Anil Nagpal: A Humble Trailblazer who Reflects Firmness with Fairness

Anil Nagpal

Ace leaders always command leadership never demand leadership. Such leaders reflect humbleness and humility in almost all the circumstances. They never allow their ego to un-please anyone and always appreciate and rewards top performers of their organizations. They create a perception of fairness and equitable treatment among all the employees and exhibit respect for even junior sub-ordinates. Top leaders encourage their colleagues to gain new skills and always assist them in climbing success ladder. They reflect firmness but with fairness. One such leader that has proved his mettle with his top notch leadership traits is Anil Nagpal, Chairman & MD, Argyle HR Solutions.
An MBA graduate from ICFAI, Anil has a proficiency in business development and carries a vast corporate experience where he has worked for various notable companies. Sixteen years of diverse experience into direct sales assists him in garnering new clients all the time which Anil considers as his biggest strength.  His astuteness and diligence led him to win the prestigious “Indian Achievers Award.”
Care for Co-Workers
Anil believes leading by example is the best form of leading and motivating a team. He feels blessed by having a team of adept professionals on board who equally contributed in the success of his organization along with the facilitators who are also a pillar of strength for Argyle.  One vital reason behind the stupendous success of Anil is his involvement with all the stakeholders. He always tries to help all the stakeholders involved in the business process by extending extra support in the difficult times whenever his colleagues got stuck with some roadblocks. He even ensures that all the stake holders and team members receive their payments on time as he believes that it is a very important factor for a successful start-up business. “Nobody will care, how much you know, until they know, how much you care” asserts Anil.
About the Company
Incepted in 2008, Argyle HR Solution has built a strong reputation in less than a decade under the leadership of Anil. The company is known for its cutting-edge skill development programs in soft skills, IT skills & spoken English language skills. It is a corporate training company that provides top-notch training by keeping international standards in mind. It provides Soft Skills training, Finance training, Quality control in manufacturing training, Software training, English language & PD training, Voice & Accent training, and PoSH training as well.
Among all these training modules, their English training program is very prominent in the industry. They have a tie-up with University of Cambridge, London for English Training module & Cambridge Certification of School students in India and abroad. This collaboration opens the doors of trainee’s dreams to clear IELTS & TOEFL to go abroad for higher education and job assignments. Argyle also conducts training for college students in Cambridge English & nurture interview skills among them in order to make them employable.
In their recruitment division, Argyle offers head hunting services for senior and middle management levels as well.
“Argyle has done exceeding well in last 7 years in the B2B segment. Now with Cambridge English programs we have decided to go in a big way in the B2C segment as well where, English is an important language and is being ignored at school level and beyond too” asserts Anil.
They have now decided to launch 100 more franchise institutes all over India in the next two years. The company believes there is a huge potential in other countries too such as Africa, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Arabic Countries, China, Japan and many more to expand its business footprint further.
Uniqueness of Argyle and Anil’s Passion
Since inception, the company has come a long way and has done exceedingly well in the past seven years.  Their approach has always been to keep update themselves and provides innovative techniques which encourage interactive, productive, and experimental learning.
Anil’s biggest passion is providing training to the aspirants. This passion reflects in their training modules which holistically focused on quality. Their training programs are highly engaging making it experiential learning where they use amalgamation of various methodologies for imparting training. Besides quality of training delivery, Argyle offers a wide network of more than 350 hand-picked experienced trainers at PAN India level which makes their training programs highly appealing and sought-after.
Focused Approach & Father’s EQ skills played a Pivotal Role in His Success
Anil receives a lot of inspiration from his parents.  After seeing an initial bitter &struggled life, he learnt that hard work with focused approach is the only way for a sure-shot success.
His father also played a pivotal role in shaping his personality who was known for developing good relations with people. His father’s high EQ motivated him to do something big which can impact the society at a large. He gives big credit to his father from whom he instill the vital EQ skills which assisted him to develop a robust client base and to subsequently train large number of people to succeed in their life.
Valuable Piece of Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs
“My suggestion to the younger generation is that they should reflect patience and keep trust in their seniors. They should understand that there are NO shortcuts for success. If they wish to succeed, they have to chase and focus more on personal development and relationships. Give devotion on growth, wealth will follow automatically. If they will only chase wealth, they will be spoiling their work-life balance and may land up in rough weather soon” asserts Anil.
Source :-The 30 Most Powerful Men in Business

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