Mohar V: Revolutionizing the World of Usability and Design

Mohar V

In today’s world, digital technology and strategy are disrupting businesses, wreaking havoc on well-established business models and shifting entire industries. Digital innovation relentlessly commoditizes and rewrites the rulebook for business. In many organizations, digital is a cacophony of disconnected, inconsistent and sometimes incompatible activities.
Organizations looking to generate revenue from digital technologies need a strategy that is more powerful than digital substitution. They need to create a digital edge, where digital information and physical resources combine in new ways to create value and revenue. Enterprises are seeking digital edge transform processes, business models, and the customer experience by exploiting the pervasive digital connections between systems, people, places, and things. Any company large or small, old or new can use this digital technology to create a winning edge for its business and perhaps, its industry.
Cognizant of this fact, Mohar V is leading TECHVED Consulting, a global Usability and Design hub, towards becoming the most trusted brand to provide UX solutions to digital products. At TECHVED they are equipped with exquisite research facilities, large databases and state-of-the-art usability labs to carry out User Research and provide UX solutions for their global clients.
Mohar V, a Business Evangelist, has 20+ years of experience spread across various business verticals as a UX/UI design thinker. At TECHVED Consulting, a thought leader, and UX design powerhouse, he brings this vast experience on the table as a Business Evangelist to multi-manage various disciplinary assignments on Digital Strategy & Business Innovation. His focus is to revolutionize Digital Product Experience by providing exceptional User Experience Design services.
He has an extensive experience in various aspects of enterprise in Digital Strategy, UX/UI Design and Technology Innovation. With an excellent Business & Digital Innovation Experience in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain domain, he also led the digital transformations within the organizations.
As the Business Evangelist & Digital Strategist at TECHVED Consulting, Mohar multi-manages various disciplinary assignments on Digital Strategy & Business Innovation. Under his expert guidance, TECHVED Consulting is globally been acclaimed as the Digital Strategy & Design Powerhouse with various International Design & Innovation Awards. He loves building exciting professional acquaintances and transform Digital Product Experiences. He ensures that at TECHVED they bring about innovative digital solutions for the clients and help them grow their business across geographies.
Inspiring Values
Helping our customers achieve success through our path-breaking services drives me to do better,” says Mohar. Breathing life into delightful and inventive designs with passion is TECHVED’s USP. And ensuring that this fire burns bright at our agency, as it has been for the past decade, keeps Mohar motivated to give his very best.
Innovative Services Driving TECHVED Forward
TECHVED Consulting has already established itself as a thought-leader in the UX domain across all of South-east Asia. They have been in this game longer than any other firm has and they are just getting started. Moreover, TECHVED is not only helping drive businesses but also believes in bringing the UX Community closer.
TECHVED delivers innovative solutions to its clients from various domains. Their User Experience Design platform offers a pleasant and happy experience for customers while they use Websites, Apps, Wearable tech, products or any services. The User Research and Evaluation platform help bring in clarity and help in planning the improvements that the clients need to ensure on the web interface. Optimizing websites and creating an experience, Conversion Rate Optimization platform helps their clients convert visitors to conversions. TECHVED Consulting helps their clients to shape their business’ digital future with cutting-edge technology.
The passion to bring phenomenal digital experiences to life at the company pushes Mohar to navigate the simplest of day-to-day challenges and helps him put his best foot forward every day to make sure the company achieves all its goals.
Expert Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs
Today’s Generation Z is looking for ways to find the shortest possible route to success. My advice would be to stay focused and put in honest work because there’s no substitute to hard work Lead from the front, always. Be passionate about your work and value those you work with,” says Mohar.
He also suggests a customer-centric approach. “Just like a UX Design needs to adopt a user-centric approach to be successful, a business needs to center its clients at its heart to achieve success. Listening to the clients’ requirements and then providing them innovative solutions will never fail to establish your brand as an exception in the market,” advice Mohar.
Future Roadmap
TECHVED plans to continue leading innovation in the field of UX for the years to come. They are integrating and equipping themselves with the latest in technology like AR, VR and Artificial Intelligence to constantly provide the clients with the best of digital experiences. Additionally, they are expanding themselves and making a global impact as they gear up to impart education for budding UXers across the globe.

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