Vijayalakshmi & Girish: Leaders who Dwells on ‘Outside the Box Thinking’

“Think outside the box” is one of the most emphasized phrases within a business world. Well, in the simplest term it means thinking beyond the ordinary. This kind of thinking makes a good leader. The unconventional, unorthodox, uncommon or unpredictable thinking of a leader takes one’s company to the zenith of success. The quality of a leader to ‘beat own drums’ makes the person a rebel, which in the beginning looks like the most unacceptable thing to the world, but when that person’s out of the box thinking leads one’s company to the success, the whole world accepts one’s metal.

Such out of the box thinkers are Vijayalakshmi, Founder &Managing Director and Girish, CEO of Gavin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Leading the companies’ mission to “Carve out effective, efficient and quality solutions to ensure the customers win with ‘Never Say NO’ attitude,” Vijayalakshmi and Girish are attaining the heights of success. Vijayalakshmi says, “While, we have many players in the industry, the thought of adding value to our customer’s business was missing. Industry was in need of a partner as against a vendor, who can bring business value.”

Being the growth enablers of the company, both Vijayalakshmi and Girish are the possessors of all the characteristics a leader should have in them, like, Strong Vision, Constantly chase your vision to make it happen, Out-of-the-box-Thinking, Setup achievable milestones, Have right person doing the right job at the right time, Calculated Risk Appetite, Create sense of belongingness in the organization, Approachable and Sociable, and Delivering consistent quality and value addition to the customers.

Gavin Technologies Partnering with the best of the Industry
Gavin Technologies has considerable years of experience in delivering the services from small scale to enterprise and complex environments. Founded in April 2008, Gavin Technologies operate in Niche Service space with core competencies around Human Resources, Customized Technology Solutions, Information Security and Identity & Access Management. They have a pool of resources, which are domain experts in their area and will add value in each engagement, making both, them and their customer successful. Gavin’s customers constantly seek to fulfill their IT Services needs with them and Gavin intend to expand/grow its IT Services, focused around customer needs by partnering with “Best in Class” companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel and Oracle.

Journey to the Success

Though, today Gavin Technologies has its name in the market, but all this is just an output of hard-work and determination of Vijayalakshmi and Girish. The journey was not as easy as it appears. “Initial stages of the journey were hit by capital funding. Since, we had a like-minded people as part of the journey, we could overcome this quickly. During the journey, we were again hit by industry experience and strong professional connects. We persistently focused on our goal of adding value to our customer business and eventually, we could overcome this as well. Today, we are one of the trusted partners across the industry verticals,” shares Vijayalakshmi.

When asked about, what made them chose this kind of business, Girish says, “Lack of technology optimization to derive business value made us to think about this business.” He further adds, “It is the Collaborative Approach, Contextual Methodology, End-to-End IT Services, Pragmatic Solutions, Flexible Operating Model, and Consistent Quality Delivery, which is makingGavin on the top charts of the customers.”

Challenges Transformed to the Plus Points

Being an entrepreneur is not at all easy, especially, while counter-defeating the challenges coming in the way. Vijayalakshmi asserts, “Working with multiple geographies and different people taught us several lessons. In one of the cases, we were working with a German Customer and that was our first assignment with that geography.Germans are usually known as perfectionists in the industry. Being a new entrant in to this region, it was a different experience for us. We learnt how to be a perfectionist, including small things such as using consistent fonts, alignment, grammar, color combination, white spaces in the coding, format& style of documentation, etc. Post this experience, irrespective of customer’s geography; we now apply this across our delivery. This has significantly improved our quality, time to deliver projects and customer satisfaction.”

Impeccable Advice to the beginners by Vijayalakshmi & Girish

Throughout our journey, we have realized some mandatory things, like, Always use ‘WE’ instead of “I”,success is the result of team work. Committed and Determined, as one of our well-wishers said, keep reminding “Failure is not an option, you must succeed.” Creative, always think as if you are a customer, you can then come up with a different approach for a challenge. Be Positive, Failures should be marked as an opportunity to learn and succeed.

To be a successful entrepreneur one should have qualities like, Believe in your team and Delegate, Be productive and manage Time, Be approachable and sociable, Listen and Communicate Effectively, Do not deviate from your Vision, and Contribute to Society.


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