Amit Saraff – A Zealous Leader on a Quest for Success

Amit Saraff
Amit Saraff

Successful business leaders are characterized by commitment and dedication. They have an indomitable will and an unrelenting desire to overcome all the obstacles to accomplish their objectives. They are resilient to defeat and have a strong belief and clarity of the mission and vision of the company. A successful leader can lead a business towards success, growth, and prosperity.
One such resolute leader is Amit Saraff, the Managing Director of Smartshore Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. He is directly responsible for the new business expansion and client servicing for all Smartshore clients in countries like USA, Singapore, Dubai, and India. In addition, he is indirectly responsible for all the support functions like finance, HR, procurement, and so on. His role as a leader of the organization includes setting the strategic vision for the organization, reinforcing the company values, and expansion to new geographies and service lines.
Incorporating Challenges with Company Objectives
Amit states that every person in Smartshore has well defined goals at the beginning of the year which keeps all of them focused. The goals are divided into daily targets which they really strive to meet. He feels that it is much easier to meet daily targets then trying to meet a gigantic yearly goal. They prepare daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual metrics to keep themselves posted on their progress against the goals. He further states that the daily challenges are viewed as building blocks for the goals and are handled with a smile in the organization, without them there will be no fun in achieving the goals.
An Industrious Leader Driven by Inspiration
Amit and his team of industrious professionals get inspired by their achievements. Under his leadership, the company strives to be the best in class boutique services firm for the software development in banking and financial services space. They started in 2008 and have finished 10 years of their journey in the space of information technology. They look forward to their presence expanding to other countries and various technologies in years to come.
Spearheading the Service Industry
Smartshore specializes in financial services industry and counts some of the largest Wall Street institutions as their main customers. They offer services in software development and maintenance, knowledge process outsourcing, and IT infrastructure management. Smartshore as a team are getting increasingly more focused on the latest technology platforms like robotic process automation (blue prism, automation anywhere, UI path etc) and block chain (smart contracts, ethereum etc).
The company’s core area of expertise is in the banking and financial services industry. With highly experienced management, flexible approach, and deployment of latest technologies, they have emerged as a strong competitor in the IT services space for the financial institutions. Their clients are very appreciative of their pragmatic approach to quality and timely delivery which gets them the maximum value of every dollar they spend with the company.
Providing Unmatched Support Focused on Financial, IT, and Outsourcing Services
Being a 500 people strong company with ample room to grow, Smartshore provides an extremely competitive offering and right element of customer service. Unlike the large companies that fritters away massive amount of critical time with futile formalities, Smartshore responds quickly with a simpler approval process, devoid of superfluous management levels. As a cherry on top, the company’s cost is 25­30 percent cheaper than other players in the space.
The company has a widespread global footprint in U.S, India, and Singapore. This allows the clients to work with Smartshore seamlessly across all geographies, almost as capable as world’s largest outsourcing enterprises. Likewise, in IT infrastructure services space, the company stands apart with similar global delivery model with a strong 24/7 infrastructure support. The company also adds tremendous value as a BPO provider to various India based companies. Smartshore combines offshore expertise with an efficient and scalable service delivery model that follows stringent security policies and quality processes.
Essential Ingredients for a Successful Company
Amit states that in order to emerge as a successful establishment, a company has to establish and maintain a strong employee friendly company culture. The company should practice, promote, and support excellent customer service. Moreover, Amit says that a company should maintain honesty and transparency in operations in order to maintain success and growth in the long run.
Marching Ahead Steadily
Under the insightful leadership of Amit Saraff, the company aims to expand into newer geographies and build strong delivery practices in latest technologies like robotic process automation and block chain. However, they want to scale themselves with agility so that their customer base keeps increasing and they continue to fill a void of niche experts in the banking industry. 
Advice for Emerging Business Leaders
Amit advices up-and-coming business leaders to differentiate themselves in this highly competitive space, as the older technologies keep getting obsolete. The investment in newer technologies should be actively done to ensure rapid growth of the organization. He also recommends them to find a mentor if possible who can guide them through the journey of starting a company to growing it into a large organization.
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