Rohan Agarwal: Creating his Own Marks in Business

Most of the people want to win market because it rewards prosperity. But, to create his own mark in the industry, Mr. Rohan Agarwal, MD, Geopreneur Group started his career in Real-Estate. Rohan is an experimental person, he likes to try new things, he thinks while trying new things, winning or losing doesn’t matter as the magnitude of new things you learn is very high. While putting hands in a risky area, Rohan thinks, “Why can’t I do it?” where most of the people think, “Can I do it?”
The challenge of achieving something drives Rohan. “I don’t think Real Estate Development as a business, I think Real Estate is a business,” says Rohan, which indicates his innovative approach to the business. “Our aim is to be a group that caters to all aspects of real estate business right from building homes for consumers to eventually working on city’s infrastructure projects,” adds Rohan.
Paramount in Real Estate
Geopreneur Group, a real estate endeavor that established Geopreneur Corp in the year 2013 by Rohan along-with his father Ajay Agarwal, Chairman, with a vision to enhance the home buying experience for home owners. Proving the fact that quality sells itself and no hype is necessary; the company experienced an overwhelming response from the market. One of the two projects is on the verge of completing, “Mayur” which has already bagged the 6th Estate award for “THE BEST REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT AWARD”. Having in-house capabilities for designing and executing projects, the group entered related businesses in 2014 with Geopreneur Design Studio in alliance with Architects Aslam and Yogesh Tirlotker.
The studio now caters to internal and external real estate requirements. Having their forte in execution, they realized that several developers, especially the emerging ones could make use of the professional expertise while executing their projects, which lead to the inception of Geopreneur Infra Corp. The belief in quality and customer centric approach has created a niche for the group in the real estate segment. They have penetrated western suburbs with bespoke and unique projects.
‘Young Age’ as a Hurdle
As a young entrepreneur in an industry that is driven by people who bring with them years of experience, initially the young age of Rohan worked against him. He had to work harder to prove himself in the market. “People expect you to fall in the set stereotype that your industry/profession brings with it. However, I took it up as a challenge and now have managed to create a credible image for my company,” asserts Rohan.
Why did Rohan Choose Real Estate?
Rohan is a third generation developer and being the family business, real estate is all he has seen while growing up. He was involved in various aspects of the business from a very young age and it was the most natural career choice for him. However, Geopreneur Group is not just a real estate development firm. It is a one stop solution for all real estate B2B & B2C needs which makes the company unique and one of a kind. They have an Architecture and Interior Designing arm in the name of Geopreneur Design Studio and a contracting firm by the name of Geopreneur Infracorp Pvt. Ltd. In short, they have end to end solution for all Real Estate needs ranging from, construction, PMC, turnkey projects, architecture, Interior Designing and much more. “This unique part where once a person comes to our door step, he won’t need to go anywhere else!” says Rohan confidently.
Continuous Learner
As a young entrepreneur, there is a lesson you learn on an everyday basis and that is a part of learning and evolving. Rohan personally feels that the day one stops evolving or learning is the day one stops growing. However, he has realized that giving more free hand to employees is very essential as one of the learning as it allows them to think and grow where as in return, the company gets fresh ideas from them and, at the end one great idea can make the difference.
Rohan tips aspirant entrepreneurs in Real Estate that when it comes to real estate, you are as strong as your team. So have a strong team in place before you set foot. Understand all governmental norms and policies before acquiring a particular project. Understand the rate at which you will require to pump in finance.
Rohan despite of young age, proved that, with creative approach and risk taking factor, one can break all the stereotypes created by traditional business people.

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