Rahul Sahdev: An Invigorating Entrepreneur Delivering Path Breaking Telecom Solutions

Rahul Sahdev

The telecommunication industry in India is witnessing an unprecedented pace of growth over the last few years. The emergence of an affluent middle class is creating the increased demand for the mobile and internet segments. Driven by the increased non-voice revenues and higher penetration in the rural market, the telecommunication industry is poised to experience further growth. As the second-largest telecommunication market in the world, the sector has become a major contributor of the country’s GDP and employment growth. Adacell Technologies is one such prominent company which has evolved as a matured player in the telecommunication market.
An Ingenious mind
Rahul Sahdev is one such pragmatic leader who has been instrumental in taking Adacell to the new heights of success. As the CEO and Managing Director of the company, Rahul gives utmost importance on selecting an exceptional management team and developing a culture that will support success, innovation, and initiative. An MBA graduate from Sydney University, his strong business acumen in sales and business management has assisted him to deliver and drive the turnarounds of underperforming businesses. In a short span of four years, he has successfully managed to put the company on a steady trajectory of growth and high performance. His robust analysis, sharp strategic insights and unique operational experience, make him the ideal candidate to execute market-shaping entrepreneurial growth or swiftly turnaround underperforming businesses in either General Management, or CEO roles. His thorough understanding of financial market and the ability to apply capital market and economic frameworks gave him instant credibility with the Boards, CEOs and financial markets. Over the years, he has successfully managed various global services portfolio like operations and management, network planning and design, energy management, and infrastructure management.
The Inspiration which Enhances Productivity
Rahul is very passionate about his work. After working for some of the biggest telecom companies in India and overseas, he saw an opportunity to contribute in a unique way. That’s how the idea of venturing his own company was born as he wanted to develop unique solutions to cater the current state of the network in the country. He firmly believes building a robust network solution was the key to attain success in the telecom industry.
Attributes of a Successful Leader
Talking about the attributes of a leader, Rahul explains that a leader has to be honest with his employees as well as his esteemed clients as it assists the leader to perform his activities without any hitch. For a company to succeed, understanding the customer’s perspective along with having an eye of detail for every activity is the key to attain accomplishment.
Adacell Technologies
Adacell is a leading Infrastructure Services Company focused on telecom and power. It offers innovative solutions in providing network services to telecom operators, OEM’s, and tower companies. The company specializes in the areas of cellular network planning, operation & maintenance optimization, and project management on GSM, GPRS/EDGE, CDMA 3G-1X, CDMA EV-DO, WCDMA, and Wimax technologies. The company has a strong presence in India along with having an overseas presence in Myanmar and Australia. Instead of offering services in a scattered format, Adacell offers a complete solution related to network services. Some of the mentionable products are:
Installation and Commissioning
Installing is an integral part of the entire process and the company ensures that the installation and commissioning process is completed with precision and within the timelines. Transporting is another area which is done as per the client’s requirement.
Microwave Engineering
Network planning requires strategies and forward planning as it is crucial to make provisions for future innovative technology. The company offers LOS survey for backbone and intra-city access link along with path profile analysis based on digital and TOPO maps.
Operation and Maintenance
The company looks over the O&M of BTS/BSC sites under all types of works which includes preventive and regular maintenance, daily/weekly & monthly checkpoints. Routine verification and checking of critical equipment’s are carried and 24/7 support is provided to avoid an outage.
Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs
The young generation always looks forward to the successful business leaders and tries to figure out a path to imitate the success. For the ‘to be’ entrepreneurs and professionals, Rahul firmly suggests them to avoid short-cuts in their professional journey. He adds further by saying that success doesn’t come quickly so patience is the key. Hard work and luck plays a major role in the life of a professional.
Current Challenges and the Future Roadmap
Elaborating on the current challenges, Rahul asserts that a lot has to be done to improve the coverage and quality of the network, however, due to the scarcity of investments, increased operating costs, and reduced margins, these areas are neglected. He further adds that the nature of the current market is very competitive and complex. Within these tough market conditions, Adacell still manages to grow at a steady pace of sixty to eighty percent every year and have an ambitious target to achieve hundred percent growth in the fiscal year 2018-19. In order to cement themselves as one of the leading telecom services providers, the company plans to expand their operations in the unexplored territories like Indonesia, MEA, and Africa in the near future.
Source :-The 30 Most Powerful Men in Business

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