customer trust and acceptance, resulting in the improved brand image of the company. This aided in further gaining new projects while receiving repeated orders from our existing clients.
This credibility is PertSol’s biggest USP for the client, acting as a faithful friend who will deliver what he promises. Its clientele includes Nokia, ZTE, Huawei, LnT, Tata Projects, BSNL, MTNL, Mahindra Defense, BVG and many government organizations like MP 100, Chhattisgarh Police, Mumbai Police and UP Police and many more. Our support team ensures that the client’s systems are always up, and they have someone to rely upon when the need arises. Compared to the competitors, PertSol’s clients save huge cost as its solutions are not only best priced in the market but also offer smaller hardware footprint while delivering double the volumes! We promise our clients 24 X 7 support, with the top management available for quick resolution, if required. 
IS: What is the current scenario of Telecom and Network Solutions space and how is the Company embracing the technology changes?
Currently, the Telecom and Network Solutions market is consolidating with an aim to reduce both, the network footprints and the cost of running it. There is also a drastic shift from being a voice-centric market to a data-centric market. Further, cybercriminals have become advanced and data networks are being used extensively for criminal activities these days. With the arrival of 5G in telecom domain, the monitoring requirements will increase many folds. Telecommunications and IT is changing every day at a faster pace with the need for aggregated platforms and lower cost of ownership. Today, business’ want newer technologies and better solutions with faster deployment, without burning a hole in their pocket.
PertSol is gearing up with its warhead to ensure that it creates a strong foothold in the market in the years to come. While the world ideates about the future, we at PertSol are getting future-ready now with our solutions for 5G, Integrated Compliance Management, Next Generation Emergency Response Systems, Mass Interception Platforms, Large Data Warehouses that handle zillions of records, Smart Cities that are people-centric and many more.
IS: What is the role of your employees behind your Company’s success? How do you keep them motivated?
As a service and solution delivery organization, our employees are the most valuable representatives of the company for the client and they are committed to ensure that their delivery, communication, and responses match the company’s vision and motto. We strongly believe, that our employees are our key strength who help our customers get the best solution along with timely support.
We believe in having a creative and open work environment that encourages people with different styles to cultivate their talent and participation. We position the team to succeed, then offer them the autonomy to work towards our common goals. Further, we nurture talent by matching career goals with the right profile, followed by timely training, detailed evaluations and constant feedback. For us each employee is an asset! The opportunity to gain new skills and experiences has tremendously motivated our employees to grow as individuals resulting in higher levels of performance, profitability and productivity for the organization as a whole.
IS: What would be your advice for the budding startups and entrepreneurs in the industry?
For all startups, I will only say that you must believe in what you want to deliver, always keep the customer at the centre of your deliveries and remember that your solution will change lives!”
For the entrepreneurs my only advice is that “you must work together as a team while building on the strength that each partner brings and disregard any negatives.”
IS: Brief us about the company’s future perspectives.
By 2021, PertSol aims to be a market leader for Telecom, IT, Smart Cities and Government oriented solutions and services. It aims to take its Emergency Services to at least 10 countries and its Smart Cities initiative to 20+ cities. Mitesh says, “It’s our endeavour to save telecom companies 100+ crores of expenditure by providing best in class integrated Compliance Management platform. Our Solutions and Services vertical shall ensure high quality products, deliveries and implementation as per the client’s requirement via 1000+ employees that we plan to recruit over the period of time.”

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