Triveni Kathuripally: An Inspiring Journey of Relentless Determination

Triveni Kathuripally Co-founder Ambitious women in tech | Business magazine in India

In today’s era of new-age innovation and diverse business opportunities, the contribution of women as entrepreneurs and managing various management positions alongside donning the cap of a homemaker is truly amazing! Having absolute clarity and transparency about executing their professional commitments, this gradual change of mindset is not only disrupting, but bringing a renaissance in the Indian business eco-system.
This captivating piece of the excerpt is an inspiring story of one such individual who always had the grit and vision to climb the ladders of the entrepreneurial world! Today, as the Co-founder of Miraki Technologies Private Limited, Triveni Kathuripally is a success story for the budding entrepreneurs by the virtue of her passion and hard work. Inspired by women business tycoons like Indra Nooyi – CFO & President of PepsiCo and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – Founder Chairman & Managing Director of Biocon Limited, the entrepreneurial bug had bitten Triveni while she was in her graduation. However, life progressed and the final push to break the barriers came in 2015 when she took a break from her existing job at Deloitte.
Co-founding Miraki Technologies
Having required acumen and expertize in the IT sector, Triveni saw an opportunity in the field of IT services. As the usage of the internet was a mere twenty percent, there was a huge business prospect in the area of Web and Mobile App development sector. This wide gap in the area of internet penetration motivated her to design a business model along with other Co-Founder Mr Sriharsha Sriramoju. While Sriharsha takes care of Projects & Client Management, Triveni manages the Finance and Business Operations. Highlighting the core values, Triveni adds “Talking about Ethics, principles, and manners of working then it has to be “Employee Friendly” and while dealing with clients it has got to be “Client friendly”. And of course within the minimum ethical rules and then work on your goal very firmly steadily and with complete dedication.”
Talking about the start of the journey, Triveni recalls it was just the two co-founders and one employee. The team started with small projects and convincing the clients about the company and showcasing the technical expertise of the team was an uphill task. Steadily, as Miraki continued to deliver quality IT services, it gained the credibility and the flow of projects increased with the passage of time.
One element that has fuelled the transformation of Miraki as a matured contributor in the industry is the ability to understand the perspective of its employees and clients and work accordingly. This success mantra has assisted the company to gain brownie points on client satisfaction and nearing the epitome of success on a short span of just 3.5 years.
Initial Challenges that Strengthened Miraki
Like every other start-up, the company was started with limited resources and financial crunch was the biggest obstacle for the team. It also received an offer from a major group that offered to buy a major stake at Miraki. The bold decision of not accepting the offer was risky as well as one of the toughest call for the company. However, as Triveni puts its forward, “On one side, we were short of funds & an offer from the big group for major stake and on the other side we didn’t want to sell the major stake at the beginning of our days. We were completely a bootstrapped company and wanted it to be so in the future too”. Today as Miraki takes giant steps forward towards attaining countless milestones, it fondly acknowledges its friends, families, and the companies who trusted and supported their journey at the start.
Business Model
Instead of aligning to specific business models, Triveni explains that the company has stuck to the basics and has been following a very ‘customer-centric’ approach. Rather than just completing an assignment, Miraki focuses to be a trusted partner by walking the extra mile with the client by offering better technical solutions. The company also performs ‘competitor analysis’ on every new project with an objective to stand ahead of others. Secondly, adhering to project timelines and having seamless communication results to transparency in the process that ultimately brings glitters to the brand and adds new clientele.
The Motivation that Speaks Out Loud
Speaking about the motivational factor of her life, Triveni remembers an event where the speaker talked about ‘Share a smile’. This thought had a great deal of influence in her life as she realized that bringing a smile on the faces of the employees as well as of the clients go a long way in cementing a long-lasting relationship. Triveni has embraced this quality today as it motivates her to work better every day.
The Roadmap Ahead
Triveni puts up a very optimistic face of Miraki for the future. She adds that instead of ending up as just another software services entity, the brand aims to create its own niche and hence is working on developing its own products. It has a dedicated R&D team that works for the next-generation products and is also launching a unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) Enabled product by the end of FY2020. Triveni concludes by saying, “Our goal is to be the single platform for any company for their web requirements (Software, Mobile or Digital Marketing). We want to be a one-stop solution for them.”

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