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It’s hard to imagine going hours without using any sort of common technology in the course of our daily lives, but that’s exactly what happens in many learning sectors. While education technology has grown as a field over the past few years, many organizations struggle with adopting new technology. Seeing this, Aurelius Corporate Solutions came with its main line of business being a Knowledge Solutions Integrator (KSI) offering Consultative Learning Solutions across 40+ domains ranging from IT and Non IT across 30 Countries. These are customized end-to-end in nature and are tailored made, to fit exactly into the client’s requirements.
Aurelius was incorporated in the year 2009 with its Registered Office in New Delhi. The company has its Head Office in Noida and Branch Office in Bangalore and Pune. Today, Aurelius is engaged with 500+ top of the line corporate nationally and internationally and adding more customers, 40 plus domains, newer technologies as the need for customized end to end CLS is immense.
Aurelius’s New, Agile and Hybrid Approach towards Learning
What makes Aurelius stand out is their approach to the market which is brand new, vibrant agile and new age hybrid, this creates enormous challenges for them and also generates tons of learning and experience archives for the company which is IPR in a way.
Influential Leader of Aurelius
Sumit Peer is Founder & CEO of Aurelius Corporate Solutions. Sumit brings over 19 years of experience and holds an expertise in high end technology sales. With over 10 years plus of international work experience in US, Singapore and Europe, he holds a post-graduation in sales, marketing & advertising management and general management from the University of Cornell USA (Ivy League).
Sumit has sheer domain expertise and impeccable record in system sales of Satellite/Telecom products and Infrastructure projects, experience of P&L handing ranges to multi million dollars and team size of hundreds across nationalities and cultures, which includes travel to 60 plus countries for business multiple times. This has and will further help Aurelius to be competent enough in today’s world.
Aurelius Compete with OEMs
According to Aurelius, they are not a typical traditional training company rather a new age Knowledge Solutions Integrator where they solve business needs and fill the gap in the marketplace. Their approach to a learning solution is entirely different from that of a typical trainings company hence Aurelius doesn’t really compete with them. 90 percent of the times, Aurelius ends up competing with the OEMs only. Though that does not limit the company as OEMs have their own focus areas and preferences business wise; learning solutions is not what they want to do principally.
Key Values that Helped Overcome the Challenges
Aurelius believes in developing its linkages with its customers, based on shared trust and confidence, backed by highest standards of service to ensure delivery of effective and specially designed solutions in a time-bound and effective manner. They believe in the dictum that “Together We Can and We Will” and this continues to be the beacon light.
Innovation by Aurelius, Highly Acclaimed and Accepted by the Industry
To showcase one such innovation, Aurelius helped TCS with HighJump Warehouse Advantage (HJWA). Though TCS has a large market share in the domain of supply chain management and warehouse management, TCS was facing fierce competition in this segment. Thus, TCS decided to endorse HJWA system which was a highly effective management system but to implement the system effectively, TCS required skilled professionals.
Aurelius conducted an entire training program which was customized up-to level 3 and above, with the aim of providing a combination of theory and hands-on-expertise to make the team in TCS industry ready and efficient. The training was delivered in real-time with classroom sessions including practical hands-on lab classes and extensive query and doubt clearing sessions. Post the training session, the team in TCS was empowered to effectively implement High Jump Warehouse for globalized and diversified manufacturing and supply chain elements. TCS has retained its position in the market of supply chain and warehouse management with increased efficiency and effectiveness.
Solving Every Business Needs of Client
Aurelius’ business model is extremely transparent, their learning solutions have a direct return on investment and a great ‘Internal rate of return’ on every penny spent for customers.
Clients are benefited as Aurelius helps in solving business needs around technology and its implementation, irrespective of the domains or types of businesses. The company has worked with multiple customers in the learning industry and developed acceptability within many segments.
Emerged Success with Ideal KSI
ACS is a first of its kind KSI knowledge solutions integrator, to derive maximum mileage and IRR within minimum set of things. There is a huge challenge and struggle as the technology market is governed and controlled by OEM’s who by design are not learning companies, their job is to sell their bundled hardware and software and move the technology life cycles faster.
There were no structured approach present to solve that problem, and hence, the need of the hour was a hybrid between a traditional training company and an IT Company /integrator which will address this need globally for all business irrespective of their size and budget to spend. This can be G2000, SME, INSTITUTIONS or corporate and professionals as well. With great research, the company found it was an enormous market but needed different approach so Aurelius fulfilled this gap and flagged the success.
Enlightening Budding Entrepreneur
We all have dreams and ambitions and capability as well the only challenge is to have that will. If you have a dream no amount of possession and emotion will help it, what will help is Pure Action. This is a simple three set process, get that will; choose the right time; and get started.
Future Vision
Aurelius wants to implement their knowledge solutions integration globally; create huge value by solving problems of all kinds of technological complexities and the overall humanity across demographics, cultures and geographies.
Source :-The 20 Pathbreaking Brands to Watch in 2018

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