Agarwal Estates: Gaining Market Trust with Transparent Real Estate Services

Real Estate Industry is synonymous with distrust. Consumers do not trust it, and working professional do not see it as a good career choice.

Agarwal Estates want to “Redefine” the “Trust” in real estate services market in India by investing in professional process management including world class documentation practices, standardisation, checklist and processes which are unheard in the industry. Manoj Agarwal, Managing Director of Agarwal Estates, with his rich experience in PMP, ITIL and Six sigma have helped tremendously in ushering the changes; and incorporated his learnings and experiences in buiding a robust system that can function seamlessly.

The company further wants to be transparent and share all the information with their custonmers to empower them with enough information to make informed decisions.

A Journey from Criticism to Appreciation

 People usually do not trust the real estate industry due to lack of transparency and rampant corruption, and this initially acted as a hurdle for Agarwal Estates. In addition, constant criticism by peers for adhering to a transparent business model and sluggish growth for valuing ethics over business – made the initial journey bit difficult.

But Agarwal Estates persisted; and their efforts and steadfast focus on ethics helped them build a steady and loyal clientele. They managed to grow in all verticals: Home Loan (crores saved), Interiors (over 100 homes done), Managing 230+ properties and Real Estate Investments. Agarwal Estates was provided an unheard rating of 4.8 from their customers in Facebook, awarded the Best Performer by Alchemy and rated as “25 Most Promising Real Estate Consultants 2015” and in 2016 by Consultant Review, India’s leading Consulting magazine. They are CRISIL verified and listed among the “10 Most Valuable Real Estate Solutions Provider Companies” by leading magazines like Consultant Review and Insights Success.

Manoj Bringing the Change in Real Estate Industry

 Prior to becoming the Managing Director and Promoter of the company, Manoj Agarwal worked with top IT MNCs across the world.  Throughout his extensive career, Manoj’s focus was on implementing processes, service delivery and standardisation of methodologies in IT services globally.

Agarwal Estates has introduced the hitherto rare and unheard end-to-end solutions for the real estates services customers – a definite first for the real estate industry. They also applied the benchmarks of IT recruitment in choosing a team for Agarwal Estates. The core team comprises of domain specialists with widespread cross-domain exposure and expertise. The workforce is skilled, talented and experienced.

Agarwal Estates spent almost zero budget on advertising, but word of mouth and support of existing customers pushed them forward.

Transparency is the Core Value of Agarwal Estates 

Agarwal Estates’ core value is Transparency, and the organization is totally transparent in their dealings. It provides world class services to the customers just like the major organizations do and invests in professional process management.

Agarwal Estates offer one stop, all solutions for real estate services. Over the years, Agarwal Estates has delivered quality services in the areas of real estate investment, property and tenant management, home loans, home interiors, amongst others.

The KEY is to Empower the Customers

Being a transparent organization, Agarwal Estates empower their customers through their Customer Awareness Program. The company staunchly believe in the concept of KEY, which denotes ‘Knowledge Empowers You’. They endeavour to make this a DNA of the company, and provide their customers with all the relevant information to assist them in choosing properties, saving time and money.

Manoj has utilized his extensive experience in process implementation, service delivery and standard methodologies to suit the requirements of real estate  services market in India. The company has simplified the complex process, and made it seamless and easy for their customers. This has helped them in delivering high quality services – on time – and also enabled them to successfully launch the concept of ‘All we need is your autograph’.

 Sharing the Experience Manoj has Gained

Manoj’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to “never give up your dreams, and dream big. Every risk you take will  turn into an opportunity, and every failure will lay the foundation for a roaring success. Your efforts, passion and belief will help you tread ahead even in the darkest of the time. Never ever do anything unethical and compromise on your values”.

“And always remember there will be thousands to discourage you and paint a picture of dismal future, but there will be few who will always encourage and support you – so keep your well-wishers near,” he adds.

Source :-The 20 Pathbreaking Brands to Watch in 2018