Sonali Chowdhry- Leading by Example towards Cohesive Synergy

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Strong ethos and beliefs derives a person’s integrity, nature and sense of authority when it comes to doing anything and everything. Good manners, ethics and values become a driving force for some people. Those who constantly imbibe such values in their daily lives and motivate others to do the same are hard to come by.  A collective pallet of these ethics and beliefs in the long run can surely enlighten the path to success.
One of such intriguingly well, tech superstar building herself up in the software development sector who leads her life by inculcating a variety of good ethos and values is Sonali Chowdhry. As the CEO of Netcomm Labs, her approach towards her role has remained simple – to get her team to work in coherence and synergize with each other. With this noble thought she embarked on the journey to provide a helping hand via Netcomm Labs to their clients while considering a fact that a foundation of reliability should be built between them and the respective clients.
‘The Web & Beyond’ – As their tagline suggests, Netcomm Labs caters to a huge variety of customer base. Their portfolio includes names of some famous entities like Fena Ltd, Maruti Insurance, Bajaj Corp, Dabur, Havells, Sigma Global Inc and OPTC India etc. Their major achievements have been being recognized with the CIO User’s Choice Award in 2017 and the MSME Ministry ‘Empowering India Award’ in 2018 recently. Our HRMS product called Officenet has gained customers on a PAN India level in the last 10 years. It has competed with several global tools to earn a niche space for itself in the Domestic market” said Sonali when Insights Success asked her about the accomplishments achieved by the company.
On Her Way Up
There have been various experiences in the past 15 years of  handling a medium sized company, which have enriched her career path as well as her enterprise. She believes that being a woman in the business at the early stage, sticking to the good values has been very important factor. These values were part of her upbringing which ensured a safe working environment. She made sure that it remains always driven on high principles, fair practices and a discipline towards maintaining work ethics. This has resulted in helping and building a credible track record of progress and maintaining growth. Also, the company has developed an approach for positive and transparent relationship with employees, clients and other third party users & stakeholders.
The Journey & the In-between
According to Sonali, the most memorable and remarkable moment of her life has been her participation in the CIPD Annual HR show at London. While reminiscing that moment, she said “It gave us a chance to compare our HR Technology offering with similar tools from the world over.”
Also, one of the challenges she faced was moving their office to a new facility – a modern IT park which they overcame and now has become a boasting factor. She feels proud of owning the new workplace.
The driving force behind Sonali has been the unconditional love & support of her family in lieu with congenial work environment, which according to her is important to grow one’s career. To excel in her all the other roles as daughter, mother and wife, she believes that this is something more relevant.
Her Vision for the firm & it’s Future
With the constant enhancement and enrichment of Officenet their HR Product, its feature-list, their USP along with the HR domain expertise has been the deployment of Officenet with a large percentage of customization and changes as per the specific enterprise’s business requirements. “Good customer referrals have played a significant role in our increasing deployments on a PAN India basis” expresses Sonali.
The vision for the future is not far-fetched; it is much more concentrated and streamlined as far as organizational goals go. The firm’s main focus will be Officenet on Mobile & in the coming years it will be targeted towards a lot of product enhancements which she thinks will come from their experiences of integrating the Mobility Framework.
Her take on the current technology-enabled business scenario in India:-
India is today being seen by the world as a fast growing economy and Technology is one of the important enablers in all spheres of business. The Technology providers like us have to keep living up to the changing global trends in order to build better products and give better services. Constant skill up gradation and quality delivery will hold the key to those who want to increase their market share.”   
Mantra for the Newbies
Entrepreneurs today have to realize that there is no shortcut to success. It requires patience and constant work to strategize and channelize their efforts in the right direction in order to grow a business. “Entrepreneurs require to be daring and experimental all the while in order to grow.” adds Sonali.

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