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Rajesh Raveendran Founder and CEO RR SOFTTECH | Telecom Solution Provider | Business magazine in India

Rajesh Raveendran | Founder and CEO  | RR SOFTTECH

With the liberal and reformist policies of the government of India along with the strong customer demand in the telecom sector, India has emerged as a frontrunner in the global telecommunications industry. With the fastest growth rate, investments, and development in this industry, providing the best and technologically advanced solutions to the companies to achieve their target has become the need of the hour. RR Softtech is one such company which provides the best solutions with the help of the advanced technology products and quality services to meet the ever-changing need of their customers and clients.
RR Softtech is a leading telecom company established at Chennai in 2008, providing tailor-made cutting-edge solutions to its clients to improve their productivity. The company follows a fruitful business relationship methodology and work to be a part of client business success & growth. It’s experienced and tech expertise in terms of product training, technical audit, and analysis has helped them to deliver exquisite services and maintain the momentum of quality and budget-friendly solutions. The company also contributed in terms of business process workflow and suggestions related to production and performance tools. In-house conferences, meetings are held with technology experts and decision-makers to provide appropriate solutions to ensure client’s success. Combining solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model, the company offers progressive end-to-end telecom solutions. On-time delivery and ability to meet quick turnaround requests while exceeding customer quality demands, the company retains customer satisfaction.
Inspirations for the Employees

Establishing a new venture and positioning space in the market is not a simple task. With the mission to transform the organization and improve performance, the company empowers to respond more quickly and intuitively in changing market dynamics. By applying the ethics “not to sale what we want to sell , Listen first the requirement and analyses the best practice & possibilities and then deliver according to the requirement”, the company has come a long way today. Additionally, its ability to analyze the Customer’s Business Process and Innovative Approach in solution designing and product placement has helped them creating a trust bond with their clients in setting up their businesses. The commitment required in fostering its services with quality is fulfilled by the experienced team by communicating directly with the manufacturer or the service providers. This concept has helped a lot to achieve mileage against existing industry players and gradually creating a market space of RR Softtech.
The team understands the vision and aligns with the culture. “No Cabin” culture helps a lot in terms of maintaining a healthy work environment where every employee tries to deliver the best for the growth of the company.  This culture helps to generate innovative ideas and align with the priorities of key decision-makers to implement it. They focus on rewarding innovation and celebrating success.
Protagonist to Their Success
With rich industry experience and an age group witnessing the IT and telecom revolution, the revolution of dialup connection to 4G, pager to the smartphone, Founder and CEO of RR Softtech, Rajesh Raveendran has bestowed services for India’s economic growth and employment. His experience in the business domain, forecasting business, and understanding of the market conditions have thrived him to join the telecom business sector. His confidence to achieve business goals in addition to a true motivation to create a roadmap of RR Softtech as a telecom solution provider has led the company to its success.
Specialism for the Success
Competition and Competitors are the part of business eco-system which can’t be compared in general, with the vision to focus on providing a complete solution to their customers according to their need, the company design, manage, build, and maintain high-quality telecom solutions for businesses and individuals. Its forte is to take requirements, apply the latest telecom solution methodologies, and propose innovative & technical features that help its clienteles to achieve their goals. The RR Softtech provides numerous product and services, such as Unified communication and Collaboration solution [IP-PBX, Contact Center Solution, Telecom Automation, Audio-Video conferencing ], Datacenter and Cloud Hosting services. It also provides Bandwidth on demand according to the requirement, Single window Integration, and optimization services that completes the entire spectrum of Telecom Products and Services.
Trials and Tribulations
Every growth comes with some opportunities and challenges that can be realized in a real-time scenario. But the key factor which impacts opportunities or challenge is the updated industry knowledge and business transformation according to the time demand. If a company is not up to date with the time and market condition, it can’t create or convert any opportunity that would only result in bouncing back as a business justification and existence in the market. So, to continue the journey as an upcoming industry leader in the business segment, RR Softtech is investing more on its business transformation to be one step ahead against its competitors. Additionally, analyzing the market and customer feedback survey is gradually adding a value to overcome challenges.
Future Paths
The world is witnessing the industry 4.0 revolution wherein the telecommunication is playing a pivotal role. The industry is expecting 5G data service which will boost the speed of IoT and Automation. Government Fiber to the village Project and initiatives is setting up for the future growth of the Telecommunication industry. Accordingly, the company is planning to explore business opportunities in Automation and Collaboration platforms. It has already started associating initiative with the vendors and technology leaders, which will reflect very soon under the RR Softtech Banner and accordingly set up the business roadmap.

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