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Madhusudhan Reddy , Co-founder & Director, Keshavan Belagod , Co-founder & Director , Manirangan, Co-founder & Director, Swift Solution | Insights Success

What happens when friends meet a powerful personality, get influenced and decide to brainstorm? Ideas fly, entrepreneurial skills kick-in, night outs are spent discussing a business plan, opportunity and the market potential, competitive scenario, financial projections and details of the management of the company, and more.
But entrepreneurship doesn’t come easy. Some succeed the first time but for some, it’s a work in progress and a continuous journey with shifting goal post of excellence.
From Friends to Partners                                                         
Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. started as a culmination point of all the discussions into the start of the entrepreneurial journey on which the founders Keshavan Belagod, Madhusudhan Reddy and Manirangan embarked.
This was the year 2001-2003 during the dot-com bust which saw them caught in a wrong time but they were bubbling, enthusiastic and willing to crash land. The first few years were very tough and saw a few core members switching back to their comfort zone. The rest of them faced the hurdles and growth challenges together encouraged by the spirit of adventure and chasing a dream of being recognized.
Today, Swift Solution stands tall in the industry and is considered a pioneer. It was way ahead of its time in bringing the cutting-edge eLearning solutions and products, thus carving its niche in the sunrise sector of technology. After more than a decade in business, the founders see a robust need for the e-learning services in India, especially in multilingual format.
Learning Solutions
Swift has always been a focused eLearning content development company investing its time and resources to better its content development strategies. It offers customized content development services across various domains and verticals. It also offers immersive and interacting VR and AR content with AI capabilities. Apart from its business abroad, it has always focused on Indian customer who is price and value conscious.
Creating a Difference
The company believes that personalisation is the key and that the content delivered should meet the organisation goal and the individual goal of continuous value addition for efficient performance on the job. Dealing with people with a range of emotions and motivation, the key points it considers while developing content are:

  • The content must be built with the context in mind. It should tightly align with the learning objective of the target segment.
  • It should be short, interesting nuggets with precisely targeting learner’s need.
  • It should relieve the learner from the drudgery of information bombardment and make the learning experience immersive, motivating, compelling and one of great satisfaction.
  • It should be integrated with targeted assessment strategies.

Finally, what also matters is the way content is delivered, assessed and analyzed. . The customised learning Eco space tools like LMS, Microlearning platform, Knowledge sharing platforms, etc. should be judiciously implemented for Just in time, compulsory, continuous and need based learning.
Implementing Technology
In an endeavor to remain relevant in the e-learning industry, use of technology is inevitable. Swift Solution, to do the same:

  • Has started using a lot of AR/VR technologies using AI capabilities to make learning more immersive and impactful;
  • Is using platforms like ‘WhatsApp’ as a component for continuous learning;
  • The popular offering includes Microlearning, especially with interactive videos;
  • Developing open source applications for effective mobile learning;
  • Using the latest eLearning publishing tools to create interactive content.

Advising the Startups
The founders feel that the current vibrant start-up culture is a boon to India’s emerging economy. Their advice is, “There is no better time to start -up, if you have a disruptive idea or something which makes life easier for people, then trust your instincts and jump -in. Do not procrastinate as your ideas will have an expiry and will only remain in your mind.” Having a great team with diverse and complementary skills, an exit strategy if things don’t work out and using the money wisely should be the priority.
It also mentors’ individuals in their startup journey especially in the domain of training and development
To create a positive impact on society through work, it also supports free of cost to several NGOs, one of them is the Mysore Spastic society.
Planning Ahead
Swift is investing in research and development of aligning the low-cost delivery channels in AR/VR for affordable learning. A ready-to-use content of soft skills and compliance training is on the anvil in multi-language formats so that the client can adapt instantly with a little customization to suit their needs. Integration of Data Analytics into need-based learning and performance linked learning is going on. Overall, it is investing its minds and people to better its customer experiences with the latest technologies and be future ready.

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