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Hitesh Mehta | Director | Hilink Networks | Best business magazine in India
Hitesh Mehta | Director | Hilink Networks

To keep themselves abreast with the industry standards, companies need to adopt the latest without hampering their existing setup. Herein lie the scope and the opportunities for enablers, who provide them with solution setups that they can use easily. In 1995, Hilink Networks was established with a mission to provide innovative yet cost-effective solutions to the ever-growing needs of the market. It started by providing end-to-end Data/Voice Communication solution, in LAN, WAN Environment.
Catering to the Industry Needs
Hilink is now a Cisco Certified Premier Partner. As the IT Networking industry swells, there is a great demand for capable partners. Hilink provides end-to-end network security and system integration solutions to enable businesses with strong network infrastructure. It is endlessly taking the efforts to explore the new horizons and majorly focuses on the Small Business and Enterprise networking segment which includes switching, routing, and wireless networks. It is also looking forward to collaborative solutions and the new portfolio of Meraki.
In the past two years, Hilink Networks successful holds the top first & second positions in the category A of highest sales in Cisco SMB conquests for Race to Rio, Spain, London, Africa, New Zealand and more. The company offers services such as SME Networking-Active & Passive, Enterprise Switching & Routing, Integrated Data Security – Unified Threat Management, Remote Data Centre Management & Control. The company has consolidated its competency in meeting any challenge which is faced by the customers regarding network design and planning. Hilink also has the outline cost and time frames that are completed by Implementation, Support & Maintenance. The technical team provides networking and security installation at customer end to execute the project.
Hilink – A Close-knit Unit
Director Hitesh Mehta strongly believes that results cannot be perceived in a single day but, in day-to-day productivity. Initially, the company came across a lot of hurdles in taking the distribution of brands like 3com, Aten, Molex, etc. and then distinguishing from the competitive IT market and targeting the Cisco product portfolio. In the beginning, lack of staff expertise and lack of finance were also a major challenge. Nevertheless, he carried on with the belief that Business is all about risks and challenges, but in between, the flavour of enthusiasm is the one that keeps on invigorating to give the major contribution on the business desk.
At the same time, having employees on the same page as the management is crucial too as per Hitesh. While handling day-to-day business issues he encourages the staff through the words of motivation and managing their welfare affairs giving them the power to overcome challenges. He firmly believes in taking care of small things which can make their diligent employees feel a sense of belonging and helps them to perform their best in the workplace. Secondly, he also believes that it is very important to take innovative moves which sound unique from the competitor and provide the employees to perform with alternative solutions that help them to think alike and slowly adapt to handle the issues on their own.
Improving Every Other Day
Ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the IT solution that they are seeking is very important for Hilink as it builds a strong relationship and goodwill in the market through client references. Managing finance is an extremely important part of Hitesh’s responsibility as the sole entrepreneur. For an escalation of the skills of employees, he strategizes meetings and gives his advisory words over the motivational calls that are guided by the eminent personality in the IT industry.
Hitesh’s Thoughts on Leadership for Young Entrepreneurs:
To Lead People, We Need to Walk Behind Them Leadership is a position where you have to stick to the calmness and hunt for the solutions than debating over the complications. Leadership holds the quality of a good decision maker and also being stubborn in approaching the clients. “In today’s time we all are facing the competition in our routine but cutting down the competition through efficient techniques is what Hitesh believes on, as a Leader. Being a good decision maker is crucial for tackling the day to day business scenarios,” asserts Hitesh. Similarly guiding others will inspire the team to make their own decisions for the betterment of the business.
Link to the Future
The company is continuously adapting to the market situation and innovation which is the most highlighting section to be believed if the one is dealing with the business market. Hitesh believes that the one should hold the absolute knowledge of the industry which has to be dedicatedly focused and never taken for granted. Hilink will continue to expand its portfolio and broaden its services to help its client in every possible way.

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