Garima Oza: She didn’t follow the path, she created one

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“If you dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney
If one has dreams and a determination to fulfill it, they can definitely achieve anything in life. New age business women embody new India-one which is bold, willing to take risks and learn from their mistakes. These businesswomen are not only breaking traditional barriers but also showing India how to do business with a fresh perspective. From making a social impact to opening up new vistas with technology, these women are leaders of today. Across the globe, women today have more power than ever before.
Garima Oza, the Co-founder of GSN Solutions is one such businesswoman. Under her aegis, what started off as a team of 4 part timers is now a buzzing team of 25 full time resources working on eight projects. Garima’s ambitious zeal to excel each day with a ‘customer centric’ mindset and perseverance has made her a rising star of the industry. “Having talented and skilled people helps, but its thinking like a customer that makes a massive difference”, says Garima.
An Enlightening Journey
Garima started her journey in the Aviation Industry in Mumbai as a reservation staff and then as a crew member. After getting married in 2003, she moved to Pune. She started her career from scratch in the BPO industry as a customer service associate. On account of her extreme dedication and focus, she got promoted as a Team Leader soon.  The will to overcome challenges drives Garima to become better.
Garima then joined a software solutions company as an Operations Manager. This being a new industry for her, she had to go through the ordeal of learning the trade and the details all over again. During this stint she mastered numerous skills like automation, data analysis, pre-sales, program management, people management, and managing customers.
Like every other entrepreneur’s journey, Garima’s journey has been a roller coaster ride filled with up and downs. “In this journey (with work and personal challenges) I faced a new hurdle every day, but perseverance and ‘fear of failure’ kept me going.  I went to the depth of subjects, understood them and asked for help,” Garima Says. She truly believes that nothing is impossible in life and if one can give their best, the universe conspires to make it happen.
Surpassing Adversities
In establishing a company, challenges can be many but a real entrepreneur surpasses all these difficulties with endurance.  GSN Solutions is one of the biggest risks she has taken in her life. Before GSN, she had a very well-paying job. After twenty years of experience in various roles, she finally decided to action the dream she always had; the dream to start a business of her own. Garima has invested every ounce of energy into this on a daily basis and continues to overcome any and all challenges that come her way.
Talking about challenges Garima adds, “Somewhere deep down in my heart I knew that we would not fail and we would work hard and persevere against all odds. There was lot of times in the first year where survival was becoming tough but we over all these challenges with pure grit and endurance.”
A Customer-centric Organization
The company builds products for the Reverse Logistics Industry with an array of the most relevant technologies.  With extensive experience in the IT service industry, GSN Solutions also offers Services in the field of Process/Data automation, Robotics Process Automation, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Machine Learning etc. Talking about the company Garima explains, “Our business model is simple yet manifold. I don’t believe a unidimensional model or approach can put you ahead of the game. It must be a 360-degree perspective” Looking at the things on daily basis from the customer’s point of view helps GSN provide best-in-class services. “We look at our Product and Service models under a magnifying glass. Just like we do with data in analytics, if you wrangle and strangle your service offerings well enough, it’ll tell you the truth”, says Garima
GSN is a customer centric organization always ready to walk the extra mile for the customer. It is standing in the customer’s shoes that enable a whole new perspective.  “We also truly believe it is the people that make or break a company, and we have been very fortunate to have a great set of people”, says Garima
Wise words for budding entrepreneurs
Garima believes that good communication with customers is also vital for any business. It helps building relationships and also is one of the most underrated success factors.
While advising budding entrepreneur Garima exerts, “Hard work & common business sense beats skill. If you’re willing to burn the midnight oil, it will take you to levels you never knew existed”
What Lies Ahead?
Under Garima’s leadership, GSN is growing at a steady pace. The company is working on the Products that could bring large scale automation shifts. Progressing forward Garima see GSN as go-to Company for automation and solution Services especially for the reverse logistics industry. The company also continues to grow as a digital partner for customers in other industries with proven success stories already under the belt.

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