Amit Singh: Bringing VR to the Architectural Community

Amit Singh

The architecture community often faces a problem in learning and visualizing architectural structures. It is not always possible to physically visit the heritage sites due to the lack of financial resources and other challenges. With this issue in mind, a young entrepreneur Mr. Amit Singh has developed a Virtual Reality platform that caters to the problems faced by the architectural community.
Amit Singh, is the CEO and Co-Founder of OutsiteVR, he is the pioneer in integrating Virtual Reality in Architecture Design & Education. Having completed his bachelor’s degree in Architecture from IIT Roorkee, he has a valuable firsthand experience in architecture. Being always on the top of his game, he has won many awards, a first prize at MIT Bootcamp at Brisbane, Australia being one of the many. He has been featured amongst world’s TOP- 100 global Innovators by Massachusetts Institute of Technology & represented India on this prestigious global innovation platform in 2018.
Amit is a key TEDx Speaker. Likewise he has been featured amongst India’s TOP-24 Innovative Entrepreneurs on CNBC & CNN TV in December, 2017.
OutsiteVR: Shaping Architecture with Virtual Reality
Founded by IIT Roorkee Alumni, OutsiteVR is the world’s first Virtual Reality Experiential Learning Platform for Architecture Community. OutsiteVR allows students, faculty and professionals to gain a fully immersive VR content experience of contemporary, historical & touristic buildings. The company established VR technique which is now making a remarkable change in the architectural design and education community; making it simpler and better to comprehend.
The company is working with the eminent industry professionals to showcase their art, design, and heritage and travel experiences in virtual reality using OutsiteVR platform. Headquartered at Gurugram, this company also operates in countries including UK & Australia.
It is the only platform which is exclusively designed for students, professors, architects, builders and art lovers. OutsiteVR has opened the doors for people to access the best kind of education by blending together the best of the real world, the best of the study material, and the best of the virtual world technology so that the modern techniques can be utilized to obtain education effectively.
Every Great Dream Begins with Courage
Journeying from an architecture student to the Virtual Reality enthusiast, Amit has integrated virtual reality in architecture education system to transform learning process into more pragmatic and interactive experience. The zeal and enthusiasm which Amit possesses has always helped him promote his passion to merge the physical & virtual world to create a more humanized experience for users. His passion has motivated his team to achieve huge success that too in very shorter time.
Amit loves experimenting with the new technologies and strongly believes in making them accessible to the students, irrespective of their financial limits. With this in mind, he has previously launched “VR Paathshala” which is India’s first VR classroom program for underprivileged kids in rural areas of India. In VR Paathshala, students from villages interact in real scale experiences in Virtual Reality. This experiential learning format has exponentially enhanced the human retention power and motivated them to learn further.
In order to achieve the same goal envisioned by the company all team members have to be
synced and equally passionate about company’s goal, as the founder and leader this is very well accomplished by Amit.
Insight into the Bright Future of OutsiteVR
The company OutsideVR is planning on becoming the one stop destination for immersive VR experiences of art, architecture, and travel in the world. The company believes that in the future one will be able to virtually visit any place, just sitting at their comfort zone. Empowering its users with VR technology is the goal the company works hard towards achieving. With this mission, it is creating user controlled Virtual Reality experience, which is unique, immersive and far more interactive. India will soon be able to experience mixed reality, thanks to OutsiteVR.
Proficient guidance for Budding Startups and Entrepreneurs
Encouraging nascent entrepreneurs Amit says, “To make a successful company a person requires a challenge that needs to be addressed, a vision to transform lives by your service, focus and perseverance towards your goal. Trust, passion and a sustainable business model is also needed to become an ace entrepreneur.
Becoming a successful leader who is humble and passionate about his goal, Amit always stands by his values that help him inspire his team towards success. He believes leadership is to empower others, to educate and to be a humble student throughout. As a leader he considers it his responsibility to make others around him leaders, so that maximum potential of his team can be harnessed.
Speaking to the new and bright minds who wish to start a business he says, “Enter into the startup world only when you are sure you will work ten times more than that of your 9-5 job, moreover make sure people are ready to pay for your service, and always pay heed to the customers feedback”

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