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DigitalIndian is passionate about empowering the disadvantaged sections of the society with Skilling Opportunities and creating a roadmap for inclusive and sustainable growth

DigitalIndian: Creating Roadmap for Skill Development with Digitalization

Geoinformatics represented by its most powerful technology- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become an important part of many disciplines and cuts across all areas of modern information society. Geoinformation industry has seen in the last few years a huge boom. The geospatial industry has been expanding at a breakneck speed with ‘geo’ getting embedded into more and more workflows. The geospatial industry is quickly evolving because the capabilities of digital connectedness and collaboration………….
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The 10 Most Valuable GIS Solution Providers

Maheep Singh Thapar

Adapt Technologies: A Story of Spatial Development Planning

The geospatial industry is rapidly evolving because the capabilities of digital collaboration and connectedness in real time are moving ahead exponentially. Manifestation of how the Digital Mesh is driving GIS is the attention over...
Abhishek Rathod

Arianrhod GeoSpatial Solutions: Structured Solutions for Transforming GIS in India

The growth of the global GIS (Geographical Information System) market is being driven by increasing availability of spatial data and cloud technology. In addition, the development of smart cities in India has driven demand...
Mr. P. V. Balaji & Mr. A. Lakshmi Narasimhan

Data Collection InfoTech India Pvt Ltd: An Expertise in Infrastructure Data Analysis

Every new day comes with a new challenge. In this era, the most important factor stands to be data, its storage, security and maintenance. It often becomes troublesome for enterprises to manage such huge...
Rajesh Solomon Paul

Excel Geomatics: Offering Excellence with Unique Consultancy & Services

Providing consultancy and value Added Services using Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and LiDAR in areas such as Agriculture, Forestry, Telecom, Urban Mapping, Sustainable Development, Mineral Exploration and Mining, Hazard Zonation & Mapping, Environment, Defence and...
Sanjeev Kumar

Fervent Software Solutions: A Custom Software Solution turning GIS into Digital Mapping

The Geographic Information System (GIS)-based maps and visualization is the go-to technology to better know the locations. GIS has greatly assisted in understanding geographic space so that optimization in maintaining schedules and daily fleet...
Sandeep Sharman

SPINDS Engineering: Building the Futuristic Engineering Ecosystem

In the 2000’s Building Information Models (BIM) were introduced to the architecture and engineering professions as the latest medium for designing and drawing a building. In spite of the evolution of technology over the...

CXO Standpoint

GIS Boom on the Planet Earth

               by Abhishek Rathod “Geographic Information System is the God of all the technologies right now. One can implement GIS in most of the fields. It will be right...

Patent Trends in filing of Standard-Essential Patents (SEP s) in India: Telecommunication Sector

Recent infringement suits filed by Ericsson over the patent issues have brought into focus the importance of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) in India. For instance, quite a few suits have been started by Ericsson...

Virtual Systems Advancing the Enterprise Resource Planning Magnificently

ERP solutions have drastically evolved over the course of ten years in the wake of smartphones, big data, cloud computing and the like. The virtual systems have given a plethora of opportunities to the...

Bon Voyage

A Word or Two on Travelling

Do you know the feeling, when a word is lurking right on the tip of your tongue, but however hard you try to remember it, it just won’t come to you? It might be...

Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes

“Spatial Intelligence”, Making Inroads into Different Sectors

Whether moving in a driverless car or deliver an e-commerce product at customers doorstep. “Location” plays an important role. There is a significant dimension of “Location” in every business transactions. Location can be an...