Dr. C. Mathiazhagan: A Zealous and a Passionate Entrepreneur with a Robust Vision

Dr. C. Mathiazhagan

Dr. C. Mathiazhagan, Founder & CEO of Hi-Tech Company Software Solutions is a passionate technocrat and holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1995); India, Master’s Degree in Laser and Electro Optical Engineering from College of Engineering, Anna University, Guindy, Chennai, (1987) and a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai (1984).
Dr. C. Mathiazhagan first tryst with Japan came during his doctoral work in Japan University (Tokyo Institute of Technology and Nagaoka Institute of Technology) under the fellowship of Indo – Japan (Monbusho) scholarship. He was selected in Nation-wide competition for this fellowship offered by Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), New Delhi.
Dr. C. Mathiazhagan started his career as professor in the field of Mechanical Engineering, and later developed his skill towards software development and started HTSS to provide solutions in the areas of 2D/ 3D/ 4D CAD, ERP, e-publication, Mobile Technology, Virtual Reality, Energy Engineering and cutting edge technologies.
Dr. C. Mathiazhagan is a Senate member and advisor for some of the Universities in India. He guided many students for their Bachelor, Master’s Degree Dissertation thesis projects since 1995. He has published several papers in international journals and conferences. He is a scholar in Japanese language studies, running a Japanese school and served as the visiting professor to Anna University (both CEG & MIT), Guindy for the Japanese language teaching to the first year graduate students.
Promising Services of Hi-Tech Company Software Solutions
Engineering Services: HTSS is very strong in customizing the CAD packages like AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Design Reviewand other Autodesk products.
BIM Customization pertaining to Construction industries: BIM (Building Information Modeling) is breaking down barriers and bridging communication between extended design and construction teams, providing consistent and reliable information across the scope of a project. An information based model for your architectural design or interior design project based on drafts, drawings and sketches, in order to communicate the design intent and information to all involved in the design process.
ERP Solutions: ERP is principally an integration of business management practices and modern technology. They have ample experience in integrating information technology with the core business processes of a corporate house to streamline and accomplish specific business objectives.
Web development / Cloud Application development: The interactive and innovative websites can empower a business in a large scale. Using the latest technologies in Web designing and innovative work force, they provide rich and fitting web solutions to your needs.
An Inspirational Element of Dr. Mathiazhagan
The technology change is very fast. The emerging technology is also not surviving for more than 2 to 3 years. This is a challenging one for the entrepreneurs to keep them alive always. The most inspirational element is the willingness of the employees in learning the new technologies, decoding the client mind looking for the various emerging technology and thorough implementation up to their satisfaction. At last the smiling “thanks” note from the client is the most inspirational element driving us ahead.
A Unique take of Hi-Tech Company Software Solutions
The company is known for their strong and committed leadership team, HTSSprovide valuable partnership with their clients with best-in-class resources and infrastructure. They dispense secure, scalable and flexible Cutting-Edge Business solutions along with community-wide knowledge management. HTSS provides clients with the best IT services value in the industry, delivering “tier-one” service quality at a “tier-two” cost to enable clients to gain competitive advantage while enhancing the value of their business.
To offer exceptional value to their customers, HTSS always have the hunger and energy to update themselves with the latest cutting edge technologies like Virtual Reality, Cloud Solutions, and Big Data Analytics etc. HTSS strongly believes that their business must keep pace with the speed of thought and they always ‘think beyond future’
A True Definition of Successful Leader
Successful Leaders is Self Belivers, “Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices and everything is possible”, Dr. Mathiazhagan asserted. 
Success of a Business, “The essence of success in business, I believe, is the intangible quality that means having integrity no matter what the situation? Win or loss? not being afraid to take risks, and your ability to bounce back after tremendous setbacks”.
Exploring/discovering are regular habits of many successful leaders. They read many blogs and real time stories. And they constantly dig for more information. Once they discover something, they are happy to share it with the team. They bring us products that may happen in future or provide a new perspective on something that already exists.
Future Footsteps
HTSS has come a long way in 20 years. From a startup to a well-established software services company, HTSS’s growth was steady and focused. HTSS is planning to increase the clientele list and expanding the skill sets in to the latest technologies. Apart from that, HTSS is moving towards getting itself listed as a public limited company in the near future.
Significant Advice by Dr. C. Mathiazhagan

Effective Leaders are great thinkers. They generate ideas based on their surroundings. They cross pollinate ideas. They are constantly learning and thinking and sharing.
“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.”
“Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.”
Perhaps the most difficult thing to do as an entrepreneur is to own up that your startup is going nowhere. It might be the bravest thing to do as well. Founders fall so deeply in love with their idea that they refuse to believe any outside perspective. Often this leads to many wasted hours, resources and eventually, founders suffer from bouts of depression. Hence, the mantra the Young generation should know ‘Learn Lessons from the experienced how to tackle the worst situation, their experiences are valuable asset.”
Source :-The 30 Most Powerful Men in Business

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