Spherule Foundation: Nurturing Hope Through Significant Social Initiatives

Spherule Foundation
Spherule Foundation

In a world of rapid economic development and continuous advancements in the human quest for growth, certain challenges arise on social and economic fronts which need in-depth understanding and support. Several social challenges including Quality Education, Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Malnourishment, Health and Environment need attention and strong efforts in bringing about positive social change in modern society.

Spherule Foundation, a prominent NGO headquartered in Pune has brought about significant change in the lives of thousands of people through its focused social initiatives. Spearheaded by its Founder and Director, Dr Geeta Bora, Spherule Foundation since its inception in 2017, has helped thousands of underprivileged people in getting justice and basic support to lead a respectful life.

Spherule Foundation is built on the vision to work primarily to bring deep-rooted sustainable change in people’s lives, the vision is to create an equal, just, and sustainable society. With a clearly laid out working structure, its mission is designed to work for the less fortunate and economically weaker sections of society.

Currently, Spherule Foundation works in 15 states and runs various initiatives related to education, health and hygiene, women empowerment, malnourishment, livelihood, and Environment. Let’s explore the interesting aspects of the influential role of NGOs like the Spherule Foundation that have built a hopeful environment for thousands of people including women and children.

Seeding the Cause

With the solid experience of 14 years in the IT industry as a Software Architect in India and the US and working in making education accessible and affordable to all through technological applications, Dr Geeta observed and identified the plight and challenges faced by people in India. She decided to stand up for the cause and become a voice for voiceless people. With these thoughts, Dr Geeta established the Spherule Foundation in 2017.

Addressing the Social Challenges

Spherule Foundation is focused on bringing about positive change through various initiatives.

The Spherule team strives to empower people and work towards developing sustainable solutions. Currently Spherule has PAN India presence and working in all 17 sustainable goals of United Nation









(9) WASH (Water, Sanitation, and hygiene)









Facets of Positivity

Spherule Foundation has been honoured with several prestigious awards and achievements

  • Atma Nirbhar Bharat Award 2022, for outstanding contribution in Social work.
  • Guinness World Record Holder for conducting the largest lesson on Adolescent health.
  • India CSR Award 2022, Best NGO of the Year.
  • Indian Achievers’ Award 2019 for Social work.
  • BD Sahitya Akademi Award 2018 for the illustrative book “MoonTime” on menstrual health and hygiene.
  • Samaj Sevi Ratan, by the prestigious Vikramshila University for on-ground work for malnourishment and Menstrual health and hygiene in the year 2018.
  • Pad Hero of India, for Bleed with pride initiative for providing affordable sanitary napkins to women in 2018.
  • Innovation Software Award was appreciated and awarded for the Virtual Classroom project by Ex-President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in 2003.

Strengths of Spherule Foundation

Spherule strives to develop processes and techniques with which social issues can be solved and sustainable solutions get delivered. They use technological advancement to scale, increase efficiency and reach.

Currently, Spherule Foundation is empanelled with TISS (Tata institute of Social Sciences) and working to deliver sustainable solutions and projects.

They are also certified by SGS, an international inspection agency that works all over the world in the field of improving quality and productivity, reducing risk, verifying compliance.

Spherule foundation has some in-house products

  • InstaShala– A cloud based platform for delivering Digital and Quality education to underprivileged children.
  • Stri Sanitary Napkins– NGO has its own Biodegradable premium sanitary napkins at an affordable cost more than 2000 women make their livelihood by selling these Napkins.
  • MoonTime – An illustrative book for Adolescent on Puberty and Menstrual health and hygiene. This book has a readership of 100,000+ and the community is growing.
  • Pie in the Sky– A short film on breaking the taboos related to Menstrual health and hygiene. This film has been screened in many film festivals and has received many national and international film festival awards. Also now it’s used by many NGOs and schools for Educating people and spreading awareness.

Guiding Words

Dr Geeta is Pragmatic who believes in a clean, healthy and just environment that gives equal opportunities to all. Replying as advice to the young professionals, Dr Geeta instructs them to be patient listeners and active observers.

She Quotes “Always focus on the root cause of any social issue and try to solve that root cause with this approach we will solve multiple issues together. Today we need Social Innovators, Social Scientists, Social Investors and Social Entrepreneurs, charity alone cannot solve the problems, if that would have been the case we would have at least solved one problem of hunger. So much charity and efforts are put to end hunger but still the problem remains the same. Unless people with new ideas and innovation come forward and consider social projects as critical as a mission Mars project, we cannot solve these problems.”

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