Subrat Parida: A Passionate Leader Delivering Best Business Solutions in the Field of AI

Subrat Parida
Subrat Parida

An organization aims toward spreading its business over the globe while satisfying its client’s expectations. Every organization holds a pyramid which consists of various roles and responsibilities. One such position which stands at the top of this pyramid is that of the CEO. The CEO helps to make big transformations by delivering his or her significance, modeling the desired changes, building a strong team and taking essential financial stands.
One such CEO, who is very dynamic and is successfully spearheading his business in the Artificial Intelligence roost, is Subrat Parida, CEO & Founder of, which is India’s first AI innovation hub for sales & support. After Subrat’s two successful startups in a row, he introduced Racetrack in the market which is heating up the AI field. He is a very keen and dynamic leader who not only focuses on ensuring a motivated ambience & lively work culture, but also focuses on customer satisfaction and customer enablement and thus making him as one of the successful businessmen of the era.
Being the head-honcho of the company, he ensures all the goals and milestones are being achieved within a predefined time-frame to provide best quality results to his customers. His dedication and consistence towards his work reflects when he asserted, “During spare times, I can be found brainstorming with my team members about how to take Racetrack to a global level in the field of AI.”
About the Leading Company is the first AI innovation hub for sales and support whose clients belong to diverse industries like Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, BFSI, Real Estate and more. It has proved to be a prominent B2B2C organization in India which holds two major AI products, namely, MARVIN TM & TURINGTM. The company specializes in revolutionizing sales & support by helping clients to be more flexible, achieving their business targets, expanding operations, enhancing brand experience, shortening sales cycles, and boosting cross-sale & up-sale, which offers competitive advantages to its customers. The company also serves its customers more efficiently and effectively and generates incremental revenue for the organization.
Subrat’s Thoughts on a Successful Leader and Organization
While taking his view on how to develop a successful organization, Subrat asserts, “The factors which play a vital role in achieving success are Teamwork, Predefined Planning, Effective Strategy Planning, Timeline Defined Goals, an Uplifting Work Culture, and an Impeccable Vision.
Leaders have a definition for success which assists them throughout their journey.  Likewise, Subrat believes that in order to achieve success, a leader should be capable of taking calculated amount of risks, sense all the hidden pros and cons, and should have a clear understanding of market dynamics.
Speaking on what makes unique, he said, “Our strong conviction, clear focus, cravings for innovation, and constant dedication differentiates us from others in this field.”
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Subrat refers his team as a ‘talent pool’ which comprises of excellent minds from the different verticals that make the organization’s work culture versatile and flexible. He and his team are highly focused, persistent, innovative, inspired, and cumulative, making them the pioneer in the field of AI in India. A strong strategy behind the uniqueness of his team is that they compete with themselves and thrive hard to surpass their client’s expectations.
Subrat’s effective leadership makes his team capable to think loudly and differently to deliver pragmatic solutions to the clients in varied fields like technology or marketing, branding or development, and QA or UI/UX.  His core team members work in synchronization with each other which assists the organization to keep its zeal, enthusiasm and curiosity on the peak.
Subrat’s Inspirational Source
One can always learn from his past experiences and Subrat too believes in learning from the past. On asking him about his driving force, he stated, “Indians have a glorious history of innovations in the field of Science and Mathematics since ages. We taught the world to count. Having such a past is itself a source of inspiration and keeps driving me and my team to innovate, do the undone, and to achieve what others think is impossible to do.” He believes that leaders with a strong conviction, compassion towards the workforce, respect for the co-workers and a sense of responsibility and ownership accomplish their goals faster among their peers. has rolled up its sleeves to spread its business overseas and to place it as one of the most influential global leaders in the AI field. Under Subrat’s leadership, the company is looking forward to extend its operations over the globe and endeavoring to establish its product MARVINTM as the most effective Sales and Support Consultant across the globe.

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