Akshar Peerbhoy: A Visionary and Creative Mind of Advertising Vertical

Akshar Peerbhoy
Akshar Peerbhoy

The advertising industry in India has evolved immensely in recent years from being a small-scale industry to a full-fledged industry.  Indian advertising industry is expected to be the second fastest growing advertising market in Asia succeeding China. It has been predicted that by 2018, the share of ad expenditure in India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be around 0.45 percent.
Akshar Peerbhoy is the Chief Operating Officer of Bangalore based MAA Communications, which is a growing company of the advertising industry in India. Founded by Adman Ayaz Peerbhoy, the legendary business tycoon of India, this prestigious company has nearly 60-year old legacy which has established itself as a leader in innovation in the advertising industry. The dynamic leadership of the company work on defining, aligning and realigning the vision of the company in sync with the dynamics of the industry. Akshar has given a new height to the illustrious journey of the company with his innovative style of management and tactics.
 Inspirational Elements in Akshar’s Success
Akshar Peerbhoy is the third generation heir to the last remaining privately held advertising agency in India, with close to six decades of existence, excellence and rich legacy. He was inspired by the fact that his grandfather was considered to be one of the founding fathers of Indian advertising industry, the fact that his father is considered to be one of the most powerful forces in the industry today.
“I’m privileged to have access to such a wealth of it…all I have to do is keep tweaking and leveraging it to scale new heights. Also, the amount of goodwill that our agency commands in the market is nothing short of inspiring – and addictive. It keeps me craving for more.” Akshar reflects.
Surpassing the Challenges with Winning Attitude
Challenges are nothing but indicators of the need for change. It is part of the MAA culture to view challenges not as problems but as questions that inevitably lead them towards solutions. So it’s about not just defining what the problem is, but about identifying what’s causing it – and simply fixing that. Even if there are seemingly unsolvable challenges, there’s usually a way out. For instance, there’s not much one can do to make a customer pay more money if they’re working on tight budgets – but the way out? In such situations, the team look for more cost-effective solutions like blending.
Visionary leader with Excellent Management Skills
A connoisseur of Steve Job’s philosophy, Akshar believes that the trademark trait of a successful leader is innovation, the ability to be a visionary and see the goal when others are struggling with the here and now. A leader should be able to look beyond the now, to leverage the now to get where he/ she wants to be in the future. Such a vision helps whole team to focus on achieving that goal, and making it a reality.
Services Offered by the Company
Advertising is the foundation of the company and it’s all about reaching the right customers at the right time using the right channel. The best part of being an inclusive marketing communication service provider is that we can make the customer experience entirely seamless, thus upping engagement and conversion rates.
MAA Communications provide end-to-end solutions ranging from social media marketing to web marketing, SEO and SEM.
The company also delivers all forms of video, ranging from motion graphics to full-fledged TV commercials.
Last but not the least, the company helps in promotion and marketing through events, tradeshows, road shows, lead generation, lead development, lead management, database management, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, direct mailers– pretty much every form, channel and platform of marketing that facilitates a direct customer response.
Distinctive Factors of the Company
The company provide end-to-end communication solutions. Today, MAA communication is a total communication solutions provider powered by excellence in creativity, strategy and market intelligence. The insightful and innovative marketing strategies help build and establish compelling brand identities that have a deep connection with consumers, thus ensuring sustained organic growth and continued customer trust.
Since its inception, the company has been transforming and realigning with the changing mediascape, which resulted in making it one of the leading innovative communication companies in India.
Future Prospect
With MAA #Oneplay, the company has successfully steered the agency into the future of marketing, or what they call the #NewWave of marketing. MAA #Oneplay exemplifies the core values of the MAA brand while simultaneously leveraging cutting-edge, modern marketing strategies that revolutionize branding and advertising. #Oneplay is about providing best-in-class quality, seamless solutions to the customers, solutions that are powered by the team’s unrelenting commitment to exceed stakeholder expectations in every step of the way.
In a nutshell, #Oneplay delivers the promise of One Team, working towards One Goal, with One Unified Vision. It’s all about one company offering you every communication solution under the sun – you don’t need to look any further for more!

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